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Whatsapp introduces three new security features on Android and iOS

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, recently unveiled three new security features on Android and iOS devices to protect user conversations and personal data further. These measures aim to add another layer of protection against cybercrime for conversations as well as personal data storage.

Account Protection is one of the key features available through WhatsApp. Users can utilize this feature to safeguard their WhatsApp account with a six-digit PIN code that must be entered to verify their phone number with WhatsApp and avoid unauthorized access. Furthermore, two-step verification allows them to set their PIN as part of accessing account settings – providing added protection against phishing attempts, hacking attempts, or any other attempts at unauthorized entry.

Device Verification is another key feature, enabling users to verify that their WhatsApp account is tied to a specific device. When users log into WhatsApp on a new device, a notification from their existing device asking them to approve this new one will appear, prompting them to authorize it and prevent unauthorized access to accounts and conversations on WhatsApp.

Automatic Security Codes are another feature to protect users when installing WhatsApp on new devices, enabling them to receive a unique device-specific security code via text message to verify they authorized its installation on that particular device. This prevents unauthorized installations, which could provide access to conversations and personal information of users.

WhatsApp has made strides to protect user privacy and security in recent years, unveiling features designed to provide them with a safer messaging experience. Users can feel assured that their conversations and personal data are secure from unauthorized access or other security threats.

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WhatsApp issued a statement declaring, “Our priority is always improving the security of our platform to give our users the best messaging experience. This new security WhatsApp features will add another layer of protection and give greater control to WhatsApp accounts – we strongly urge all our users to utilize them so as to safeguard conversations and personal data.”

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With these enhanced security measures in place, WhatsApp users can have confidence that their conversations and personal data will remain safe from unauthorized access and other security risks.


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