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10 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer In 2024

Have you ever heard about Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? Your answer might be yes or no. Whether you have heard of story viewers or not, this post is going to be very helpful for you.

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In this ever-evolving digital era, there is an equal possibility of happening good and bad things in everyone’s life. More often than not, technology is considered both a boon and a curse in this modern century. Nevertheless, the utilization of technology is strongly advocated in order to attain mastery in any field.

The utilization of several social media platforms and applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and others, proves it. You must have witnessed that people adapt to new changes by using the latest applications.

But the question is, is using these applications safe and secure? How can you identify if your beloved people fall into the wrong trap?

Of course, analyzing these things is not easy; however, it’s not complex as well.

Got confused?

Don’t worry; with the help of technology, you can easily unwrap the secrets.

Wondering how and which technology?

Well, with the help of Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer, you can keep track of any accounts with or without a profile.

Yeah! Some of the best Instagram story viewer applications offer good assistance at affordable cost or maybe for free.

Let’s look at the list of apps and decide which apps are most suitable for your homes.

Without delay, let’s make a move!

What Is Instagram Story Viewer?

Hopefully, you get some hints about the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer from the previous section. Keep exploring to get a detailed view of these points. Instagram story viewers might be an application, tool, or website that allows you to spy on other accounts anonymously.

There are enormous ranges of options available to download or watch posts, feeds, and other stories in the list of best instagram story viewer. Among them, this article brings you the Top 10 software that is consistently known for its features, trustworthiness, and performance.

Why You Need An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

Some individuals may argue that taking care of someone’s personal space is merely an act of indulgence. Do you agree with this? While you may believe it to be true, it is important to consider that there are also positive intentions underlying these actions.

For instance, it helps the parents to track their children if they act anonymously. On the other hand, Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer assists you in keeping an eye on your partner’s suspicious activities. And finally, such applications are the best helpmate tool for crime investigation. However, they are unable to get the most accurate information possible regarding the upcoming listed Instagram viewer’s free coordinate.

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewer in 2024

It’s time to explore some of the top-rated Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer in the upcoming section. Some of these applications are available for FREE, while others are paid. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

1. InstaStories

At number one we have InstaStories. This is one of the Best Instagram Story Viewers. It allows the user to view Instagram stories anonymously just with a username. This means you don’t need to sign in to use the application. It can easily track the data and details of the profile you need. This is one of the best tools; it supports almost all devices and efficiently monitors public accounts. InstaStories is a web-based tool that works on different browsers. Most significantly, it is a free tool to spy on a user’s account.


Key Features of InstaStories

  • It lets you anonymously view the post, stories, photos, highlights, and others
  • Accessing the site is easy and simple.
  • You don’t need to register or have an official account in order to view a profile anonymously.
  • It allows you to download stories and posts in MP4 format
  • It can effectively track subscribers and live broadcasts

However, it holds many valuable features and provides many advantages; still, you can’t access private profiles. InstaStories reserves the top position in the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer list, so using it ensures your safety and smooth monitoring. Try it and enhance your follower count on social media if you own an official page or channel.

2. mSpy

Are you looking for an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer that tracks social media? If yes, then mSpy is one of the most preferred tools. It makes the influencers’ job easy and hassle-free by allowing them to monitor the accurate details of their potential followers. It has different pricing options like monthly, quarterly, and yearly.


Mainly, it is designed for monitoring social media, so it has many intriguing and unique features. It includes,

Key Features of mSpy

  • It provides information about incoming and outgoing calls with duration.
  • Track and display present GPS location.
  • It comes equipped with stealth mode for enhanced safety like instruction detection, prevention sensor, and monitor profiles without IP address.
  • It holds a screen recording, deleted message recovery system, and remote blocking of applications and websites.

mSpy is considered a parental application that offers access to the Instagram activities of children. And also, it extends to other apps like Skype, Keylogger, Web history, Snapchat, etc. So, if you’re planning to opt for a tool to elevate your influencer life to the next level and keep an eye on your kids, then mSpy is the tool for you.

3. Glassagram

Glassagram is yet another wonderful anonymous Instagram story viewer that secured the top position over a long period. It is due to its unique and cool features; let’s explore them in detail.


