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How To Block Ads On Your Android Phone | Easy Ways

If you’re among those who don’t like too many ads popping up on your screen then you’re on the right page. Let’s see how to block ads on your android phone. Many of these ads can be very annoying and sometimes they even contain malware which can harm your device and may lead to stealing your personal information and data. These ads can come in various forms like one can be popping up in the browser tab, another could be downloading an application from play store and having in-application ads, sometimes they may automatically start to play audio or video clips that might be inappropriate. They sometimes slow down your phone as they use up a lot of video memory as well. 

So if you want to block ads on your android phone, there are many ways of doing it : 

  1. Blocking the pop up pages and ads in Chrome:

    If you are using chrome or any other browser as your default browser then you can easily block the ads on any website that you load. All the websites which are opened block the unwanted sounds automatically as well. What are the steps?
  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • Tap on the menu icon (Top right corner) and then tap on Settings.
  • You have to scroll down to the Site Settings selection and then tap on it.
  • There you will find an option of Pop-ups and Redirects and then tap on it.
  • Now you have to tap on the slide to disable all the pop-ups in the website.
  • There is also another option of the Ads in Site Settings. Again tap the slider this will now block all the unwanted ads in your browser.
  1. Blocking of the Ads with Private DNS on Android 9 or later version:

    This is yet another easy method to block the unwanted ads and pop ups in your android devices. Suppose if you’re running the Android 9,10,11 or the latest version of Android on your device then you can go for the Private DNS feature. So what does Private DNS mean? It allows you to connect to other DNS servers on your phone in an easy manner. We just have to connect to an ad-blocking private DNS server in order to keep our device clean from all the ads. 

This doesn’t require a VPN connection or jailbreaking your device. The private DNS feature is absolutely free for all the android 9 + users. What are the steps? 

  • Scroll down from your notification panel and open Settings.
  • Open Network & Internet Settings.
  • Click on Private DNS
  • Now click on the Private DNS provider hostname. (Here you have to enter the host name)
  • Now you have to enter the name of any private DNS which is an ad-blocker for example adguard.com 
  • When you’re done, tap on Save.

Now once you connect back to the internet you don’t have to worry about the ads or the pop ups anymore. It is possible that sometimes you don’t get the access to the internet after these steps, simply just restart your device and it’ll be perfect then.

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  1. Blocking the ads on Android devices using Ad Blocker applications:

    This is not the easiest way to get rid of the ads and the pop ups which you’re tired of. If you’re using the Android 8 or below version then you can use a lot of applications which are available on the playstore to get rid of the ads in your smartphone. This is not always the case, in order to get full efficiency and results from the application you have to get your android devices rooted. They sometimes require a VPS service as well and they are always running in the background so definitely they require a lot of battery consumption.

Some examples of Ad Blocker applications available on the play store are : 

  • Blockade
  • AdAway
  • AdGuard

There are many other applications which are directly available on play store. A few of them are not available on the play store due to the security and privacy issues. In order to run them in your device you have to do the following steps : 

  • You have to first download the APK of the ad blocker application. 
  • Open your settings and click on the option of ‘Allowing apps to install from 3rd party’ or ‘Allow 3rd party applications’
  • Once you’ve enabled this option then you can install the application directly from the APK itself without the use of any Android Box or any other external software. 
  1. Blocking ads with DNS servers on routers:

    This is a similar way of blocking the ads through DNS, but this time through the DNS of your router. 
  • Connect your laptop/PC to the router.
  • Open the router admin page. (
  • It’ll ask you the login and password of the router, once you’ve logged in proceed to the next step.
  • Click on the Network option -> Advanced -> DNS Server. These steps can be different depending on your router.
  • Replace the DNS server entry with any DNS of the ad blocker. For example you can use Adguards for blocking the ads.
  • Save the settings and then reboot your router. 

These are various methods through which you can block Ads on your Android Phones. 



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