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Best 10 GFX Tools for PUBG Mobile for Better Game Play in 2024

In the fast-paced mobile gaming world, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, has captivated millions of players worldwide. However, not all players are fortunate enough to own high-end devices capable of delivering the best PUBG experience. This is where GFX Tools for PUBG come into action. These ingenious applications enable users to fine-tune their game’s graphics settings, even on less powerful smartphones, ensuring smoother gameplay and visually stunning environments.

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of GFX tools for PUBG. Within this guide, we’ll delve into the world of gfx tools for pubg and present you with the top 10 options. Each tool brings its distinctive features, advantages, and disadvantages to the table, giving you the knowledge needed to make an informed decision that suits both your device’s capabilities and gaming preferences. Whether you’re searching for higher resolutions, smoother frame rates, or a harmonious blend of both, rest assured that these tools have you covered. Join us to discover the best gfx tool for pubg for your PUBG adventure.

10 Top GFX Tools for PUBG

1. GFX Tool Pro

GFX Tool Pro


  • GFX Tool Pro offers a free version that mirrors the essential features of its paid counterpart. However, the gfx tool for pubg does come with ads. Despite this, the tool simplifies the settings customization process, making it accessible even to beginners.


➤ Free access to core features.

➤ Straightforward graphics settings customization.


➤ the gfx tool pro pubg Contains ads that may interrupt usage.

2. GFX Tool Pro for PU Battlegrounds – 60FPS (Oxygen Labs)

GFX Tool Pro for PU Battlegrounds – 60FPS (Oxygen Labs)


  • Oxygen Labs’ GFX Tool Pro is specifically crafted to enhance graphics and performance for users with mid-range devices. The gfx tool pubg empowers players to enjoy high-quality PUBG gameplay, even on smartphones with limited capabilities.


➤ Ideal for mid-range smartphones.

➤ A comprehensive suite of graphics settings for an enhanced gaming experience.


➤ Requires specific permissions for smooth operation.

3. Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool


  • This beginner-friendly GFX tool caters to all versions of PUBG. It offers an easy way to boost graphics settings, making gameplay smoother and more visually appealing. If you’re not interested in delving into technical details, this tool provides a hassle-free experience.


➤ Suitable for newcomers to GFX tools.

➤ Compatibility with newer Android versions and PUBG updates.


➤ the gfx tool pubg Offers fewer customization options than other tools.

4. HD Graphics Tool [NO BAN] (Narosys)

HD Graphics Tool [NO BAN] (Narosys)


  • Narosys’ HD Graphics Tool is your solution for enhancing PUBG gaming on low-end devices. It elevates video quality, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. However, users might need to adjust permissions and settings to maximize it.


➤ Boosts video quality on less powerful devices.

➤ Delivers a smoother and more visually appealing gaming experience.


➤ The gfx tool pubg May require specific permissions and settings adjustments.

5. Game Booster 4X Faster Free

Game Booster 4X Faster Free


  • For those who have never ventured into the world of GFX tools, Game Booster 4X Faster Free offers a straightforward solution. It optimizes Android devices for a smoother PUBG experience with a single tap, yielding instant results. Additionally, advanced users can customize settings to achieve a fully tailored optimization.


➤ Instant optimization for beginners.

➤ Advanced customization for experienced users.

➤ Suitable for a wide range of devices.

6. GFXBench Metal

GFXBench Metal


GFXBench Metal is a versatile benchmarking tool tailored for testing the graphics performance of mobile devices. While not a traditional GFX tool like those used for optimizing games, it plays a vital role in assessing and comparing the graphical capabilities of various devices. GFXBench Metal is an excellent resource for users, developers, and manufacturers seeking to evaluate the graphical prowess of their devices. While it doesn’t directly optimize games, it provides valuable insights into a device’s ability to handle visually intensive applications, making it an essential tool in mobile graphics.

One of the standout features of GFXBench Metal is its comprehensive suite of tests designed to stress different aspects of a device’s GPU and graphical rendering abilities. These tests include complex scenes with high-resolution textures, real-time reflections, and lighting effects. As a result, GFXBench Metal can evaluate a device’s ability to handle demanding graphical workloads.


➤ Detailed benchmarking of GPU and graphics performance.

➤ Wide range of tests to assess rendering capabilities.


➤ Not a traditional GFX tool for game optimization.

➤ Primarily used for benchmarking and testing.

7. PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer

PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer


Trilokia Inc. has brought to life one of my most cherished GFX Tools, PGT+. The great news is that if you’re apprehensive about the price, there’s a free version available, PGT Free, for you to test its capabilities.

No matter which smartphone or tablet you’re gaming on, search for your device’s name, confirm your PUBG Mobile version, and hit the import button. This ensures that the tool caters to your device’s unique specifications, enhancing your gaming experience.


