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Top 10 Billing Software For Business Use in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Want to empower your business? Then, harness the power of the best billing software! 

We are living in a world of applications and software that make our day-to-day tasks a breeze for us. This modern world is brimming with unlimited software options. Whether you want software for inventory management or to streamline your billing processes, there is software available for all your needs.

Software helps you elevate your standards to another level and stand ahead of your competitors. Whether it is a small startup or an established business, managing finances is crucial for the success of that organization. In that instance, embracing technological inventions enhances the overall productivity and efficiency of the company.

Having the right billing software can help you tremendously. There are numerous benefits of using billing software, such as reduced manual errors, improved transparency, accurate reports, reduced risk of financial leaks, and so on. 

But the question is – which billing software is best? Yes, you cannot just start using any software that is available on the market. That’s not wise at all! 

Choosing the best software is essential to achieving financial goals. If you don’t have any idea which software is good for your billing processes, then read this post.

In this post, we have rounded up a list of the 10 best billing software that seamlessly improve your business.

Without any further delay, let’s get started…

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Best 10 Billing Software

The Bottom Line

10 Best Billing Software for Business use in 2024

Here is our rundown of the 10 best billing software for you to make an informed decision. Take a look…

1. FreshBooks

Are you looking for advanced and accurate accounting software? If yes, then you must choose FreshBooks. This accounting software is designed particularly for small businesses. It helps small business owners track their finances, save time, and maximize their organization’s efficiency.

It is one of the easiest-to-use software out there. You need not have the technical expertise to use this software. You can start using FreshBooks to manage your finances right away.

FreshBooks Billing software for business use
Key Features of FreshBooks
  • Tracks finances immediately
  • Automatically back up the data
  • Saves your billing history and handles taxation issues
  • Give reports on profits and losses
  • Follows industry-leading security measures to keep the data safe
  • Easy to use and apt for small businesses
  • Integrates with popular businesses such as PayPal and Stripe
  • Provides strong communication support
  • Intuitive interface and unified financial control
  • Quite expensive compared to other billing software
  • No invoice tags, and don’t record non-billable expenses

They offer exclusive plans, such as Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select, for various categories that include Freelancers, Self-employed, Business with Contractors, and Business with Employees. The price range differs for each category, so check their official website to know their prices in detail.

2. QuickBooks

GST has always been a matter for frustration for many people. If you also find managing GST bills challenging, then QuickBooks is the right software for you. QuickBooks makes managing GST bills a cakewalk. This billing software is suitable for small and medium businesses.

It allows you to track customers, employees, vendors, and other data points. The best thing about this software is that it has a FREE version available. Business owners can utilize the free trial and check its key features before committing to the paid version. 

QuickBooks accounting and billing 
Key Features of QuickBooks
  • Tracks sales and expenses and generates reports
  • Custom invoices and quotes
  • Manage inventory, capture, and organize receipts
  • Multi-currency support and free unlimited support
  • User-friendly interface and easy to learn
  • Seamlessly integrates with other business software
  • Customized reporting and automated data collection
  • Not suitable for every business
  • Limited inventory management

They offer attractive plans in 4 categories: Simple starts at $30, Essentials at $60, Plus at $90, and Advanced at $200.

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3. TallyPrime

TallyPrime is yet another wonderful billing software for businesses. This business management software helps to manage inventory, accounting, banking, cash and credit, payroll, invoicing, and others. This billing software provides 400+ insights for business reports with personalization support.

Business owners can make confident decisions based on those insights. Moreover, this software has a simple and intuitive interface. It offers exceptional user experience and also provides assistance in maintaining GST billings.

TallyPrime free Accounting and billing software
Key Features of TallyPrime
  • Invoicing and accounting
  • Material flowchart
  • Digital signatures and bill formatting
  • Credit and cash flow management
  • Software is easy to use
  • Provide great assistance with GST filling and excellent customer service
  • Preferable for small businesses
  • Document management features are missing 
  • Doesn’t work well with heavy data files
  • Some users complaint about technical glitches when working with this software

There are two pricing options available: Silver for 18,000 INR and Gold for 54,000 INR. In addition, users can avail of their 7-day free trial to give a performance check before committing to this tool. 

4. NetSuite Billing Software

Next on our list is NetSuite. NetSuite is one of the best billing software. It has been in the industry for the past 20 years and provides excellent service to users. Moreover, it is the first cloud ERP solution for billing and invoices. This software is compatible with Windows, Android, Web-based, and Mac devices.

It supports many languages, including Turkish, Swedish, Chinese, and others. NetSuite ERP provides various features, including accounting, fixed asset management, demand planning, etc.

NetSuite Billing Software
Key Features of NetSuite
  • Automate and streamline the manual process
  • Provide timely, accurate financial statements and inventory reports to stakeholders
  • Manage supply chains, plan, and balance inventory to meet the requirement
  • Consolidated invoices and unique rating models
  • Real-time reporting and price-changing scheduling
  • Come with multiple billing models
  • Limited integration with third-party applications
  • Improve the support to make it user-friendly
  • Improve the support to make it user-friendly

There are no specific pricing plans; also, no free trial is available for this software. You will need to contact the seller to avail of your quote-based plan. The company offers customizable plans that you can acquire according to your business requirements. 

5. Vyapar 

Vyapar is one of the best billing software available out there. It makes generating e-invoices a breeze for business owners or their accounting teams. Vyapar is a GST billing software. It offers various exclusive features and tracks payments seamlessly.

The built-in CRM allows businesses to manage the customer relationship and add and update customized details. So, if you’re looking for comprehensive and feature-rich billing software, then you must choose Vyapar.

