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10 Best Alternate Games Of Garena Free Fire

Here are some of the best enjoyable alternate games of Garena Free Fire. Yes! You might be bored of playing Free Fire for a while or thinking about some outstanding similar applications. If so, then this article is your helping hand that provides you with a detailed view of games like free fire.

Garena Free Fire Max is an enhanced version of Free Fire, offering improved graphics while maintaining the exciting 10-minute, 50-player battle royale gameplay. The game is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Certainly! There are several excellent alternatives to Garena Free Fire. And if you’re wondering which are those, then this is the post for you.

But is it necessary to have a gaming application? Does it not show you like a kid? Such thoughts may strike through the mind. Don’t bother! Installing games doesn’t make you a kid; instead, they make you have a great time.

However, playing matches or word puzzles won’t satisfy many grown-ups. In that instance, you can enter the world of player-versus-player battle games and spend your leisure time with friends online.

Guess what? The emerging digital world paves the way for many developers to build battle games. There are different applications available that captivate potential gamers online and offline.

In that list, Free Fire reserves a top position with many competitors, even though it has the best features. Many people are looking for alternate or similar free fire games; to them, this article offers the best assistance.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Top 10 Alternate Games Of Garena Free Fire

Here is our list of some of the best alternative games of Garena Free Fire; take a look…

1. PUBG (BGMI) Mobile

Whet it comes to the best alternate games of Garena Free Fire, PUBG is your best bet!

PUBG (BGMI) Mobile

Image Source: HT Tech

BGMI Battle Ground Mobile India is a PUBG version approved in India. It is also available in other countries in its original name. Moreover, it is a terrific and apt alternate game of Garena Free Fire globally. Players love PUBG for its enhanced features and battles. Yes, deathmatch are crucial plot in the overall game; the one player who withstands the field till last is considered as a winner. It’s because up to 100 players participate in the battle arena. The latest installment in the wildly successful PUBG series, New State, features a futuristic take on the classic battle royale experience.

Pricing – It is absolutely FREE, and to get a Royal Pass, you need to pay a particular amount that varies according to your plans. Thus, check with that on the official site.

Key Features of PUBG (BGMI) Mobile:

  • Operational gas stations
  • Voice to text
  • Different weather system
  • Introduction of flash shop
  • Unique spectator mode transformation feature
  • Supply kits
  • Enhanced Bot Intelligence
  • New weapons – honey badger and FAMAS
  • Bicycle sheds
  • Default weapon on landing


It is one of the best alternate games of Garena Free Fire, with decent graphics. Playing this game helps you to escape from reality and is a spinoff of PUBG.


While discussing the disadvantages, the anti-cheat system is not a way too good, and the file size is too heavy. Most importantly, there are no global players who can get addicted to this game.

However, this application is available for both Android and iOS, so you can install it to spend your leisure time.

2. Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is yet another wonderful alternative to the Garena Free Fire game. It entered the gaming world officially in 2003 by Activision. People are fond of this game series because of its captivating storylines and characters incorporating movies. That’s why most people pick it as an alternate game of Garena Free Fire.

Call Of Duty

Image Source : TweakTown

Price – The cost of COD varies from one series to another, and the initial price of this game is $19.

Key Features of Call Of Duty

  • The game offers special weapons like Scorestreaks
  • Both primary and limited multiplayer modes are available
  • It offers special game features for different modes like prop hunt, rapid fire, etc.
  • Battle Royale can include 100 players
  • Ground War: Skirmish, a hybrid mode
  • Attack zombies in different modes like endless survival and raid
  • Engage players with cinematic storylines


Call of Duty captivates gamers with impressive graphics and invests in cinematic characters and their journeys. It is considered as the highlight point to play Call of Duty. Plus, the multiple gaming modes and active community make the players spend long periods in the games.


Sometimes, the user gets frustrated because of the intrusive promotions for game items like weapons, etc.

It is available for both Apple and Android mobiles; thus, install and invite your friends to the battlefield.

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3. Fortnite

Fortnite is yet another very popular Free Fire game popular among gamers. This online video game was released in 2017 by Epic Games. And it rules the gamer’s hearts even today. Fortnite is a popular battle royale game that stands out with its unique building mechanic and the ability to play across different platforms.


image Source: Fortnite

This online game provides players with three different modes and also bagged many awards through the teenager’s choice. Thus, without hesitation, make it an option for alternate games of Garena Free Fire and enjoy a gaming experience.

Price – Fortnite doesn’t charge any special cost to play action battles. To purchase special battle passes, outfits, emotes, and wraps, you need exclusive Fortnite game currency V-Bucks.

