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Project Magi Google Soon to Bring Conversational AI to Search Engine

Alphabet Inc. is developing a new search engine and adding capabilities related to artificial intelligence to its existing products. Project Magi According to a report, Google is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) driven search engine named “Magi.” The brand is bringing an AI-powered search engine in response to the quick improvements made in the industry by competitors such as Microsoft Corporation’s Bing.

Reports suggest that the new search engine Magi will provide users with a “more personalized experience” and “anticipate” their requirements when they shop with them. Like ChatGPT, it would attempt to mimic natural dialogue. In addition, it would fill in ads, which are the primary means by which Google generates revenue.

The Project Magi is still in its early phases, and the company has not yet revealed the date of its release so far. If rumors are believed, the brand plans to make its tools available to the general public within the next month.

According to the reports, the new functionalities will initially be made accessible to users in the United States. It is not yet clear what exactly the tools will provide; however, it is probable that they will expand upon the conversational potential of Google’s experimental Bard chatbot. They are currently being created in secret with the code name “Magi.”

Google mentioned that it has been integrating AI into Search for several years, making improvements to products like Lens and Multisearch.

In addition, other products, such as an artificial intelligence image generator, “GIFI,” and a language training program, “Tivoli Tutor,” are apparently in the development stage.

Speaking about the AI-driven search engine, Lara Levin, a Google spokesperson, said, “Not every brainstorm deck or product idea leads to a launch. But as we’ve said before, we’re excited about bringing new AI-powered features to Search, and we’ll share more details soon.”

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Google’s position is so precarious that Samsung is reportedly mulling over whether or not it should make Bing the default search engine for its Android devices, including the Galaxy line of phones. Although it is unclear how seriously Samsung is contemplating making the transition, this contract is reportedly worth an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue to Google. The business also has a similar deal with Apple that is worth approximately $20 billion. It’s possible that the AI work done by Microsoft influenced the company’s decision. Still, it’s also possible that it’s simply trying to capitalize on Google’s current lack of strength.

As a result, the company is in the midst of a mad dash to develop a new search engine product. It is unknown why Samsung is thinking about making the switch, but it could have something to do with the fact that Bing search inquiries are now powered by AI. As a result of the story, Google’s share price dropped by 4% on Monday.

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT, the market for AI-driven tools has grown tremendously; more and more brands are now coming up with their own AI-powered tools, such as Google’s Bard. However, ChatGPT continues to offer a superior experience, while Bard falls short. But at the same time, these tools are also susceptible to generating errors and hallucinations, as well as asserting unequivocally that false information is true. Recently, in an interview, Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the issue, stating that hallucinations are to be anticipated and that engineers are still working on a solution.

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