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How To Get First 500 Subscribers On YouTube Easily?

We are living in the digital era and YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for sharing video content. People from all walks of life share unique content on this platform. However, only having a channel is not just enough.

You need to have subscribers as well in order to monetize the whole thing. If you are also planning to start your own YouTube channel and wondering how to get first 500 subscribers, then surely this post is a MUST READ for you.

Here, we have outlined some of the best strategies to gain the first 500 subscribers and monetize your YouTube account. From targeting the right niche to creating promotional end screens, you’ll gain incredible insights to grow YouTube channel subscribers.

Before you delve into the discussion of the best tactics, you should know YouTube’s new monetizing terms and conditions first. Let’s begin!

Firstly, read this good news🥳….

YouTube New Monetizing Terms & Conditions

Recently, YouTube updated its requirements for monetizing the content of content creators. Now, it has become easier for content creators to start earning money on YouTube channels. Check out the following terms and conditions:

  • The content creator should have at least 500 subscribers
  • It is vital to upload at least three public posts within 90 days
  • With 3 million short views or 3000 watch hours.

It’s quite challenging, but with a good strategy and dedication you can do it. Here we go…

13 Best Strategies to Get First 500 Subscribers

Here is a the top strategies to get the first 500 subscribers and monetize your YouTube account….

1. Target the Most Profitable Niche

First things first, if you really want to appear on top, choose the right niche. The right niche for the YouTube channel may seem daunting at the outset. There are many niches. However, not all of them can help you get the first 500 subscribers. But there is good news, you can do it with ease! Yes, you read that right! All you have to do is to know your passion and then, decide what works best for you.

Always remember that there are millions of YouTube channels in different niches. Only your uniqueness and high-quality content make that niche profitable for you. Subscribers subscribe to you when they find your content valuable.

Suppose you choose beauty and makeup as your niche. You should create high-quality beauty tutorials and offer product reviews to make people subscribe to your channel. The idea is to give people what exactly they are looking for.

Take a look at the following most profitable niches that can help in hitting the goal of 500 subscribers:

  • Beauty and Makeup – Makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and product reviews
  • Gaming – Minecraft, Pokemon, and other newly launched gaming tutorials, reviews, and tips
  • Travel and Adventure – Adventure sports, off-beaten destinations, luxurious traveling ideas
  • Personal Financing and Investment – Research-based tips on market trends, investment tips, and stock market tips
  • Health and Wellness – Nutrition tips, yoga, meditation, weight management exercises
  • Technology and Gadgets – Latest tech products features
  • DIY and Home Improvement – Interior designing, home renovation, and DIY home decor ideas
  • Education and How-to Guides – Language training lessons and coding tutorials
  • Cooking and Food – International cuisine, vegan recipes, and specific local communities’ recipes.

You can consider choosing any one of these niches or come up with your own. Make sure to research how you can offer great value to your audience. Provide them valuable content so that your audience feel compelled to subscribe to your channel.

2. Create Stunning Thumbnail Designs

Looking for the best way to entice viewers on a YouTube channel? If yes, then you should know the importance of creating YouTube thumbnail designs. Designing a captivating thumbnail will help you have increased click-through rate. This means that more audiences will become motivated to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Create Stunning Thumbnail Designs to get First 500 Subscribers On YouTube fast
Images Source – Fotor

This is because the well-designed thumbnails act as visual elements on YouTube channels. They spark curiosity in the minds of viewers and compel them to click and watch the videos. Suppose you choose high-pixeled images for the thumbnails, your potential audience will subscribe to you to see more from you.

Check out the following pointers to learn how to create stunning thumbnail designs:

  • Choose clear and high-resolution images for thumbnails.
  • Do not clutter them with heavy text.
  • Use clear and easy-to-read fonts to intrigue your viewers.
  • Have clear Call to Action messages with every video. It will encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • Create multiple YouTube thumbnail variations and choose the best one based on the test results of A/B testing.
  • Incorporate your picture into the thumbnail to connect your audience with you emotionally.

Follow these tips to create engaging thumbnails that would entice viewers to stop by your channel and subscribe to your channel.

3. Use SEO for Your Benefit

SEO is IMPERATIVE, whether you believe it or not. Therefore, use SEO to get organic subscribers for your YouTube videos. This can optimize your YouTube content and increase its visibility in search results. Use SEO optimized video title, description, and meta description. Right use of SEO will help you rank your videos. For it, begin by researching right keywords and then use them.

The more organic traffic growth is a good sign as it increases the possibility that more audience will subscribe to your YouTube channel. By using SEO for YouTube, you can improve your Google search results. Also, it will help you have increased number of YouTube subscribers.

