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Apple iOS 17.0.3 Update to Fix iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue Released

Apple iPhone 15 users have reported that they have been experiencing overheating issues with their devices. If you are also using iPhone 15, then you must read this post.

This post has it all that Apple has unveiled in its latest update. Scroll down to read the full article.

Apple, an American multinational technology company, on Wednesday unveiled iOS 17.0.3. The latest update addressed a specific concern related to excessive heat generation in the recently launched iPhone 15 models.

The latest update is meant to offer significant bug fixes and security improvements. Furthermore, it will also address the reported overheating issue that many users claim to encounter with the iPhone 15.  

During the weekend, Apple officially acknowledged the reports circulating on social media regarding its new iPhones’ overheating issues. According to Apple, the issue stemmed from a combination of factors, including misconfigured applications and software glitches inside the iOS operating system. Additionally, there is a natural requirement for increased processing power and heat generation during the initial setup phase, which also leads to overheating.

The company also acknowledges that certain activities such as restoring from a backup, wireless charging, using graphics-intensive applications or games, or streaming high-quality video can also lead to excessive heat generation on their iPhones. According to Apple, iPhones are deemed safe for usage unless they exhibit a conspicuous temperature warning.

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The update released on Wednesday aims to resolve the concerns pertaining to iOS, the operating system utilized by the iPhone. Application developers are also implementing updates that include bug fixes for their applications.

According to the company, the heat problem experienced with the higher-end Pro models is not associated with the newly introduced titanium and aluminum frame design. Additionally, Apple clarified that the issue is not connected to the USB-C charging port included on the new phones.

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