Vyapar Billing software
Key Features of Vyapar 
  • Inventory management and customization
  • Track business GST invoices, inventory, and accounting
  • Available in two versions: desktop and cloud
  • Offers round-the-clock support 
  • Help businesses with GST laws
  • Offer various features like inventory management, CRM, and analytics
  • Initial investment in Vyapar is high
  • Learning curve is time-consuming
  • Incorrect software can lead to GST filing errors

They offer two attractive plans, such as the Silver plan, which costs INR 3,059.10. However, it comes with limited features. The Gold plan is available for INR 3,500.10, and it includes all the key features in the Silver plan along with an extra 23 features.

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6. Zoho Invoices 

Zoho is a popular name when it comes to software for streamlining your business accounting. Undoubtedly, Zoho Invoices is one of the best billing software of this modern era. It allows you to generate bills in local languages. In addition, it enables you to add multiple users to assign role-based access.

This billing software effectively scans receipts, tracks expenses, and manages projects. Plus, its two-factor authentication, prevention scanning, and virus detection ensure the highest grade of data security.

Zoho Invoices software
Key Features of Zoho Invoices
  • Provide a wide range of tools for various purposes
  • Supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices
  • Customizable Templates, Payment Reminders, and Tracking
  • Collaboration of tools like Chat systems and Video conferencing
  • Tracks business projects and tasks more efficiently
  • User-friendly interface and easy to learn
  • Free trial makes it a preferable option for every business
  • Affordable when compared to other software
  • Some technical glitches are spotted
  • Exclusive features are available only in the paid version

Zoho Invoices is the most affordable option in the entire list because they make it absolutely free of cost. Plus, you also have premium plans, which you can customize according to your needs.

7. Xero 

Are you looking for affordable billing software? Then, Xero must be your pick. It is highly scalable and integrates with many applications to provide a wide range of support to potential users. Xero is the perfect option for startups and small businesses. This software provides you with financial visibility information that helps you stay informed and level up your organization.

Xero accounting software bill genrate
Key Features of Xero 
  • Automatically reconciles bank transactions and saves time
  • Easy to create and send invoices and offer online payment options
  • Real-time reporting feature provides up-to-date financial information
  • Effective cash flow monitoring
  • Intuitive and easy, even for beginners
  • Cloud-based billing software that allows for global access
  • Very affordable and efficiently integrates with other business software
  • Some security concerns are reported
  • Need a stable internet connection

They offer three attractive monthly pricing plans. Early for $15, Growing for $42, and Established for $78. In addition, the company also comes up with discounts and offers occasionally. So, it’s advised to check their official website to grab seasonal discounts.

8. Square Invoices 

Square Invoices makes tracking your finances a breeze. It is one of the best billing software that an organization can consider using. It efficiently monitors and manages the income and expenses for creating invoices and estimating payments. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. This means that both Android and iOS users can avail of their services.

It offers straightforward navigation and exclusive features apt for startups and small businesses. Thus, if your company falls into this category, then choose Square Invoices, the best billing software.

Square Invoices
Key Features of Square Invoices 
  • Create and send invoices quickly
  • Track payments and display invoice history
  • Square Point of Sale software integration offers a complete solution
  • Can set automated payment reminders
  • Cloud-based accounting software
  • Saves time and money by automating tasks
  • Leading software integrations that help to manage business


  • Several users have reported experiencing issues with navigation and encountering technical glitches.
  • Monthly and annual subscriptions can be expensive for startups or similar kinds of businesses

Square Invoices offers both paid and FREE plans. Users can avail of their Free plan or opt for a premium plan, known as Plus, for $20 per month. However, free plans come with limited features. So, if you want to have all the features, you’ll need to buy their premium plan. 

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9. Sage

Sage is one of the best billing software tools. From accounting to managing payments, Sage effectively manages everything and is the best suit for large businesses. This billing software provides various features, like HR solutions, CRM software, accounting, etc.

Its intuitive interface and business-friendly tools make Sage an exceptional option for organizations. Even startups can use this software and choose pricing plans according to their requirements.

Sage Software for billing
Key Features of Sage
  • Create and send invoices
  • Bank connections and advanced inventory management
  • Supports unlimited users and expense tracking
  • Automate receipt capture and payroll features
  • Sage security shield for enhanced data safety
  • Improved accuracy, time, and cost savings
  • Scalable and good for reporting and analytics
  • Streamlined financial management
  • Initial setup is quite complex and difficult learning curve
  • Not a perfect option for small businesses

Users can choose both monthly and yearly payment options. Sage offers three attractive pricing plans: Accounting at 14 pounds per month, Accounting Standard at 28 pounds per month, and Accounting Plus at 36 pounds per month. They announce seasonal offers, so check their website and avail yourself of the exciting offers. 

10. ClearTax

Last on our list is ClearTax, a reliable billing software for both accounting and taxing needs. ClearTax billing software comes with amazing features. It is rated as one of the most user-friendly tax software and is phenomenal at handling GST compliances. Creating invoices and estimations according to professional standards is dealt with efficiently. In addition, users get accurate reports on time, which is crucial for the growth of any business. 

ClearTax for GST
Key Features of ClearTax
  • Easy online file taxing process
  • Generate e-invoices according to the latest GST guidelines
  • User-friendly interface that helps with navigation
  • Excel import, auto-calculation of taxes, and user access management
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Exclusive for tax optimization and tax planning
  • Quick and efficient response
  • Comparatively fewer features
  • Quite expensive

There are no details about their pricing plans. You can, however, visit ClearTax’s official website to find out their exact pricing details.

Wrapping it up… 
So, there you have it: the top 10 billing software. You can opt for any of the tools outlined above to enhance productivity and streamline your accounting processes. In addition, these tools also save you time, help you manage your customer database, and track inventory. Make sure to invest money in the best billing software to withstand others. However, the cost may vary according to the software; be wise and choose the one that matches your business requirements really well! 
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