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WhatsApp features coming in 2023

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has recently introduced a number of new improvements and features for WhatsApp. These updates include a new desktop client for Windows, as well as additional group capabilities and controls for Android and iOS. Aside from that, the instant messaging network is also planning to launch a variety of new features in 2023. Although some of these features have already been implemented, others are still in the process of being beta tested or developed at this time.

WAbetainfo, a website that covers all of the newest developments around WhatsApp, took to its Twitter handle and announced that WhatsApp is working for 15 additional durations.

According to WABetaInfo, the platform now allows three different periods for communications that expire once they have been viewed: 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. The new lengths will be available under the drop-down menu labeled “Other options.”

A feature known as disappearing messages enables users to send messages that, after a predetermined amount of time has passed, vanish from the chat of the sender as well as the chat of the recipient.

According to the report, users will appreciate being able to send a message that disappears after an hour if it contains sensitive or confidential information since this will prevent the Message from being retained on the recipient’s device for an extended period of time. Messages containing private or secret information will benefit greatly from this.

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With the addition of extra time limits for communications that vanish once they are read, users will surely have a greater degree of control over the messages they send and receive.

WhatsApp plans to make texting more enjoyable and participatory, as well as to better its user experience by adding a whole range of new features.

Aside from that, the new features also include the ability to edit messages, as well as video and audio playback at the same time, and more.

The WABetaInfo report indicates that these features are currently being developed by WhatsApp and will be made available for beta testing before being made available to everyone in future updates of the app. Although WhatsApp has not yet officially announced these features.

Let’s take a look at all the planned features of WhatsApp that Meta might roll out in the near future:

1. Edit Message

WhatsApp plans to provide its users the ability to edit their messages after they have already sent them.

Users will be able to quickly and easily repair mistakes or typo errors that they have made in their communications by utilizing the functionality that allows them to alter their messages without having to send extra messages or delete incorrect messages.

The new feature will give users a 15-second window in which they can alter messages that have already been delivered.

Moreover, altered messages will be labeled as “edited” within the message bubble, which will be accessible to both parties. This means both the sender and the receiver will be able to view the label “edited.”

The instant messaging network is currently working on this feature. However, it is anticipated that it will become available in the app in one of the upcoming upgrades in 2023.

2. Audio Conversations

Audio conversations are yet another feature that WhatsApp plans to add in its upcoming upgrades in 2023. This feature will allow users of WhatsApp to join audio chats and continue to stay connected.

Although users are already able to start group video and audio calls using the platform, the new audio chats will further enhance the experience of messaging by making it more participatory and entertaining for consumers.

WhatsApp plans to introduce new waveforms in the conversation header that would enable users to begin audio talks. The company has not said anything about its new feature. However, it is anticipated that WhatsApp will roll out its audio chat option in subsequent versions.

3. 15 Additional Durations

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is planning to present 15 additional durations for communications that vanish.

According to reports, the platform would now provide users with an additional 15-time intervals to choose from when using the vanishing message option.

WhatsApp enables its users to send messages that vanish from the conversation window of the sender as well as the chat window of the recipient automatically. Currently, users have the ability to choose from three different periods for communications that will eventually disappear: twenty-four hours, seven days, or ninety days.

But WhatsApp will soon introduce 15 more time duration options for disappearing messages under the “More options” menu. These options are anticipated to become available in the upcoming upgrades.

The menu will now offer 15 new durations: one year, one hundred eighty days, sixty days, thirty days, twenty-one days, fourteen days, six days, five days, four days, three days, two days, twelve hours, six hours, three hours, and one hour.

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4. Pin Messages

According to the report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature, namely ‘Pin Messages.” It will allow users the opportunity to pin messages within a chat window. This new feature is called “the ability to pin messages” and it is currently in development. The new feature will appear on the chat window as a “Pin” option. Using the “Pin” option, users will be able to pin messages in personal or group chat for easier access. Pinned messages can be accessed more quickly.

After the Message has been pinned, a little symbol will appear on the chat bubble to indicate that the Message has been pinned, and the Message will be displayed at the very top of the conversation so that it can be accessed quickly.

5. Playable Audio Messages

Meta is also working on a new feature that would enable users to send one-time-only playable audio messages to one another. Users will now have the ability to send “listen once music” in the chat windows, much like they can share “view once photographs” or “view once videos.”

This feature is still under development and is anticipated to be added in upcoming upgrades. It will help users maintain their privacy and lower the likelihood that their audio will be played repeatedly by another person. Moreover, it will ensure that the sensitive and confidential information of users is protected.

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Meta hopes to enhance its user experience and encourage more interactive and social messaging among its user base by introducing new features.


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