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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Posting TikTok Videos

Do you want to know why your uploaded videos do not resonate with intended users? If yes, you should check out this post for the top 12 mistakes that do not let you increase your viewership on TikTok. Before we move to the mistakes, let’s first take a look at the reason why TikTokers fail to get relevant views on TikTok videos. Here we go…

Why TikTok Videos Not Getting Views?

TikTok views problems can occur even after posting very well-curated content on the platform. There are several reasons you may encounter this problem. However, the most common reason for this is sometimes the strategy that you use. There is a possibility that you might not have followed the right TikTok strategy. Knowing the right strategies is crucial to hit the viewership jackpot and monetize the app.

But, if you continue making mistakes, all your efforts will go in vain. So, read the following section to know why you do not get views and how you can avoid these mistakes. By following the suggested TikTok tips, you can rack up thousands of views within one day.

Why Should You Avoid Making Mistakes on Tiktok?

TikTok is one of the most used social media handles. It has emerged as one of the easiest content-sharing platforms in the past few years. Currently, it represents over 90% of the digital population worldwide. Undoubtedly, it is very easy to use TikTok.

however, the ease of usage does not mean that everything that you post will go viral on this platform. This free platform also demands a collection of good strategies to increase viewership. Even a single mistake while posting a video on TikTok can cause you to lose views.

Yes, it may discourage the viewership of the audience. Moreover, the TikTok algorithm doesn’t support mistakes and errors. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of those errors and mistakes that you MUST AVOID in order to increase views on your profile.

Let us now take a look at the 12 most common mistakes that TikTokers often commit, which directly impacts their viewership. Read on!

12 Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Videos on TikTok

Here is our rundown of the 12 most common mistakes that TikToker often do due to which they fail to gain the right number of views on their posts. If you are unaware of these mistakes, then you should surely read this post until the end. This will help you design the right strategies and have increased number of viewers. Take a look at the mistakes now…

1. Not Using Relevant Keywords

Do you know what makes TikTok algorithms work in your favor? This is TikTok SEO that optimizes your content to increase its visibility. YES, keywords are very important part of Search Engine Optimization. If you tend to post your videos without keywords in it, you’re doomed to fail on this or any other platform for that matter.

Know that SEO largely depends on the choice of relevant or high-performing keywords. But, TikTok content creators often do not pay attention to the use of relevant keywords. Avoid committing this mistake from now on. Be serious about the usage of keywords with your content to boost its visibility.

For instance, it would be a mistake to post a new healthy recipe tutorial without including relevant keywords like new recipe tutorial or delicious and healthy snacks. Avoid this mistake and include keywords in the caption or description. Check out the following pointers to know how to avoid this mistake:

  • Search for relevant keywords to target the right audience
  • Use keywords naturally in the caption. Avoid stuffing it with keywords
  • Incorporate keywords into on-screen text as well
  • There are numerous FREE online platforms you can use to search keywords, including Google Planner.

Always keep in mind these tips to avoid this mistake in the future. Your right selection of keywords and their usage can help you target the right audience for your content.

2. Neglecting Hashtags

Just like keywords, hashtags are also important for your TikTok content. Hashtags, just like keywords, impact TikTok algorithms’ performance for your content. This also helps the algorithm decide the category of your content and how it should appear to searches.

Neglecting Hashtags
Images Source – Juicer.io

But, if you ignore the use of hashtags in your TikTok videos, you can’t get sufficient TikTok views. Like, you should avoid incorporating niche hashtags as they appear in the search results of only a few people.

For example, Glamour Beauty Parlour uses niche hashtags such as #glamourparlour. But, at the same time, it also uses some common hashtags like #glamorousbeauty and #flawlesseyeliner to reach a broader audience. Go over the following pointers to know how to avoid this mistake:

  • Have a good balance of niche hashtags and highly popular hashtags to get the best results
  • Never forget the rule of using hashtags and keywords to boost your content visibility.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions and help the algorithm determine how your content should appear on TikTok. Also, keep in mind that you can’t become popular despite posting unique content on TikTok if you do not use hashtags.

3. Not Using Trending Audio

Sometimes, TikTok users complain of getting 0 views on their unique posts. This usually happens when they do not use TikTok trending audio for their posts. Do you also not know how important it is to use trending audio for TiKTok videos? If so, you are on the wrong track. You should know that the use of trending songs and sound effects can boost the organic traffic on your platform.