➤ Availability of a free version for cost-conscious users.

➤ The ability to import device-specific parameters ensures compatibility with various devices.

➤ Zero latency mode for seamless and uninterrupted gameplay.


➤ While PGT+ offers a free version, some users may still prefer a completely cost-free solution.

➤ The optimization features might not cater to those who require extensive fine-tuning options for graphics settings.

➤ Users might experience occasional compatibility issues with specific device models, impacting the tool’s performance on some platforms.

8. HD Graphics Tool

HD Graphics Tool


Narosys’ HD Graphics Tool is a remarkable option for Android users looking to take their gaming visuals to the next level, mainly if you’re working with more budget-friendly devices. Its user-friendly approach to selecting and implementing graphics settings makes it an accessible choice. Moreover, the tool’s ability to enable even high-end devices to enjoy games in all their visual glory is a significant plus.

Narosys brings an exceptional solution for Android Game users seeking to elevate their graphics experience, particularly those with more budget-friendly smartphones and tablets. Launching the app, you can readily select your preferred graphic settings option with ease.


➤ Unrivalled solution for achieving the best possible HD graphics on Android devices.

➤ Opens the door for high-end devices to enjoy a visually impressive gaming experience.

➤ Offers a simplified way to upgrade your device’s visual capabilities.


➤ While the HD Graphics Tool is ideal for Android users, iOS users may need help finding it compatible.

➤ Certain settings adjustments require specific permissions, potentially posing challenges for some users.

➤ Compatibility issues could arise with less common or older Android device models, affecting the tool’s overall performance.

9. Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground

Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground


Ranked as the second-best GFX tool for enhancing your PUBG experience, the Panda Game Booster brings a remarkable array of features that open up new possibilities, even for those gaming on entry-level smartphones. With the power of this application, you can unlock HDR graphics, a feat previously reserved for high-end devices.

This ensures your gaming experience remains smooth and free from the interruptions often caused by jagged edges and rough textures. The result is an immersive and seamless gameplay adventure.


➤ Secures its place as the second-best GFX tool for optimizing PUBG gameplay.

➤ The advanced anti-aliasing support guarantees smooth and uninterrupted gaming sessions.

➤ A high user rating of 4.6 on the Google Play store underscores its popularity and trustworthiness among the gaming community.

➤ Unlocks HDR graphics, even on entry-level smartphones, for a visually stunning gaming experience.


➤ While the Panda Game Booster shines on Android devices, iOS users may not find it compatible.

10. THE GFX BENCH GL (for iPhone)

THE GFX BENCH GL (for iPhone)


Distinguishing itself among the array of GFX device applications for iPhone, THE GFX BENCH GL is one of the premier tools available for Apple devices. Notably, it is free, offering users a cost-effective solution to enhance their graphical experience. This application provides a cross-platform and API 3D accurate benchmark, making it a versatile tool for evaluating graphic performance, long-term stability, render quality, and power utilization.

It doesn’t just optimize graphics; it also evaluates your device’s graphic performance, ensuring that your gaming experience is both visually impressive and smooth. This benchmarking capability empowers users to understand how their iPhone handles demanding graphics workloads, helping them make informed decisions about which games to play.


➤ Positioned as one of the top GFX tools available for iPhone users.

➤ Cost-effective, as it is available for free.

➤ Provides a cross-platform and API 3D accurate benchmark, allowing users to evaluate various aspects of graphic performance.

➤ Highly regarded by users for its reliability in optimizing PUBG graphics and enhancing device performance.


➤ Limited compatibility: While THE GFX BENCH GL excels on iPhone devices, Android users may not find it compatible.

➤ Certain advanced settings require specific permissions, potentially causing challenges for some users.

➤ Compatibility issues may arise with older iPhone models, impacting the tool’s overall performance.

Conclusion :

In the world of PUBG Mobile, GFX tools are the secret weapons for players striving to achieve the best possible gaming experience. As we’ve explored the best gfx tool for pubg, it’s evident that there’s a tool for every gamer, regardless of their device’s specifications and individual preferences.

From the premium PGT Plus to the beginner-friendly Game Booster 4X Faster Free, these tools provide essential features that can enhance your PUBG adventures. GFX tools empower you to unlock higher resolutions, smoother frame rates, and improved graphics while adapting to your specific device and gameplay style.

Selecting the perfect GFX tool ultimately boils down to your personal preferences. Whether you prioritize performance or aim for a harmonious blend of visuals and smooth gameplay, our guide offers valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. It’s time to seize control of your best GFX tool for pubg adventure, elevating your gameplay to new heights. As you do, be prepared to leave your rivals in awe of your skills and the breathtaking world you’ll experience. So, don’t hesitate; dive into the world of GFX tools today and embark on a gaming journey like never before.


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