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17 Best Mobile Phone Accessories Brands

Your phone is your constant companion, but sometimes it needs a little extra something. Whether you’re a power user or just looking for some cool upgrades, the right mobile accessories can make a big difference.

This guide will introduce you to some of the best mobile accessory brands in the market, so you can find the perfect gear to personalize and optimize your phone experience. We’ll cover a range of categories, from essential items like cases and chargers to trendy finds like wireless headphones and portable speakers.

List of Top Mobile Phone Accessories Brands in India:

1. Portronics

For the last ten years, Portronics has been a top gadget brand. They focus their efforts on employing unique designs, high-quality dependable components, and tough but elegant exteriors since the brand gives the best Quality Innovative goods. The company’s mission is to turn things from mere devices to fulfilling living experiences.

Portronics Music Speaker

2. Mivi

Midhula and Viswanadh’s first two letters were used to create the name. Cables, chargers, bespoke and designer cases, tempered glass, power banks, automotive accessories, and audio devices like earbuds and headphones are all available from Mivi. The brand made an initial investment of Rs 3.5 crore. 

Mivi Earbud

They have the skills and knowledge of Indian customers, and they deliver dependable and cheap accessories that are both attractive and useful.

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3. Phillips

For nearly a century, Philips has been linked with innovation and delivery. For more than 130 years, they have continued to enhance people’s lives with a continual stream of ground-breaking advancements. Phillips, a well-known company in electronics, also manufactures phone chargers, power banks, cables, and phone and tablet mounts.

Philips Power Bank

4. Syska

Syska Accessories are custom-made goods for the rising mobile phone user base, and a great deal of research and invention goes into their creation. Syska Accessories are quality tested, sturdy, and trustworthy, with visually attractive designs for Power banks, Speakers, and Headphones.

Skska Headphone

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5. Boat

Boat is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2016 and deals with trendy consumer electronics. It features a high-quality product line that includes a large selection of headphones, earbuds, speakers, portable chargers, and luxury cables. While riding the Nirvana waves in the Audio Electronics industry, the brand acquired popularity.

Boat Earbud

6. Realme

Realme is a new mobile phone brand that is dedicated to providing phones with great performance, elegant appearance, and genuine services. Along with smartphones, they began producing accessories such as earbuds, mobile covers, and mobile chargers. This mid-segment mobile phone and accessories business has a sizable fan base.

Realme Mobiles

According to prominent digital blogs, it is also slowly beginning to compete with premium brands such as Oppo and Vivo. Realme, with its dependable product selections, cutting-edge designs, and unrivalled performance, is giving these industry giants a run for their money.

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7. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation, often known as Xiaomi Inc. in Asia, is a Chinese designer and producer of consumer electronics, associated software, home appliances, and household products. In addition to smartphones. Xiaomi also makes protective cases, covers, protective glasses, and foils, as well as camera protection, rapid chargers, and wireless chargers.

Xiaomi Mobile

8. Samsung

This South Korean electronics and computer goods behemoth need no introduction. They have consistently built some of the greatest cellphones on the market and have a cult-like following. They are a brand that believes in diversification and offers items in several categories such as home accessories, personal computer accessories, cellphones, and smartphone accessories. 

Samsung Mobile

The business has resurrected its growth by releasing items online on Amazon and other offline retail locations, building demand for its products before they are released.

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9. Mobile Lyme

Mobile Lyme is a prominent provider of high-quality, genuine smartphone accessories. They successfully supply all over the world from its headquarters in the Midlands. They have everything from cases and coverings to wireless chargers. Mobile Lyme offers accessories for all prominent smartphone manufacturers, as well as a pre-ordering system that allows things that have not yet been launched to the market to be ordered and then shipped as soon as they become available. They also comply with GDPR, which means that client information and data are not shared with third parties.