TikTok users often filter popular songs within the last 7 days or 30 days. If you incorporate the most recent or latest tending audio into your post, your likelihood of reaching out to more viewers will increase tremendously. How can you do that? Well, take a look at the following pointers to know how you should avoid this mistake:

  • Head over to the For You page to discover highly popular songs and sound effects
  • Go through the updated popular songs list of TikTok to find the best one for your video.

You can make the most of the trending songs or sound effects if you follow these guidelines.

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4. Incomplete Account Profile

Have you completed your TikTok account profile? If you haven’t, then you should complete it first. Leaving it incomplete is one of TikTok’s common mistakes that most users make. Whether you believe it or not, this also affects your viewership drastically. When your audience stops by your account to watch your reels or videos, it also visits your TikTok account. Your incomplete profile can prevent them from following you.

For example, a TikTok user earned 1 million dollars with TikTok videos. His comprehensive bio, profile picture, and other details motivated the audience to follow him. Look at the following points to know how to ensure a good account profile:

  • Your bio reflects your personality and skills. So, be very careful while incorporating it into your profile.
  • Use relevant keywords to your bio to increase your profile’s visibility
  • Upload a nice photo to your account.

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can boost your discoverability on TikTok. This can help you become a famous personality on this platform.

5. Inconsistent Video’ Posting

Consistency is the key to success, whether you believe it or not. If you are not regularly posting content, you’re doomed to fail. Not having a constant and consistent posting schedule on TikTok or any other platform can lead to the problem of TikTok having no views. TikTok algorithms are very efficient in selecting content for your audience. If you do not post for a longer time, the algorithms will not prefer your content to your audience feed.

Inconsistent Video' Posting
Images Source – SocialBu/Zara Fahad

Think a user who has not fixed any posting schedule can lose his audience within some time. There is no logic in posting multiple videos within a week and then disappearing for one month. Take a look at the following tips to avoid this mistake:

  • Stick to a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged
  • Avoid disappearing for a longer time.

It is vital to stay connected to your audience by posting new content or posts on a regular basis. Doing so will not only help you have improved traffic on your account, but will also help establish yourself as a genuine TikToker. Be constant and consistent in your efforts if you want to have genuine viewers.

6. No Video Description

Another mistake that most TikTokers commit is to have no video description. Do you also leave the space given for the video description blank and then, complain TikTok has no views after 24 hours?

If so, you should avoid making this mistake. Video description is a great opportunity you can use to increase video views. It provides your audience with context, and they will feel motivated to view your posts.

For example, uploading a cooking video without adding a description that can suggest an ingredients list and recipe is only a waste of time. This misses out on an opportunity to gather engaging responses. Check out the following tips to know how to avoid it:

  • Add a comprehensive description along with your video.
  • Keep the language of the description simple, crisp, and clear
  • Try to encourage conversation to boost audience interaction.

Follow the above tips to ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunity to get maximum views on TikTok.

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7. Content Creation Without Resources and Planning

You may explore a plethora of content on TikTok because this is a short-form video app for some users. Earlier TikTokers used to post videos without resources and planning. Previously, their videos were typically less than sixty seconds in length. But, now, the taste of the audience has changed. They want good quality content.

For example, if you want to share a video on beauty tips, you should create a long content. Plus, you should not forget to do extensive research on it. This ensures maximum views on TikTok. Go over the following points to know how to avoid the issue of posting ineffective content on TikTok:

  • Provide thoughtful content to add value to the lives of your viewers
  • Explore online sources to find extra value that you can give to your audience
  • Analyze the most popular TikTok videos to know what sets them apart.

Hope that you have understood how important this is to post a well-researched content. Do not take this platform for granted as its maximum views can help you in earning money.

8. Too Long Videos

Do not outstretch the length of your videos. Some people really go overboard and upload lengthy videos on their accounts. Well, the bad news is nobody likes to watch lengthy videos that day. As we often say, people these days are time-starved.

So, if you really want to increase the traffic, serve your audience with some enticing, engaging, and informative videos. And yeah, try to keep the length short. If you expand the length of your videos beyond its need, you can lose views on your future posts as well. This negatively impacts the traffic on your platform.

For instance, if you want to share health tips, you should make your video unique with good research. However, avoid repeating the same ideas over and over. Check out the following points to know how to avoid this mistake:

  • Create engaging, crisp, and informative videos without stretching the length.
  • Stick to the valuable points only
  • You can do a tad of bit of research and compare your videos with the trending videos to understand how they share information through short videos.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind before posting TikTok videos. These worthy points will help you gain more views.

