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What to Expect at Apple’s Wonderlust Event Beyond iPhone 15

Apple’s annual September 12 event is just around the corner, and while the iPhone 15 is expected to take center stage, there’s more in store for Apple enthusiasts. This article explores what to anticipate beyond the iPhone 15, including the Apple Watch Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, USB-C AirPods, and new iPhone cases.

The Apple Watch Series 9: An Iterative Upgrade

The Apple Watch Series 9 is on its way, but expect a moderate overhaul in design or new health-related features. Instead, this iteration focuses on internals, primarily a new processor. The Series 9 will introduce the S9 chip, built on A15 technology, marking a significant update in the Apple Watch’s processing capabilities since the Series 6.

With this new chip, users can anticipate improved performance, ensuring smoother interactions and faster app loading times. Additionally, battery life may be enhanced, extending the wearable’s daily usage.

Enhanced Health Features and Precision

While design changes might not be on the horizon, the Series 9 is expected to bring notable health-related improvements. It will likely include an updated optical heart rate sensor, enhancing its accuracy in tracking users’ heart health.

Moreover, the Series 9 is rumored to incorporate a new “U2” Ultra Wideband chip, enhancing location precision. This chip can unlock new functionalities and applications for the Apple Watch, improving its overall utility.

Aesthetics and Bands

For those concerned with aesthetics, a new pinkish shade option for the aluminum version of the Series 9 is possible. Apple might also present a novel kind of band featuring woven fabric and a magnetic buckle. In line with Apple’s sustainability efforts, there have been rumors of phasing out leather bands in favor of more eco-friendly alternatives.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2: An Evolutionary Step

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also expected to appear in 2023 without significant functional upgrades. It will inherit the same S9 chip as the Series 9, the revised Ultra Wideband chip, and the improved heart pace detector. While no groundbreaking features have surfaced, one leaker has suggested the Ultra 2 might be lighter than its predecessor, though this still needs to be verified.

Rumors hint at introducing a new color option for the Ultra 2, possibly a sleek black titanium shade. While not groundbreaking, these refinements can enhance the overall user experience and appeal of the Apple Watch Ultra series.

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USB-C AirPods: An Adaptation to Change

The AirPods Pro 2 are poised for an update, with a notable change in their charging case. Apple is expected to swap the current Lightning case for a USB-C variant. This shift aligns with the iPhone 15’s anticipated transition to a USB-C port, moving away from the Lightning port.

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While the change in the charging port is significant, no other hardware alterations are anticipated for the AirPods Pro 2. Users can now expect the same exceptional sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities with the convenience of USB-C charging.

New iPhone Cases: Embracing Eco-Friendliness

Apple is reportedly shifting away from manufacturing leather cases for the iPhone 15 lineup to promote environmental sustainability. Instead, the company is exploring more eco-friendly materials. While specific details remain unclear, there’s speculation about a material called “FineWoven” making its debut. This transition to eco-conscious materials aligns with Apple’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, making its products and accessories functional and environmentally responsible.

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As the date for Apple’s September 12 event draws near, the spotlight is undoubtedly on the iPhone 15. However, the event promises more than just a new smartphone. Apple Watch enthusiasts can look forward to improved performance and health-related enhancements with the Series 9 and a sleeker, updated Ultra 2. The USB-C AirPods signify Apple’s adaptability to evolving technology standards, while the shift towards eco-friendly iPhone cases showcases the company’s dedication to sustainability. In a world of rapid technological change, Apple continues to innovate and improve its products, delivering functionality and a commitment to a greener future.


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