Look at the following pointers to know how to use YouTube SEO to increase YouTube subscribers:

  • Research relevant keywords.
  • Insert keyword in your video title. Make sure it looks natural.
  • Optimize your video’s description with the high-ranking keyword.
  • Categorize your video as per niche.
  • Do not forget to add hashtags to make your video appear in search results easily.
  • Regularly analyze YouTube analytics.
  • You can leave a pinned comment on your video to make your audience interact with the video.

The SEO mentioned above strategies are effective to grow the YouTube channel from 0. Do not forget to insert high-ranking keywords with videos to boost your ranking even on Google search results.

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4. Get Your Videos into YouTube Trending Videos Recommendation

One effective approach to increase your subscriber count is to optimize your videos for YouTube recommendations. This makes your videos appear in viewers’ feeds automatically.

Wondering how YouTube algorithms work to select videos for recommendations?

Here is how…🤔

After a viewer watches a video, YouTube begins suggesting content that matches their preferences. And that’s how YouTube video recommendations work. YouTube algorithms ensure that your audience get to watch their favorite content/niche. If you’re experiencing difficulties with videos not appearing, it’s important to focus on getting YouTube algorithms to recognise your content.

Here are some tips you can follow to get your videos into YouTube’s suggested bar:

  • Share engaging content that attract viewers.
  • Create a YouTube playlist to make your viewers watch videos one after another to increase their watching sessions.
  • Design an attractive YouTube thumbnail.
  • Decide a catchy YouTube video title.

These tips will surely help your content surface in other people’s feeds and grow YouTube channel subscribers.

5. Research Trending Topics

Another great way to grow YT channel subscribers is to pay attention to global trending topics. There are numerous online platforms to gather information on trending topics. You can select the best from there. Make sure to use topics after analyzing their keyword score, keyword volume growth percentage, and more.

Research Trending Topics to get First 500 Subscribers On YouTube Easily?
Images Source – Semrush/ASIF ALI

Trending topics in your niche will help you get the best results. This will encourage increased number of encourage impressions and followers. In case you have any difficulty getting views on trending topics’ videos, compare your videos with high-ranking videos.

Consider the following places to get trending topics ideas and increase subscriber count:

  • Browse the Google Trends website
  • Tap on the tab of YouTube trending videos
  • Find what is trending on X
  • Search for the new trends on TikTok
  • Research Google keyword planner
  • Head over to TubeBuddy to explore more.

Now you know now where you can find the best YouTube trending topics. Why wait? Explore the best niche/topic in which you can deliver high-quality content.

6. Promote Your YouTube Videos on Several Platforms

The next thing that you can do to grow subscribers in YouTube channel is promote your videos outside YouTube. Yes, you should promote your videos on other social media platform handles as well. This way, you will get a wide range of viewers from other platforms as well. It will also help you gain the first 500 subscribers easily and monetize your account.

Keep in mind that YouTube is a massive search engine. Millions of YouTube videos are already floating out there. Nevertheless, YouTube algorithms work diligently to enhance the discoverability of your videos. Take charge and promote your video to maximize the value of the effort and time you put into creating it.

Let’s now take a look at the list of places where you can promote your YouTube content:

  • Social media platform
  • Embed your YouTube videos in your website’s blogs
  • Send your YouTube videos through email newsletters
  • Link your YouTube channel to your website
  • Tag the relevant people with YouTube videos.

Getting traction on YouTube videos is not difficult if you work with the right marketing strategies. Promote your videos on various platforms and see how you succeed.

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7. Make Enticing YouTube Subscribe Button

You can make the YouTube subscribe button enticing to make more YouTube viewers subscribe to you. Doing so will also encourage potential monetization opportunities. If you want to achieve an immediate call to action, it’s important to understand how to embed it. A subscribe button can enhance the visibility of your channel.

So, if you aim to grow YouTube channel from scratch, making a captivating YouTube subscribe button should be your priority. If you happen to include the subscribe button within your video, it may lead to disappointment among your viewers. It is crucial to use it in an appropriate fashion.

Here is how you can add the YouTube subscribe button:

  • Explore a graphic designing platform like Canva to create a Subscribe image.
  • Use contrast colors and readable fonts.
  • Choose the right size. Avoid making it too large
  • Go to YouTube Analytics to understand the Subscriber Source
  • Use YouTube’s tools like end screens and cards to encourage viewers’ engagement.

Create a compelling subscribe button to gain more views and let viewers subscribe to your channel. Your videos are must need high-quality, visually appealing, and consistent with your brand.

