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Apple iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues, software fix coming soon

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple has officially acknowledged the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues. Initially, speculation ran rife, attributing the overheating problems to the phones’ new titanium frame and redesigned architecture. However, Apple has clarified that it’s primarily a software-related concern, with iOS 17 bearing a significant portion of the blame. Third-party apps, particularly Instagram and Uber, have also been implicated.

Apple’s response comes after numerous users took to various platforms, including Apple’s official forums, Reddit, and social media, to vent their frustrations about the unusually high temperatures experienced during typical usage of the new Pro models. The company has assured its user base that a software update is on the horizon, promising the fix will not compromise the devices’ performance.

Apple clarified in a report provided to a leading newspaper, “We have recognized a few conditions that can drive the iPhone to run warmer than expected. Due to increased background action, the instrument may feel warmer during the initial days after setup or restoration. We have also discovered a bug in iOS 17 impacting some users, and it will be managed in a software update. Another matter concerns recent updates to third-party apps, forcing them to overload the system. We are collaborating with these app developers on fixes being rolled out.”

This admission marks a departure from earlier speculations, such as those made by Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst at TF International Securities, who suggested that the overheating issues resulted from design compromises in pursuit of a lighter product. Apple’s clarification points squarely at iOS 17 and specific third-party applications as the culprits behind the temperature spikes.

Notably, apps like Instagram, Asphalt 9, and Uber, which recently received updates tailored for iOS 17, have been identified as contributors to the increased thermal output. Apple has taken an active stance by collaborating with these third-party developers to swiftly implement fixes, with Instagram having already released an updated version of its app on September 27.

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Regarding charging, Apple has provided further insights into the matter. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are designed to support any USB-C adapter compliant with the USB-C standard, including USB Power Delivery. Apple clarified that the iPhone regulates its charging to a maximum of 27W. Therefore, if users employ a charger rated at 20W or higher, the device might temporarily experience an increased temperature during charging.

Apple’s support page notes that specific scenarios, such as the initial setup, restoration from a backup, or wireless charging, can cause the iPhone to feel warm. This reassurance will likely alleviate some concerns among users experiencing unexpected heat issues.

In conclusion, Apple’s prompt response to the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues is a testament to the company’s commitment to user satisfaction and product quality. The forthcoming software update and collaboration with third-party app developers aim to address these concerns without compromising the devices’ overall performance. As the tech giant works diligently to rectify the issues, users can expect a more comfortable and reliable experience with their iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max devices soon.


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