Key Features of Fortnite

  • It offers unique vehicle modes
  • New shield mechanics
  • Sprinting
  • Drivable tanks
  • Easy interface
  • Most awaited new weapons launch like thermal DMR, Kinetic boomerang, Cybertron cannon, etc
  • Unvaulted weapons to go back at the perfect time
  • Captivating outfits for the characters
  • Building mechanics


This finest alternative game of Garena Free Fire comes with high-fidelity graphics, and there are no lag issues due to frequent updates. Transform first-time users into effective players through a vast player base and multiple game mode options.


It is a heavy game, and children might get addicted to this play. Hence, minimize the game time effectively by replacing it with other activities.

But Fortnite is not available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Anyhow, you can enjoy playing the downloaded version on cross platforms as it is connected with the cloud framework. If you want to explore something exciting, then this is the game for you. You can download it on the Samsung Galaxy Store for Android.

4. MaskGun

MaskGun is a shooter strike game that allows you to play with your online friends from different platforms. It is a multiplayer FPS game that emphasizes team-based battles and allows players to customize their characters. In addition, it also offers awesome navigations and maps with epic action and real-time experience.


Image Source: YouTube

Price – FREE, and you can purchase the extra features in the application whenever you need. The cost varies for different items.

Key Features of MaskGun

  • Shooter gaming application for mobile
  • It offers new and unique weapons to enhance gaming experience
  • Multiplayer modes and classic game modes
  • Craft and customize players according to your requirements
  • Many varieties of riffles, like old machine guns
  • Cross-platform 3D gaming environment


With its multiple game modes like 5v5, MaskGun is suitable for budget mobiles and become one of the best alternate games of Garena Free Fire. Moreover, it is lightweight and easily accessed by any new gamers.


MaskGun stands tall among the players; it has tough competition with other gaming applications based on graphics. Plus, only limited weapon sets are available.

Want to spend your pastime happily? Then, download it today whether you’re an Android or iOS user on particular stores.

5. Zooba

When it comes to the best Free Fire games, Zooba is one of them. This is a fun and fast-paced battle royale game where players take on the roles of zoo animals. Wildlife Studios developed Zooba Royale with a focus on creating a fun and exciting experience, particularly for kids. Zooba is a highly recommended alternative to Garena Free Fire as it ensures the safety and well-being of children and young players. Yes, the listed features provide you with a detailed view of these things.


Image Source: BlueStacks

Price – The game is available in two versions, FREE and Paid. The basic version with limited features is FREE. Whereas the premium (VIP) purchase starts from $9.99.

Key Features of Zooba

  • It offers numerous character options like angry gorilla, sneaky chameleon, etc.
  • Royal battle style in 13-53-45 player arena
  • It offers multiple weapon support
  • You can upgrade to a star by winning prices and equipping items
  • It offers multiplayer mode to enjoy with friends
  • You can get daily prizes if you get a battle pass
  • It is absolutely FREE, which means you can enjoy playing it for free


Zooba is designed with decent graphics and includes 42 characters to wipe out boredom. Every time you land on the battle royale uniquely, it excites the gamers and captivates the opponents.


There is nothing to note as a huge disadvantage as it is the terrific alternate game of Garena Free Fire. Some gamers claim to have a childish feel while playing due to its cartoonish animations and characterization.

This game is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, it doesn’t matter whether you own an Android device or an iOS device, you can have fun with it!

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6. PUBG: New State

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of gaming, then you ought to give a shot to PUBG: New States. PUBG: New State is one of the best alternate games of Garena Free Fire.

PUBG_ New State

image Source: newstate.pubg.com

PUBG: New State serves as an excellent alternative to Garena Free Fire. This game is renowned for its exceptional graphics and engaging squad modes. PUBG: New State is an apt choice to enhance your gaming skills and enjoy free time.

Price – Cost of PUBG: New State differs according to various versions, and the price starts from $36.

Key Features of PUBG: New State

  • New map
  • It offers enhanced graphics setting menu
  • Electric cars introduction
  • It offers a team up mode
  • It includes drone stores and green flare gun
  • Viper-s-spec sight and trams
  • search drone
  • New weapons and vehicles


PUBG: New State is the perfect alternate game of Garena Free Fire. Yes, it is known for its high-end graphics and squad modes. And the nonstop action remains a treat for the terrific gamers.


The latest version of PUBG: New State requires modern smartphones and consumes substantial storage capacities.

The game is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the Android or iOS application and form a squad to make a remarkable leisure period with your friend’s crew.