8. Gain Subscribers with YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts have become very popular since their introduction. YouTubers and brand marketers very well know how this feature can be a change everything for them. If you are new to this feature, then know that it is a amazing feature to increase your subscribers.

how to Gain 500 Subscribers with YouTube Shorts
Images Source – SocialPilot/Chandraveer Singh

All you need to do is embed your YouTube Shorts link to long videos. After that you would be able to see its positive outcomes. Subscribers with YouTube Shorts will start to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

If you’re unable to use YouTube shorts to boost your YouTube channel, it may be due to implementing ineffective strategies.

Check out the following tips to make your YouTube shorts more engaging:

  • Create Shorts of under the 60 seconds
  • Embed Shorts to a Related Video on your YouTube channel
  • Make your video title & the character length should be under the 40
  • Choose the best reels for YouTube shorts
  • Use hooky clips from your long videos for Shorts.

Shorts content has become very popular among YouTubers. By creating unique shorts, you can gain more visibility of your account.

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9. Post Your Videos at the Right Time

YouTube is a massive global platform where global creators share their content. There is no right time to post videos on YouTube. However, it is recommended that you experiment with different timings and different time zones. And then, track YouTube analytics to find out which one is the most suitable for you.

Additionally, if you want to target a specific region/country with your content, try posting at their timing. It will help you attract audience from that country easily.

More often than not, the reason for not getting more views and not getting followers is that you seldom use YouTube analytics. Make sure to use YouTube analytics seriously. This is the best way to analyze the perfect time for publishing the content.

10. Create Video Series

Another effective strategy to grow the network on your YouTube channel is producing video series. Creating series as you know is in trend these days. You should also focus on creating video series. Doing so will help you have increased subscribers and viewing time.

For example, if you want to create a video on Minecraft Gaming. You can create the first video on Getting Started. Then, your next video should focus on Strategies to win Minecraft games. It serves as a double-edged sword. on other hand, it enables you share exclusive content, your video series will captivate your audience and keep them engaged with your channel.

11. Rank in Google Search Results

YouTube videos can rank at the top of the Google Search Results. For Google optimization, you should target those keywords that rank on the SERP.

For example, when you type Apple iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 into Google search, you will see the top-ranking videos list in the results. The search results of YouTube and Google search engines may vary. It is advisable to create content that have a high click-through rate. This strategy allows you to rank in Google Search results and gain subscribers.

12. Consider Live YouTube Videos

Why not go live on YouTube to grow subscribers in YouTube channel? This is an effective marketing strategy to build excitement among your followers and fans. You can implement this strategy to announce a product launch and for any other news.

The major advantage of using live streaming is that you connect with your audience in real time. This helps you monetize your account by growing subscribers and viewers’ time.

13. Use End Screen Promotions

Last but not least, you can use end-screen promotions to increase the number of subscribers. This mobile-friendly YouTube tool comes at the end of the video for 5-20 seconds. You can promote up to four elements with this tool. Often, YouTubers promote a combination of videos, a subscribe button, a like button, and external links with this tool.

Let’s finish it….

So, these are the top 13 strategies you can implement to gain the first 500 subscribers on YouTube and monetize the account. Following these strategies can help you beat the growing competition on the platform and accelerate your growth on your YouTube channel.

If you keep using these tactics consistently you will get to see exponential results over time. You may even be able to gain millions of subscribers and earn millions of dollars on your YouTube channel. Also, it is crucial to share innovative content.

So, don’t wait! Just follow these tips to optimize your time and energy spent on creating exceptional YouTube content for maximum impact. Let’s now take a look at the most frequently asked question. Here we go…


Q1. What happens when after 500 subscribers on YouTube?

When you reach 500 subscribers on YouTube, you can monetize your account. It means that YouTube will pay you based on the number of views, interactive activity, and viewers’ time.

Q2. When do you reach 500 subscribers on YouTube?

It all depends on the strategies that you follow to grow your YouTube account. No one can predict when you reach 500 subscribers on YouTube. However, following the ones outlined above can help you reach your goals on YouTube pretty soon.

Q3. What do we get after 500 subscribers on YouTube?

You can earn money through YouTube video views when you get 500 subscribers. Aside from this, you can ask your viewers to join your channel through monthly payments and you connect your merchandize shop to YouTube to display your products. Plus, you can earn money through super stickers and super thanks features.

Q4. What is a usual YouTube income after 500 subscribers?

Definitely, you can generate income after 500 subscribers. YouTube has changed its monetary policies and changed the limit from 1000 subscribers to 500 subscribers.

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