9. Reposting YouTube Videos

Understand that plagiarism is not accepted on any platform! Yeah, even if you have created the content, you cannot share the same content on multiple platforms. If you tend to repost YouTube videos on TikTok, don’t do that. You will not get any kind of view thereafter.

TikTok’s community guidelines do not allow you to repost any other app’s copyrighted content on its platform. It can block your account from violating the community’s norms. Every platform, including TikTok always allows original TikTok posts. So, share what is original and unique, not what you have already posted.

For example, reposting a health and wellness YouTube video on TikTok to generate views and enhance the follower base is the wrong strategy. Check out the following pointers on how you can legally share YouTube content ideas on TikTok:

  • Repurpose YouTube videos on TikTok. Create short videos or reels that are unique and can captivate users’ attention.
  • Use storytelling rather to make your content more innovative and more engaging.

Keep in mind the above-given TikTok strategy to enhance views and follower base. Avoid posting what is illegal.

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10. Excessive Use of Filters and Effects

Well, this may come as a surprise to you, especially when almost everyone makes too much use of filters and effects these days. Yes, excessive use of filters and effects can impact your viewership negatively.

Excessive Use of Filters and Effects
Images Source – Washinaton Post/Tatum Hunter

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using too many filters and effects to spice up your TikTok posts. This negatively impacts your creativity and content ideas. Excessive visual elements can spoil the overall appearance of your videos. It’s not that you cannot use them at all. It’s just that you need to use them in moderation to make your videos look more authentic. Use them to add dynamic visual elements to your content.

Like using simple presets and other filters to change the color and feel of your video, this can decline views on your post. Go over the following pointers to know how to use them strategically:

  • Find out which type of preset can match your created TikTok videos
  • Use only those dynamic effects that are essential to increase content visibility. Avoid using excessive interactive elements.

You don’t have to eliminate their use at all. Instead, you need to use them cautiously to get better views on TikTok. Do not forget that users often search for content based on filters and effects.

11. Use of Overly Formal Language

The kind of language you use MATTERS! Overly formal language often shatters your dreams of getting more views. If you think using overly formal language can help you in getting good videos on your commercial or business posts, then you’re mistaken.

This is because your audience out there is looking for a familiar language that they use on a regular basis. Understand that your language should resonate with your audience. Your overly formal language can decline the interest of your target audience.

Let me explain, a Yoga center that uses too much formal language to explain the advantages of joining the center actually loses the interest of customers. So, what’s the solution for it? Go over the following pointers to know how to use the right trending language:

  • The right use of formal language does not mean a more casual tone.
  • Try to use relevant language with keywords and hashtags
  • Use less formal and more authentic language to make it more reliable.

Your language speaks more about your business and the values that you offer. This is just like a first impression on the minds of users. Hence, be careful with its usage.

12. Not Engaging with Viewers

Last but not least on the list is not engaging with viewers. Yes, this is one of the mistakes to avoid when posting TikTok videos. Not engaging with your viewers is not going to take you anywhere, trust that! In fact, engaging with them can help you tremendously. Engaging with viewers is the best digital marketing strategy that you cannot overlook on TikTok.

The more you interact with your viewers, the more they feel connected with your brand. Also, it helps you build rapport with your target audience. In case you underestimate the significance of responding to customers, you make a grave mistake. So, respond to their comments, queries, etc., to stay connected to them.

For example, despite uploading unique posts on attractive destinations, the engagement rate on your posts can decline. But, if you start appreciating viewers’ comments, even with emojis, you witness a positive impact on your future posts. Go over the following tips to know how you can be more engaging:

  • Share user-generated content on TikTok to increase viewer engagement and promote higher engagement rates.
  • Be interactive when responding to viewers’ comments
  • Try to leave replies to any viewers’ comments. After all, your every interaction counts to promote your business.

Acknowledging comments even with a simple emoji can help you tremendously. It is in fact, a very good strategy to follow for audience engagement even for your future posts.

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So, these are the 12 most common mistakes that you should avoid when posting TikTok videos. Committing these mistakes on a constant basis will take you nowhere on this platform. The TikTok algorithms are ever-evolving to help you target your intended audience. Being aware of them can help you grow your viewership.

But, if you follow incorrect digital marketing strategies constantly, then you will become undiscoverable online. And we believe this will be the last thing that you would ever want. Hence, avoid making these mistakes and follow the tips provided along with each mistake to avoid them in the future. Always keep in mind that your every effort counts if you want to succeed on TikTok.

Thanks for reading this post!

Hopefully, this article has been informative for you and will help you have increased viewers and leave a lasting impression on them!

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