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How to Control PC from Phone Anywhere in the World Without Assistance

Do you ever wonder if you can control your desktop or laptop from anywhere? Well, if you have desired to do so, then know that you can do it now. Yes, you read that right. You can access your desktop PC or laptop even when you’re away from home. Doesn’t it all seem fascinating?

Yeah, it is! These are probably the perks of being in this modern era. Wondering how can you do that? Well, it is all possible with your smartphone. Yes, if you are looking for a convenient solution to access your MacBook or laptop while on the go – your smartphone is the tool to use!

In today’s connected world, having the ability to control your PC from your phone can be incredibly convenient, whether for work, troubleshooting, or accessing files remotely. If you are wondering, how can you use your smartphone for accessing your device remotely, read this post. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you control your PC from anywhere in the world without needing assistance. So, let’s get started…

Step-by-step Guide To Control PC From Phone Anywhere

Here is our guide to help you access your desktop or computer from anywhere. Take a look at them.

1. Mobile Mirroring

The first and foremost way to access your PC from the phone is mobile mirroring. This technology, which allows users to interact with a virtualized version of their PCs, is known as remote desktop access. It has been there for some time. However, with consistent advancements, this technology has also been enhanced to help users access their devices while on the go. Below are the steps you can use to access your System using this technique; take a look…

Steps to Access Chrome Desktop on a Smartphone Remotely

Tool Required

You will need Chrome Remote Desktop for it. Download Chrome Remote Desktop. A fast and convenient method for mirroring your desktop to your phone. This tool provides you with complete control of your System.

Whether you want to access a file, modify a file or do something with sound, Chrome Remote Desktop is your best option. Install the extension into your desktop’s Chrome browser. It will allow you to conveniently access it from other laptop or desktop operating systems as well.

Steps to install the extension:

STEP 1: Open the Chrome browser or any browser that is based on Chromium. Ensure that you are logged into your Google account.

STEP 2: Proceed to the Chrome Remote Desktop page. From there, choose the option to access your computer.

STEP 3: Now, choose the blue button with the arrow beside Set up remote access. Once you reach the Chrome extension page, simply click on “Add to Chrome” and accept the extension when the popup appears.

STEP 4: Select a name for your System and click on the blue Next button.

STEP 5: Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember, then click on the blue Next button. After completing the necessary steps, your PC will appear in the list of available remote desktops as Online.

STEP 6: Now, get your smartphone ready and install the Chrome Remote Desktop application or visit the Chrome Remote Desktop page.

  • Once you have Chrome Remote Desktop on both your devices, you will be able to access your System from your phone anywhere. Here are the steps to do so…
    • Open your Chrome Remote Desktop on your device and choose the name of the PC that you wish to connect to remotely.
    • Enter your PIN and tap the blue arrow button to proceed. And you are done!

Just in two steps you would be able to control your PC from your phone. All you have to do is to tap and drag on the screen to move the mouse around!

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2. Windows Remote Desktop

Those who use Windows should know that they get Microsoft’s own remote desktop solution. Although it is limited to connecting with Windows machines, specifically the “Professional” versions or better, it is also compatible with Android, iOS, and other platforms. This app allows you to conveniently access a Windows Virtual Desktop using a secure channel, making it a valuable tool for professionals on the go. Here is how you can access your System using this tool:

STEP 1: Enable Remote Desktop

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to System> Remote Desktop.
  • Toggle the switch to Enable Remote Desktop.
  • Now, adjust Firewall Settings by allowing the app through Windows Defender Firewall. Ensure that Remote Desktop is allowed for both private and public networks.

STEP 2: Open Remote Desktop Connection

  • Press Windows Key + R, type mstsc, and press Enter.
  • Alternatively, you can look for Remote Desktop Connection in the Start menu and open it.

STEP 3: Connect to the Remote Computer

  • In the Remote Desktop Connection window, just enter the name or IP address.
  • Click Connect.
  • Now, enter the username and password for the remote PC.
  • Click OK and wait for the connection to establish.
  • Once connected, you can use the remote PC as if you were sitting in front of it.

3. RemoteMouse

RemoteMouse is yet another wonderful application that you can use to control your PC from anywhere. It offers SMART features that allow you to utilize your phone’s gyroscope for gesture controls. Additionally, it allows you to use the physical buttons on your device to seamlessly switch slides during a presentation or adjust the volume on your PC. It transforms your phone into a convenient remote control for your computer, functioning as a mouse. Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Install RemoteMouse on Your Computer. First things first, go to the RemoteMouse official website (www.remotemouse.net) and download the server software compatible with your operating System (Windows, macOS, or Linux). Install the software on your computer and launch it.

STEP 2: Install RemoteMouse on Your Mobile Device. Go to the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. Search for “RemoteMouse” and download the app. Install and open the app on your mobile device.

STEP 3: Connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network.

STEP 4: Open the RemoteMouse app on both devices. The mobile app will automatically detect your computer (just like the Bluetooth does).

STEP 5: Now select your computer from the list of available devices and connect it.
That’s all; you can now use your System from anywhere.

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Here is our list of additional tools that you can use to access your System from anywhere. Take a look…

➤ TightVNC and RealVNC

The VNC protocol has been a popular choice for remote access among professionals, especially engineers and power users. These open-source tools also allow you to access your device from anywhere. TightVNC is specifically designed for Windows users and RealVNC is designed for Mac users. These two are very user-friendly and easy to use tools. You can use choose to use any of these tools based on your system requirement.

➤ Unified Remote

Unified Remote is yet another very popular application you can use to remotely control your PC. Using this app, you can turn your smartphone into a wireless universal remote control. This allows you to access your System from any distance.

It also provides convenient access to media controls, making it ideal for adjusting settings on an HTPC. It will also enable you to wake your PC using Wake on Lan, which is incredibly convenient if you have an HTPC in a different room.

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Last Few Words!

So, these are some of the tools you can use to access your computer or desktop from phone anywhere. We hope that this article has been informative and will help you control your PC from your smartphone. You can use the above-mentioned tools and techniques depending on your system requirements. All of the solutions outlined above are tried and tested. They work well; however, you will have to make sure your System is compatible with these tools, as most of them are only compatible with the latest devices.

Let’s now take a look at some frequently asked questions. Here we go…


1. Can we access our System remotely even when it’s powered down?

Well, for remote desktop applications to work, it is necessary to have your computer powered on. If you are going out for a long, then it is advisable to disable hibernation or sleep modes. This is because if your PC enters one of these incubation states, your remote desktop software may not function properly.

2. Is it safe to control a PC from a phone remotely?

Well, controlling your PC from your phone anywhere can be safe if you are connected to a safe network. If you want to be safe while accessing your computer remotely, then make sure to avoid using public or unsecured networks. No matter how urgent it is, access your device only when you are connected to safe, private networks—preferably the ones with a VPN.

In addition, it is crucial to use only genuine tools, such as Chrome Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, or Microsoft Remote Desktop. These tools ensure robust security measures like encrypted connections. Aside from that, make sure to implement strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Doing so can add an extra layer of protection. Additionally, keep your devices updated with the latest security patches.

Lastly, don’t forget to disable remote access when not in use. Following these steps will help you mitigate risks and stay safe from cyber criminals by large.

3. Is there any specific requirement for controlling the PC remotely?

Yes, to control PC from phone anywhere you will need to have a strong internet connection. A strong network connection is needed for both your home PC and your smartphone or tablet.

Controlling your device remotely with your phone will be a challenge if you will try to connect it with poor network connection. Hence, make sure you have robust network connection whenever you try to access your home PC from phone remotely.

Thanks for reading!

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