Mobile Lyme iPhone Accessories

10. Uunique

For iPhone, Samsung, and other mobile devices, Uunique – Nutrisiti is the top “Fashion Becomes ECO!” eco-friendly brand. Their range includes biodegradable cases as well as various eco-friendly accessories like as face masks, sunglasses, AirPods cases, and eco-power, among others. 

Uunique Mobile Cover

Eco-colors, bio-ink printed – fashion designs, eco-impact drop protection & 100 percent authentic eco-leather covers, and practical folios are all part of the collection. Furthermore, their leather is the World’s First certified – 100% biodegradable luxury leather. 

The whole Nutrisiti case collection is plastic-free and manufactured from their own plant-based materials. Everything is packaged in zero-plastic, recyclable – biodegradable – compostable materials. Uunique’s mission is to lead the way for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world. They are pioneers in the development of high-quality, fashionable, environmentally friendly phone accessories.

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11. Ambrane

Ambrane is an indigenous electronics business that was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing smart electrical goods. They began their adventure with the Power Bank, which has now become the brand’s identity and trademark product. They achieved a huge milestone by being the first firm to produce power banks in India, thereby helping “Make in India.” 

Ambrane Earbuds

They have grown tremendously over the years and now have a strong nationwide presence with multiple products in their portfolio ranging from mobile accessories to audio to personal care and grooming to other smart gadgets. As well as over 15 million happy customers and have established themselves as one of the top Indian brands on eCommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

12. Noise

Noise makes the most up-to-date personal technology items accessible and cheap to young Indian consumers. For four years in a row, they have been featured as the bestselling brand on Amazon and Flipkart and in 2019. Noise was the largest Indian seller of wireless earbuds in the country.

Noise Headphone

In addition, they were the only Indian brand among the top five selling wireless earbuds in India. Noise is refocusing on smart wearables and hearables. They aim to be the market leader in India, a household name among young, tech-savvy Indian consumers, and a brand that Indians can be proud of.

13. pTron

PTron was conceived as a manufacturer of electrical and mobile accessories. In 2014, PTron began producing mobile accessories through contract manufacturers in China. Palred Retail Private Limited, a subsidiary of Palred Technologies Ltd, owns the PTron brand.

pTron Earbuds

To suit the demands of its customers, the brand PTron provides a variety of mobile accessory goods. PTron sells Bluetooth headsets, portable Bluetooth speakers, wired headsets, chargers and cables, smart watches, networking equipment, and other goods. PTron’s strength is that it offers a diverse choice of items with guaranteed quality at low rates in the branded accessories sector for the mid-market.

14. iBall

iBall is not a new company. It began in the year 2001. However, at the time, iBall’s first product was only a mouse. With time, iBall grew in popularity and expanded into other markets, such as the mobile sector. iBall quickly acquired prominence in its mobile industry, where it was recognised to produce and provide mobiles as well as mobile accessories under its brand. iBall sells mobile accessories such as speakers, Bluetooth handsets, wireless earbuds, and so on.

iBall Tablet

15. Black Shark

Black Shark’s goal is to give its consumers with the best gaming mobile experience possible. In addition to mobile phones, it is known for making accessories. There have been several successful goods on its list to look for since its inception. Black Shark JoyBuds are one of the most current offerings. Similar to this, Black Shark offers a wide range of items.

Black Shark Gaming Phone

16. Dizo

Dizo is a brand that is associated with Realme’s partners, TechLife Ecosystem. It is an Indian-based place where new items are launched. It began operations in 2021. Dizo is also known for making mobile accessories such as headphones, earphones, and other similar items. Despite the fact that it is still in its early stages, the feedback has been very positive.

Dizo Smart Watch

17. VingaJoy

VingaJoy is an Ubon sub-brand. In 2004, co-founders Mandeep Arora and Lalit Arora established the Ubon brand in Delhi. Since then, its items have caused a squabble in the mobile accessories industry. Ubon is a tech-lifestyle brand that specialises in the development of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, chargers, cables, surge protectors, and other accessories.

VingaJoy Bluetooth

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