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Top Secrets Behind Jio and Airtel Mobile Tariff Hikes with Plans list

The top Indian telecom services such as Airtel, Jio, and VI have all announced a hike in recharge plans. This implies that users will now have to pay more to stay connected to their loved ones or stay entertained. Both the Jio recharge price hikes and the Airtel recharge price hikes were implemented on July 3, 2024.

Recharge prices have increased by 25% for both prepaid and postpaid users. Both prepaid and postpaid users will now have to pay higher prices. The new plans took effect on July 3 at midnight. Millions of Jio and Airtel in India are being affected by the recent increase in prices. You may be the one, and this might have come as a surprise to you as well.

However, the telcos have some justifiable reasons for increasing the prices, including economic pressure. To learn the reasons behind the recharge plan hike in detail, keep reading this post. In this post, we will share with you all the top secrets of Jio and Airtel price hikes. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

Before we move to the significant reasons, let’s first take a look at their current tariffs. Here we go…

Reasons for Jio and Airtel Recharge Price Hike

Well, all of these plans have taken into effect from July 3, 2024. The Telcos have given several reasons for recharge plans hike. Take a look…

  • The telcos have justified the increase in prices as a means to boost the decreasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU).
  • Bharti Airtel has expressed concern over the low mobile ARPU and emphasized the need for it to be above Rs 300.
  • According to reports, the updated mobile tariffs will assist telcos in enhancing the revenue of their business model.
  • According to reports, telecom tariffs in India are among the lowest worldwide. Now, the telcos are more focused on provided enhanced user experience.
  • Reliance Jio launched two new applications, namely Jio Safe and JioTranslate Apps, which led to the increase in prices.
  • Due to the investments required for the 5G technology rollout and the increasing operational costs, many telecom companies found it necessary to raise their prices. The telcos are primarily focused on generating revenue from 5G services and enhancing the financial health of the sector.
  • Recent Spectrum Acquisitions is one of the reasons for both Jio and Airtel telecom plans price hike. Yes, both Airtel and Jio are expanding their networks through new spectrum acquisitions, ultimately improving services for their customers and expanding coverage.
  • Telcos explained that they updated the prices due to the low Average Revenue per User (ARPU). According to Bharti Airtel, the mobile ARPU is currently low and should be increased to over Rs 300.
  • Ongoing marketing and promotional strategies are yet two of the main reasons for both Jio recharge price hike and airtel recharge price hike.
  • As said earlier, telecom tariffs in India are the lowest in the world, which ultimately creates Economic Pressure. Officials assert that the increase in tariffs will establish a financially sustainable business model for telecom companies in India.

Airtel Recharge Plan Increase List

  • ₹199 Plan: The plan that was previously priced at ₹179 is now a ₹199 plan with 2GB data, unlimited calling, and 100 SMS per day for a duration of 28 days.
  • ₹509 Plan: The new ₹509 plan was earlier ₹455 plan with a generous 6GB of data, unlimited calling, and 100 SMS per day for a duration of 84 days.
  • ₹299 Plan: 1GB of data per day for a duration of 28 days is now available at a revised price of ₹299, which was previously priced at ₹265.
  • ₹349 Plan: Earlier priced at ₹299 is now increased to ₹349 with 1.5GB/day for 28 days.
  • ₹409 Plan: This plan was previously available for ₹359. now, it is raised to ₹409. You get 2GB of data per day for a duration of 28 days in this plan.
  • ₹859 Plan: The price has been increased to ₹859 from ₹719. You get 1.5GB/day for 84 days.
  • ₹979 Plan: Previously priced at ₹839, it is now available for ₹979 with 2GB/day for 84 days.
  • ₹3599 Plan: Previously priced at ₹2999 is now raised to ₹3599. You get 2.5GB of data per day for a whole year in this plan.

Likewise, Airtel Postpaid plans have also changed.

Jio Recharge Plan Increase List

Reliance Jio offers plans with two and three-month validity. Similar to Airtel, Reliance Jio has also updated its plans, bringing about significant changes to several popular tariffs. Here are some of the most popular Jio options:

  • ₹299 Plan: This plan has been raised to ₹299 from ₹239 with 1.5GB data/day for a period of 28 days.
  • ₹349 Plan: Previously priced at ₹299 is now available for ₹349. However, the daily data limit has been increased to 2GB for a period of 28 days.
  • ₹449 Plan: This plan will continue to be priced at ₹449 plan with 3GB/day for 28 days.
  • ₹579 Plan: Reliance Jio has upgraded its ₹479 plan to ₹579. You get 1.5GB of data per day, unlimited calls, and SMS for a duration of 56 days with this plan.
  • ₹629 Plan: Previously priced at ₹533, is now available for ₹629 plan. You get to enjoy 2GB of data per day, along with unlimited calls and SMS for a period of 56 days.
  • 1.5GB/day (84 days): Tariff hikes to boost Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea’s ARPUs and profitability. Adjusted to ₹799, an increase from ₹666
  • ₹859 Plan: Now priced at ₹859, was previously available for ₹719. You get 2GB/day for 84 days with this plan.
  • ₹1199 Plan: The price has increased to ₹1199 from ₹999 with 3GB/day for 84 days.
  • ₹1,899 Plan: This plan was earlier available at ₹1,559, now it is increased to ₹1,899
  • ₹3,599 Plan: The previously priced ₹2,999 plan is now upgraded to ₹3,599.

Last Few Words

So, these are the top 10 secrets behind recharge plan hikes in India. Both Jio and Airtel have implemented price hikes. Undoubtedly, sudden recharge plans increase will affect millions of users in the nation. Nevertheless, the telcos have ensured a balance between affordability and improved service offerings.

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