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Create Custom Charts and Graphs Online for Free – Easy and Quick

Data plays a crucial role when it comes to estimating the growth of a company or an establishment. However, a graphical representation of any data makes it easy to understand and comprehend for further use. Of course, making charts or manually may be difficult; however, with the right Chart maker, making graphs a breeze. Chart Maker is an excellent FREE online graph maker.

Using an online chart maker, you can effortlessly transform your data into visually stunning graphs and charts.

What exactly is a Graph?

A graph, popularly known as a chart, is a graphical representation of the information that is included in data and statistics. A chart makes comprehending data and statistics a breeze for all. It helps business owners and marketers make informed decisions and set realistic goals for a company. Graphs and charts can help you communicate the message more effectively to your audience or to your clients.

Of course, reading and understanding huge data is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are more comfortable with pictures, graphs, and charts. Moreover, having the data laid out visually might be very useful if there are a number of categories. It’s much simpler to understand the distinctions between different categories when represented graphically.

Create Visually Appealing Graphs With Online Chart Maker

Making charts manually using huge data is not an easy endeavour. However, with a FREE online graph maker, you can create visually appealing charts that can assist your target audience or stakeholders in gaining a deeper understanding of your data. Chart Maker is a FREE web-based chart creator. You can use this tool to create stunning line charts, pie charts, bar charts, table charts, 3D Cylinders, 3D Doughnut, Half Doughnut, Mekko charts, radar charts, and so on.

Online graph maker is one of the best tools you can use to produce stunning, unique charts that effectively communicate your point of view. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t need to download or install it on your device. You can easily utilize it on the website without it taking up any storage on your device.

It is very easy to use this Free online graph maker. You can choose to enter data manually or import it from an existing Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet. Your graphic will be updated immediately to reflect the changes you make to the data. You can use our chart maker to create professional-looking charts online! Use fonts and colours that complement your company’s identity, or choose a palette that reflects the chart’s topic. You can create every kind of chart you can imagine, from pie charts to line graphs to bar graphs and beyond, with this tool.

Key Features of FREE Online Chart Maker

  • Graph Maker is an easy-to-use web-based tool. Simply upload the data you want to convert into a chart, and you’re done!
  • It allows you to create stunning Diagrams, Graphs, & Charts to effectively communicate your ideas or points.
  • It lets you create a wide variety of charts, including pie charts, bar charts, pyramid charts, radar charts, Mekko charts, and more, by selecting from among a variety of chart styles.
  • Chart Makers provide you with a huge library of lines, shapes, icons, photographs, and other options that you can use to embellish your chart and make it more interesting.
  • It allows you to personalize the preloaded chart templates as per your requirements.
  • It offers over 15 different chart types and many other data widgets to locate the one that best conveys your data.
  • You may customize anything from the animation to the colours and fonts, as well as the labels for the X and Y axes.
  • It lets you create a visual aid for your audience to help them comprehend the information easily.
  • You may personalize every component of your chart to ensure that the information you offer is easily understood.
  • This FREE ONLINE TOOL is designed in such a way that even naïve users can use it without any effort.
  • It lets you save and share interactive charts as an image file. You can even embed it on your website.
  • Chart Maker is a FREE online app. This means you can use this tool without spending any money.
  • Graph Maker is a web application. This means that you don’t have to download or install or sign in this application to use it.
  • It helps you save a lot of time and effort. You can immediately convert any information or data into beautiful charts and graphs.
  • The best thing about this tool is that you can create any number of charts and graphs using this app. There is no restriction to creating graphs and charts.
  • With the help of this tool, you can create engaging graphs that resonate well with your brand’s values and ethics.
  • It is an extremely useful tool that anyone can use, including startups, students, large organizations, and so on.
  • It provides you with numerous formats to choose from.
  • Chart Maker is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and is a helpful icon converter that anyone may use.

Step-by-Step Guide To Using Chart Maker

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating engaging charts online using graph maker:

STEP 1: Visit, and click on Chart Maker

STEP 2: Click on the type/format of chart you want to create from the options listed on top. You have the option to choose a pie chart, 3D doughnut chart, half doughnut chart, line chart, and so on.

STEP 3: Now, put labels and values in the columns.

STEP 4: Click on the Setting option located in the sidebar on the left to the Chart option. The Settings tab of the graph maker gives you the option to alter not just the size but also the colour and the typeface.

STEP 5: Modify the fonts and the colour of your items according to your needs. You can mark each component of the chart with a different colour that corresponds to your company or your topic.

STEP 6: Preview your chart. If everything is good to go, then click on Download JPG in order to download your graph. You can save and share the graph in an image file with your clients, employees, customers, or stakeholders.

That’s all you need to create engaging bar graphs using a chart maker!


1. Why do we need charts?

Charts or graphs are a great way to communicate information to your audience in a visually appealing way. Some people really find it difficult to comprehend data; however, understanding data in pictorial form becomes easy.

With a chart maker, you can make amazing graphs online. The best part is that it is a FREE tool, and you don’t need to spend money on it.

2. Can we customize our graphs with Online Chart Maker?

Yes, Online Graph Maker allows you to customize your charts according to your needs. You can utilize this tool to create pie charts, line charts, bar charts, 3D doughnut charts, Half doughnut charts, and so on. All you have to do is simply put the data in the respective fields and get the chart of your choice in no time. You can make use of these online charts in your infographics, presentations, reports, visuals for social media, and so on.

3. Which all charts can I create with Online Graph Maker?

An online chart maker is a FREE Tool that helps you create many different kinds of charts, including Area charts, Bar Graphs, Pie charts, Line charts, Doughnut Charts, T-Chart, Comparison charts, and so on.

4. How can I make my charts engaging?

Yes, using animations or special features can help you make your graphs engaging and interesting. Our chart maker allows you to customize your chart using special features. Including special effects in your charts is a quick and easy method to make your charts worthwhile.

When working with special effects, it is important to not overdo anything. Your audience will be more likely to pay attention to and be drawn to your chart if you include some movement in it. However, overdoing it can make the whole thing look cluttered; Charts are a great way to reveal or present crucial data to your audience.

You can direct the viewer’s attention to particular values and patterns in your data by using special effects. Be careful not to overdo it with the special effects. Overdoing anything would distract away your audiences’ attention from the information you are presenting and instead draw attention to bouncing letters and whirling bar graphs. Also, avoid using any sort of 3D effects, particularly in bar graphs. 3D effects sometimes cause confusion among your audience. Hence, it is crucial that you use each special effect wisely.

5. How are bar graphs different from doughnut charts?

Both Bar Graphs and Doughnut Charts are used for presenting data or information in a graphical format. There are, nevertheless, substantial distinctions between the two.

Bar charts, also known as column charts, represent the X and Y axes by rows and columns of rectangular bars. In this form of a chart, items with the same parameters are used in order to make comparisons between them. Typically, bar charts are used for quantitatively contrasting different types and identifying the order inside a group. Bar charts allow for the monitoring of trends throughout time.

A doughnut chart, also known as a Pie chart, on the other hand, divides a whole doughnut into several sections, each of which corresponds to a different field value. You can use doughnut charts to examine your finances.

Online chart maker is a great tool to create any kind of chart, from pie charts to line charts, doughnut charts to half doughnut charts.