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Apple Brings iPhone Mirroring to MacOS Sequoia at WWDC 2024, Day 3

Especially for macOS fans, the third day of WWDC 2024 brought with it a plethora of fascinating news. With improvements meant to improve productivity, gaming, and smooth connection with iOS devices, Apple’s most recent macOS version, Sequoia, is poised to completely reimagine user experience. Promising to simplify interactions between iPhones and Macs, the iPhone Mirroring function is one of the highlight features. What macOS Sequoia has in store is covered in detail here.

Introduction to macOS Sequoia

With the release of macOS Sequoia, Apple keeps on pushing the envelope of innovation. The goal of this latest iteration is to provide a more unified and efficient user experience by blurring the boundaries between various Apple products in an ecosystem. A key component of macOS Sequoia, the iPhone Mirroring functionality seeks to close the gap between macOS and iOS like never before.

Apple new macOS Sequoia at WWDC 2024 day 3 highlights

Additional Features in macOS Sequoia

➢ Improved User Interface

Beyond iPhone Mirroring, macOS Sequoia brings an updated user interface that improves general usage. The user experience is prioritized and navigation is simple with the cleaner design. With these enhancements, routine chores should be both more pleasurable and efficient.

➢ Enhanced Performance and Stability

Beyond just adding new functionality, macOS Sequoia offers significant improvements in stability and speed. Customers should anticipate more responsive apps, quicker startup times, and generally more reliable operating systems. These improvements guarantee that using macOS Sequoia is dependable and seamless.

➢ Integration with Other Apple Devices

One way that the new macOS builds on Apple’s ecosystem strategy is by allowing deeper connections with other Apple products. Features like Universal Control, which lets users utilize a single mouse and keyboard across many Apple devices, have been particularly improved to provide even greater speed and simplicity of use.

iPhone Mirroring: A Game Changer

apple new feature iphone mirror at WWDC 2024 day 3

➢ Seamless Notification Management

Handling alerts on many devices is one of the most annoying problems in the modern digital world. With its iPhone Mirroring capability, macOS Sequoia tackles this problem squarely. Users may get and reply to alerts straight from their Mac once this mode is enabled on their iPhone. This means less switching devices to check notifications or messages, which increases productivity and lowers distractions.

➢ Enhanced Gaming Experience with 60fps Support

An intriguing update is brought forth by macOS Sequoia for gamers. Up to 60 frames per second (fps) are supported for gaming with the iPhone Mirroring function. This guarantees a Mac user playing iPhone games will have a better and more responsive gaming experience. The auto-rotation function makes the orientation change from portrait to landscape mode automatically, therefore enhancing the gaming experience on a bigger screen.

➢ Effortless Media Transfers

Media transfers across devices might be laborious at times. This procedure is made simpler in macOS Sequoia by the iPhone Mirroring option. Direct picture and video import and export is possible for users within the app. By doing away with the necessity for laborious file transfers, this function facilitates seamless media file management between devices.

➢ Privacy and Security

As with all of Apple’s products, privacy and security are highly valued. User data is safeguarded by strong security mechanisms built into the iPhone Mirroring function. It is possible for users to lock their iPhone while using the Mac, therefore protecting private data. To provide even more protection, customers may make the iPhone Mirroring function password-required.

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Limitations to Consider

Though there are many benefits, macOS Sequoia’s iPhone Mirroring function has many drawbacks. Certain applications like Disney Plus and Netflix are not supported because of DRM and AirPlay constraints. Users will thus not be able to mirror material from these streaming providers onto their Mac. Still, given the abundance of other features that are offered, this is a little drawback.


The release of macOS Sequoia is the day 3 announcement at WWDC 2024, raising the bar. The iPhone Mirroring function is one indication of Apple’s dedication to providing a smooth and integrated user experience across its products.

Productivity and user happiness are expected to rise with macOS Sequoia’s improved gaming capabilities, simple media transfers, and strong privacy safeguards. Although there are some restrictions, these new features have far more advantages overall than disadvantages. Consumers may anticipate a more efficient and linked digital experience as long as Apple keeps innovating.

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