Key Features of Glassagram

  • This tool efficiently tracks the location of the spying device (targeted mobiles).
  • It integrates with account tracking tools.
  • It comes equipped with a screenshot feature that helps the user know if someone is watching their pictures and videos.
  • It provides access to users’ message conversations.
  • It provides you the ability to view hidden mode stories.
  • It offers updates at regular time intervals (for 5 minutes).
  • You need to set up a profile to connect with others directly.

It is an application with a simple setup, which is easily accessible to new users. It has two plans, such as a basic plan: FREE and Premium. The Free plan offers only basic features, while the premium one provides you with premium features. You can opt for any of the two; however, it is important to note that the FREE plan comes with very limited access. Utilize this top-rated Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer application to enjoy effective spying. Lastly, this tool can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

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4. Insta DP

Insta DP is yet another very popular Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer. This tool is well-known for its viewing and downloading capability of stories posted within a day.

Insta DP

It is a very easy-to-use tool. Just like other best story viewers, you don’t need to log in or have an active account to use this tool. All you need to do is to paste the Username into the text box and get the results instantly! All the results are displayed on the screen.

Key Features of Insta DP

  • This tool assists in identifying the followers effectively
  • It eliminates the need to create an account to use this tool.
  • It anonymously downloads the Instagram stories and posts
  • It lets you zoom in and view the Instagram profile picture
  • It is one of the most reliable and safe applications for Instagram Story Viewers.

Insta DP loads Instagram pictures, videos, reels, and other media without any compromises in the content quality. Due to its user-friendly interface and ideal performance, it stays as the best Instagram story viewer for a while. In addition, your data remains safe and secured from other users. Most significantly, this tool is absolutely FREE of cost. This means you can use this tool without spending a penny. Give it a shot!

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5. Stories IG

Want to track a public profile immediately? Then, you must have Stories IG, one of the best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers. It is a beautiful application that assists in watching another individual’s stories, highlights, and posts, which enables public privacy.

Stories IG

The user guide encloses simple steps and a text box to enter the Instagram username for effective searching. Then, this tool will land on the designated profile so you can view it according to your requirements.

Key Features of Stories IG

  • It allows you to log in without an account
  • In addition to stories, it lets you view highlights anonymously
  • InstaStories also allows browsing with your Instagram account.
  • Enable the download features so you can save stories.

With its simple interface, Stories IG searches faster and more easily. It doesn’t store the searcher’s personal credentials, which makes it the safest and most reliable tool. The only con this tool has is that it is an ad-based tool. It could be annoying sometimes. You can try using this Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer for safe and secure monitoring and browsing. Try it out!

6. eyeZy

If you want a complete solution to track anyone without their knowledge, then eyeZy is your best bet! Yes, this Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer is one of the best-rated software that fetches the overall information with one click. This is one of the most advanced applications that you can use by opting for its membership plans.


Apart from viewing Instagram Story, this application allows you to spy on other apps as well. It includes WhatsApp, Cell Phone Tracker, and others. Thus, installing this tool on your devices is a good decision if you’re looking for a complete solution. It lets you observe things and helps to keep an eye on everyone.

Key Features of eyeZy

  • Chat viewer for Instagram.
  • Alerts during Geofencing.
  • Screen Recorder.
  • It provides you with an invisible shield feature while anonymous browsing.
  • The shield feature helps to discover pinpoint locations and files.
  • This application supports various platforms.

Moreover, it is widely used by parents and is considered a parental control application. Also, eyeZy’s membership plans are quite expensive, but it is trustworthy.

7. Inflact by Instagram

At number 7, we have “Inflact by Instagram”; have you heard the name? You would be familiar with this tool because it’s a popular, top-rated smart marketing toolkit for Instagram. It is one of the best Instagram story viewer tools. You don’t need to install it separately. This tool is compatible with all devices, including computers, phones, desktops, tablets, etc. This means that you can view the content using any device. All you need is good internet access, and you’re good to explore and surf Instagram stories without limits.

inflact by instagram

Simply copy and paste the URL into the search bar on Inflact, an anonymous Instagram story viewer, and hit the search button. That’s it, now; you’re ready to monitor the media.


  • It allows you to download old Instagram stories.
  • It lets you track every new user of public accounts.
  • It lets you save stories up to 100 profiles according to your paid plans.

Use Inflact, the best tool to view Instagram stories and keep track of the most active followers or others who have public profiles. It is a paid plan. You get three options: Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Undoubtedly, this tool is a great tool; however, it’s pricey!