7. Survival Heroes

At number 7, we have Survival Heroes – a great Free Fire game to consider. Survival Heroes is a fusion gaming application that combines both traditional and battle royale. It is pretty popular among teens, which makes it one of the best alternate game of Garena Free Fire. Below are some of the most stunning features to know more about it.

Survival Heroes

Image Source: survival-heroes.en.uptodown.com

Price – Absolutely FREE! This means you don’t need to pay a single penny in order to enjoy this game!

Key Features of Survival Heroes

  • Seven new skins
  • Four new avatars
  • It lets you pick your landing style
  • It provides gamers with enormous collections of weapons and items
  • MOBA and Battle Royale


It holds many legendary characters that engage the gamers for a while. Moreover, it is the best alternate game of Garena Free Fire, so utilize it and enjoy playing!


Some gamers claim it to have a complex interface due to the defense system.

This gaming application is available on both the App Store and Play Store. You can download it to showcase your gaming skills.

8. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is yet another wonderful choice for alternate games of Garena Free Fire. You can consider opting for this hero shooter game. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, the game is available for various platforms. It supports matches in different forms, like three or two squads and 3v3 deathmatch teams, to crown a player as the winner. If you’re looking for a stunning gaming experience for FREE, then this is the game for you. Give it a shot!

Apex Legends

Image Source: UnGeek

Price – This game is absolutely FREE! You don’t need to pay even a single penny to enjoy this game!

Key Features of Apex Legends

  • It comes with many functional favourites
  • It offers vast characters
  • It offers enormous gameplay modes
  • Unique seasonal zones
  • Eight permanent modes
  • Several pieces of equipment and weapons
  • The audio visualizer


Among the vast sections, the unique legend section attracts more users for its diverse set of skills and abilities. That’s why Apex Legends is a suitable and worthier game like free fire.


Weapon balancing might be the big trouble every player faces in Apex Legend. However, it withstands the other applications still; some usual features are missing in this platform.

Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, the game is available for both. The best thing about this game is that it is easy to install. So, download the application from the store and have fun!

9. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is a battle royale game that offers a wide range of weapons, vehicles, and intense combat scenarios. Survival games like ScarFall are perfect alternate games to Garena Free Fire. It has a game arena with 48 players on various maps, and you can choose between playing as a single or in a squad.

ScarFall_ The Royale Combat

Image Source: APKPure

Price – This game is absolutely FREE for gamers! You can enjoy this game without having to pay anything and have full fun for free!

Key Features of ScarFall: The Royale Combat

  • It offers splendid 3D graphics
  • Exclusive gunfire sound that thrills the gamers
  • It provides high-quality audio, realistic animations, flexible support
  • Customizable game user interface in online and offline mode
  • Convenient at both online and offline modes
  • Multiplayer matches
  • You can win and claim a daily bonus to enhance your performance


As mentioned above, ScarFall is well-known for its multiple game modes and decent graphics quality. In addition, it is compatible with low-end phones, so many players prefer installing it.


To be frank, there are no severe disadvantages to other applications. If the graphics are improved, then it enhances downloads and engages gamers for a long period.

Similar to other applications, it is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can download the game from their respective stores and have a really good time!

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10. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Last on our list is Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds. Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is a free-to-play, pixel-art, multiplayer battle royale game with a wide selection of weapons.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Image Source: battleground-royale.en.aptoide.com

So, if you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, then this is the game for you. Particularly designed for kids. Children would love to play Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground and enjoy easy accessibility with enormous features. Most importantly, unlike the other applications, it reduces violent attacks and is specifically developed with pixels to make kids happy.

Price – It is FREE but might change for various locations. Thus, check particular and purchase.

Key Features of Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

  • 3D city survival gameplay
  • Options in skin
  • 30 types of weapons
  • Auto shooting
  • Intuitive and easy controls
  • Massive map size
  • Live chat support
  • Lightweight and easy access


It is an extraordinary alternate game of Garena Free Fire, particularly designed for little kids. Graphics is quite simple and completely based on Pixel designs.


Due to the advantages, adults might get upset; however, they can play it occasionally and cherish memorable moments with their gang.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds is available for Android and Apple users. So, download it and enjoy spending some time with your kids. It is a great way to bond with kids 😊 😊.

On The whole!

With this we conclude our list of 10 Best Alternate Games Of Garena Free Fire. We hope you liked reading this article and have got enough idea about the games that you can use in place of Games Of Garena Free Fire.

Listed gaming applications are on the top list for alternate games of Garena Free Fire and in the highly-rated platforms. Choosing them to elevate your pastime offers relief and paves the way to spend time with your beloved friends.

Enjoy Gaming… 😊 😊


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