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Online Text to ASCII Converter Tool to Convert Plain Text into ASCII Code

Online Text to ASCII Converter is one of the best and easiest online Tools for a string to ASCII conversion. It is specifically designed for programmers and web developers. Just pressing a button will give you ASCII. This means that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to convert text to ASCII. Also, this Tool is free of advertisements.

All you need to do is copy and paste the text you want to be converted into the box, then hit the button labeled “Convert to ASCII.” The result will appear in ASCII format instantly.

ASCII is a character encoding standard utilized in electronic communication. ASCII codes are used to encode the text conveyed to electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, and computers. Each character is assigned a unique ASCII code, preventing humans from communicating with digital equipment in their native language.

It is, however, possible to manually convert a string to ASCII code using an ASCII table. It features a 128-character ASCII table containing alphabets, control characters, special characters, and punctuation marks.

Manually converting Text to ASCII is a lengthy procedure that requires considerable time and effort. Also, it becomes difficult to recall the ASCII values for each character. In addition, you will not be able to encode and decode textual data on devices without a thorough understanding of ASCII codes.

With a text-to-ASCII converter, you may do the same work in a few seconds. It makes the task of coding a breeze for programmers. With the Online ASCII code converter, you may do infinite conversions and obtain immediate, precise results regardless of the length of the text.

When testing websites on many browsers, it’s helpful to have a text-to-ASCII converter on hand. Converting the text to ASCII codes is a quick way to determine whether or not the text that was entered was encoded in Unicode.

Aside from that, this ASCII code converter includes concealing spoilers in online forums in such a way that users first need to decode the code values before they can read the answer, as well as troubleshooting input data by examining the numeric values of characters.

Key Features of Online Text to ASCII Converter

Here are the best features of the word to ASCII Conversion Tool:

Free Text To ASCII Converter: It is a FREE text-to-ASCII conversion tool. With the straightforward design it offers, converting letters to ASCII codes becomes a breeze. Also, it is a web-based application. The use of this web-based Tool does not necessitate the creation of a user account.

The Precision of Results: This text-to-ASCII converter is reliable as it always produces correct results. The results that this Tool produces can be relied upon without any reservations. You can instantaneously obtain reliable ASCII representations of any given string of text using this Tool.

Downloadable: The best part is that you can save and download the converted ASCII codes to your device’s storage from the online word to the ASCII converter.

Compatibility: The text-to-ASCII converter can be used without the requirement for any specialized hardware. Whether you use Android or iOS, you can access this Tool. All you need is the internet.

Save Option: Occasionally, you may not want to use the results immediately. You can use our converter to save the results to your device and retrieve them at any time.

Text Uploading Option: This option allows you to upload text from your device, relieving you of the need to manually enter text into the input box.

Free Content Icons: This ASCII code converter is an absolutely FREE Tool. It lets you perform many conversions without requiring any kind of registration. Moreover, you need not sign up for an account on our respective website.

Unrestricted Conversions: The number of times you can convert text to ASCII using this FREE online Tool is not capped in any way. With the help of this online Tool, you can carry out as many conversions as you like without being subject to any limits.

Accurate Outcomes: The sophisticated algorithms that are utilized on the backend of this text-to-ASCII converter transform the textual information and deliver accurate ASCII codes. Moreover, this web tool generates and displays the findings in a relatively short amount of time.

SWAP Conversions: With a word-to-ASCII code converter, you can effortlessly swap your conversion. This means it allows you to instantly convert your values from ASCII to text.

How To Use Online Text To ASCII Converter?

This free online converter is a wonderful tool for converting strings into ASCII. The best part is that it is very easy to use this Tool. All you need to do is simply load your string, and the ASCII codes that it contains will be converted for you automatically. In addition, it doesn’t contain annoying advertisements or popups.

You may convert text to ASCII code in a matter of seconds with the assistance of our online text-to-ASCII converter.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use Online Text to ASCII Converter:

Step 1: Visit http://smartmobsolution.com, and open Online Text to ASCII Converter.

Step 2: Now enter the text that you wish to convert into ASCII code into the box provided.

Step 3: To begin the process of conversion, select the “Convert” button from the menu.

Step 4: The text will immediately undergo the conversion after using the Tool.

Step 5: Lastly, just save the file to your device by clicking the “Download” button.

FAQs Text to ASCII converter

1. What exactly is a “Text to ASCII converter”?

A string can be converted to ASCII code points with this program. It supports ASCII codes in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal formats. Also, it provides you with the option of padding ASCII binary codes with zeroes. Also, you can also select whether or not individual ASCII bytes should be separated by spaces.

You may convert text to ASCII code in a matter of seconds with the assistance of our online text-to-ASCII converter. All you need to do is to paste the text into the input box and click the “Convert to ASCII” button to obtain a correct conversion.

2. Why is a Text to ASCII Converter necessary?

Usually, when we write on the computer, all the writing is saved in the form of these codes. To understand these codes, programmers need to understand how codes are written within the computer.

In addition, some apps or devices do not accept Unicode as input; therefore, converting your entire text to ASCII will assist you in locating Unicode in it if the number’s value is more than 225.

3. How to use Text-to-ASCII tool?

You can find “text to ASCII converter” at http://smartmobsolution.com. This is one of the easiest programs to use. You can use it in just a few clicks to get the conversion outcome.

It has a straightforward interface, as depicted in the graphic below:

  • All you need to do is to type or upload your text into the input box using the upload option.
  • Transform your text by clicking the buttons indicated.
  • It offers two conversion alternatives:
  • Text to ASCII and Text to ASCII
  • Click the Save option to save your result to your computer.

4. Why Should Strings Be Converted to ASCII?

There are numerous reasons developers need to convert text to ASCII format. ASCII values are used to store all text, values, characters, program codes, and instructions in computer applications and software programs.

Computers and other intelligent devices easily interpret the information saved as ASCII values. This Tool makes it easy for developers to understand the precise ASCII representation of a character or letter.

In ASCII, the single word “hello” is represented as “104 101 108 108 111”, which is difficult for anyone to memorize.

Instead of wasting time determining the precise value of each character, converting text to ASCII format and obtaining correct ASCII values for any type of text by using an ASCII code converter becomes a breeze.

Changing text to ASCII also facilitates the transfer of ASCII files across computers without the need for additional procedures.

5. Where do ASCII characters appear? What purpose do they serve?

ASCII, short for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange,” is a commonly used method of encoding text for the computer.

English alphabets, numerals, symbols, and special characters are just a few of the 128 ASCII characters available.

An 8-bit code is assigned to each of the 256 possible combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols in this encoding scheme. In addition, every digit, letter, punctuation mark, and symbol is assigned a unique code.

There are a total of 65 All Caps Letter As, 49 Ones, and 32 Spaces. A computer that uses the ASCII encoding system can store text files and exchange them with other computers that use the same system.

Every character is actually stored in the computers as a string of 0s, and 1s called a binary string. ASCII codes are used to transform characters into a string of code that a computer can read.

Using this Tool, you can quickly convert text to ASCII and vice versa.