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Importance of Mobile Phones in our Daily Life

In today’s time, what is that one thing that everybody reaches out to as soon as they wake up? The mobile phones! Yes, mobile phones have become an inherent part of our lives. Whether you want to make a call, text someone, find a route to your destination, or simply click an image, a mobile phone is all you need.

If we go back in time and look at the first mobile phones that were invented, those were just bulky electronic devices with interrupted cell phone reception. They were used to simply communicate with friends and relatives and yet were known as the biggest invention in those times.

Well, we have come a long way forward since then. Mobile phones nowadays are so highly technologically advanced that they can perform any task a human mind can think of. The brilliant development in Artificial Intelligence has taken over the tech world and as a result of that, we have mobile phones that can help us connect with the world, capture high-resolution images and videos, play games with top-notch graphics, and even keep track of our health.

The world has become so technologically advanced that mobile phones are not just a luxury but a necessity to have in one’s life. Therefore, the importance of mobile phones in our daily life cannot be stressed enough.

If you are still not sure how important mobile phones are in our daily life then here’s a list of why mobile phones are a must in our lives today.


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Communicating and Connecting with the world

Technology has brought the world together and has made communication so much easier. From posting letters to sending a text in a second, communication among people has become faster, more convenient, and highly interactive. Mobile Phone comes with inbuilt features such as voice calling, video calling, messaging, and multimedia messaging that helps you to easily communicate with your friends and family in just seconds.

The internet has made the world a global village. You have so many social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others that allow you to connect with people outside your contact list and even share images, documents, texts, links, and even money!

Emergency situations

Mobile Phones come very handily in emergency situations. In your contacts, you’ll find emergency contacts that with just one press of a button contact the ambulance or even the police. Without a mobile phone, it is impossible to do so. You can also fit in your own emergency contact and call them immediately through speed dial.

Another great usage of a mobile phone is that it can connect with the security and fire alarms in your house. So, if you are away then you can easily be alerted through your phone if the alarms go off.

Companion in daily activities

Our life is practically impossible without a mobile phone. It would be like living in the stone age. Today, everything is digital and to cope with that mobile phone is the handiest device you can use. If you want to drive somewhere then the navigation feature helps you with the route to go almost anywhere. If you are at a store then you can simply pay for your groceries with mobile payment apps. Not only that, but you can also pay your bills and transfer money with those apps.

In your daily routine, your mobile phones can help you to create a schedule, add reminders, TO-DO tasks, events, and other things to make your calendar updated.

All this has been made possible through apps such as google pay, google maps, and many other apps that are available on the online store.

You can consider mobile phones as your helping hand in daily life.

Health tracking

Innovation in mobile phones has raised the bar of technology to the point where it can be used for medical and health purposes as well. IT helps to track your heart beats, pulse, and blood pressure and even keeps track of your steps and other physical activities such as running, swimming, working out, and many more.

It even records your dietary supplements and presents you with a weekly, monthly, or yearly graph of all the records it keeps. Mobile phones are basically your doctors and physical trainers!


Mobile Phone is your pocket-size entertainment box that guarantees 24/7 entertainment with numerous choices in movies, videos, songs, games, and so much more. Mobile phones have in-built FM and also a space to store your media and use it whenever you want. In addition to that, you have apps and various OTT platforms on which you can watch movies, serials, and documentaries. Many apps are there for the gaming heads as well. You can get non-stop entertainment of the best possible quality. You won’t need to buy radios, TVs, or go to the movie theatres and game zones when everything you want is just at the tip of your fingers.

Professional usage

If you are a professional then a mobile phone is more important than you can imagine. You can install Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PPT to work remotely when you are away from your computer or laptop. Even if you have your laptop handy, you can use the mobile phone to quickly view your documents before going into an important meeting.

Mobile phones have also become very important for people after the pandemic. The business has shifted online and a mobile phone is the best tool to do video calls and online meetings from anywhere in the world. You can schedule meetings, send emails, and connect instantly with your co-workers and clients.

Creative usage

For all artists, their art is paramount. But the growing market demands digital art and it can be done through mobile phones and tablets. There are also many applications that support writing, drawing, and other photography features so you can easily create the art you want. You can create digital arts and click images and edit them using various tools on your mobile phone. To provide a feel of the pen and paper, there are also pencils and stylus available to use on your phone.


Mobile phones can help students in learning with different media such as word documents and PDFS, educational videos on YouTube, e-learning through various online sites, and live classes with video calls. After the pandemic, the educational structure has changed from the conventional mode to the online mode which makes mobile phones all the more necessary for educational purposes.


Security is a concern of all and mobile phones can help you relieve instantly. You can easily track your mobile device through any other device with the right information. So, in case of a mishap, your friends and family can easily track your mobile phone and help you out. It also allows you to send live locations to any of your contacts. Even you can benefit from the phone by installing CCTVs in your home or office and viewing it live or the recordings on your phone.

Apart from external security, mobile phones also provide internal security where you can store important data and lock it with a passcode.

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Storing important data

Mobile phones provide ample storage space to fit all kinds of data for a long time. There is also cloud storage available in which you can store the data and access it with any kind of data by using your credentials. You can also buy extra storage space if you require it. Mobile phone storage works as the best tool to store any kind of data because of its speed and convenience.

These were some of the many usages of mobile phones that show their importance of them in our daily life. While there are many perks of a mobile phone there are some drawbacks as well. You can get addicted to your mobile phone and lose touch with the real world. So, make sure to use mobile phones to make your life better in a good way. IF used correctly, mobile phones can be the best tool at your service as they can assist you in almost every kind of task at any point in time.

It is truly said that “Mobile is full of exciting technologies, and approaches that can help us transform how we teach, work, learn, and live”


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