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Vodafone-Idea Launches eSIM in India: Here’s How To Use

It’s amazing news for all the VI users, Vodafone-Idea has recently launched an eSIM. As of now this service is only available in Delhi, Mumbai & Gujarat but it’s expanding at a fast pace.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM which allows the users to use their phone number without a physical SIM present on their devices. They can use all the features of a physical SIM like make or receive calls, use the data etc.

What are the steps to apply for the eSIM?

The eSim is compatible with all Apple devices namely iPhone 11 series, iPhone SE, iPhone X series. These users will no longer be required to put in any physical SIM card to access the VI network. The customers will be capable of carrying out normal SMS, calling, data access without having any physical SIM in their devices. This will for sure provide enhanced experience to all the customers as they can now do a lot of things more with their devices.

For all the existing customers:

  • You have to send an SMS to 199 by typing “eSIM” <SPACE> email id”. Once this is done then post registration will be followed.
  • Once your email is verified, you will receive an SMS from 199. You have to reply back with ESIMY to confirm your eSIM request.
  • Once your confirmation is done, you will receive another SMS from 199 which will ask you to provide a consent over call centre call.
  • As soon as you provide your consent on the call, an email with a QR code will be sent to the email id that you’ve registered yourself with.
  • Now you have to Scan the QR Code.

For all the Apple Users:

  • You have to go to ‘Settings” then select “Mobile Data” then click on “Add Data Plan”
  • Once this is done, scan the QR code received in the mail.
  • Then follow the mentioned steps/prompts on the phone.

For all the new customers:

You have to visit the Vodafone-Idea store with all of the required information like proof of identity and your photograph to get your connection done.

Note: Once you’ve received the QR code through your email then it is useful for only one scan and your eSIM will be activated within 2 hours of scanning the QR Code. These SIM cards will be embedded in the device. All the changes will be done remotely by the mobile operators on the eSIM only.

The eSIM initiative by Vodafone-Idea is another great one for all the users who are facing problems in making their devices have more than one mobile number. It helped all those who were suffering from poor connectivity in some regions. VI customer care provides a great support for all the users who face any problem during the activation process of the eSIM.

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