8. Instalkr

Curious to know about some unique Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? Then, here comes the Instalkr! Don’t worry if you don’t have an Instagram account. Once you start using this top Instagram story viewer, watching everyone’s posts, feeds, and stories will become a breeze for you! In addition, it is safe and legit to use to enjoy the feed of public users.


Key Features of Instalkr

  • It provides you with anonymous story viewing options.
  • Permission to access deleted posts, videos, and stories.
  • Easy picture and video downloads.
  • It’s completely FREE to use and has no hidden charges.
  • You can even identify the people who blocked you using this tool.
  • Lastly, you get notified as soon as you lose a follower.

Download Instalkr, an Instagram viewer free anonymous online tool that permits access without the sign-up or login options. Harness the power of the free impressive option, Instalkr to track back certain specific profiles and save bulk files.

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9. Qoob Stories

At number 9, we have Qoob Stories, one of the best Instagram Story Viewers. Qoob Stories is suitable for performing bulk downloads. Since its launch, it has garnered immediate user reactions and reviews, gaining a reputation for its exceptional ability to download a wide range of files. It includes videos, posts, stories, photos, etc.

Qoob stories

Most significantly, Qoob Stories set user satisfaction as their high priority and designed the application to access both private and public files. Plus, it follows a simple pattern and allows you to find the profiles in 3 different ways.

Search using Hashtags, enter “#” before the search query, and click subscribe. With the Username, type the accurate Username and press subscribe to browse various posts from your Instagram account anonymously. On the other hand, enter a location and click highlighted search places, then subscribe.

Key Features of Qoob Stories

  • It allows you to download high-resolution pictures and videos.
  • It enables saving post captions.
  • Enhanced sorting and downloading options.
  • You can browse the feed without ads.
  • Control the automatic download.

It is considered a top Instagram story viewer for those who want to watch other profiles anonymously. If you also want to view profiles anonymously, then opt for this application to save and repost the best stories in your profile.

10. Ghost Gram

Last on our list is Ghost Gram. Ghost Gram is the best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer. The best thing about this tool is that it is absolutely FREE for users. Also, it lets users access the accounts and view stories without a profile. You can enjoy watching many stories and download or save them for later use from the various public accounts.

Ghost Gram

Yes, you heard it right! This app is exclusively made to view stories from public profiles because they are concerned about the privacy of the users.

It fetches the information just by entering the name in the search bar. Ghost Gram is an apt choice for all modern browsers and doesn’t collect any information linked to your activity. Thus, it is the best Instagram story viewer that prioritizes privacy and is more concerned about users.

Key Features of Ghost Gram

  • It is a FREE application.
  • Safe and reliable
  • It allows you to view stories without an account
  • Downloads at a single click
  • It allows you to maintain complete anonymity
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Guarantee for data protection

Try choosing this FREE Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer and enjoy witnessing funny clips or personal stories without accounts.


1. Can I Access Private Profiles using these Apps?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to access private profiles due to the concerns of both the users and the owners of the application regarding the protection of their intellectual properties.

2. Are The Applications Free Of Cost?

Not every top Instagram story viewer enables paid options. The ones listed above have both FREE and paid options. Some secured applications and websites are FREE of cost. Some tools are even available at very reasonable prices. Apart from this, some tools offer both paid and FREE versions. However, the free versions of such tools come with limited features.

3. Is Sharing The Media Allowed?

Sharing the monitored personal stories, posts, or any other media is not recommended at all. You might even face copyright infringements for sharing media. So, be more conscious when using these tools. Don’t even try to share anybody’s intellectual property on your personal pages or accounts.

4. Who Can Opt For An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram story viewers should be used ethically and responsibly and not to invade the privacy of others. These tools are highly recommended for parental monitoring and are encouraged for people with good intentions. Therefore, make sure your goals are only for good purposes before you anonymously watch the stories on others’ accounts.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it: the 10 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers in 2024. The latest and trending technologies are needed in this fast-paced digital world to lead a peaceful and secure life. Even though you’re not going to use these applications in real time, be aware of them. Many different options are available to spy on a person or community. You can use the one that fits your needs the best. However, make sure your intentions are true and good. Harness the power of Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer that elevates your monitoring process to another level.

Happy Viewing… 😊 😊


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