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How to Make Your iPhone Charge Faster

Phone companies have done some near-ridiculous things with phone charging in the year 2021. Apple isn’t one of these companies. Even the iPhone 12 Pro Max takes a long time to charge. It’s all the more important to take advantage of the available technology. Battery charging appears to be treated in the same way that iPad battery life is treated. Since the iPhone 8 in 2017, the standard has been 50% in half an hour, and Apple appears to think that’s good enough. 

While this isn’t the gold standard in 2021, it’s still fast enough for real-world applications. Fortunately, there are a few tools you can use and settings you can change to get your iPhone back up and running in minutes. Here’s all you need to know about charging your iPhone more quickly and extending its battery life.

1. Maintain your battery:

There are two things you can do to keep your battery in good shape:

  • Clean the lightning port on your iPhone. Check the lightning port for lint and other debris that may have grown up inside before complaining about how slow your phone is charging. Turn it off and gently remove any material that may be obstructing the port using a standard toothpick.
  • Allow your iPhone battery to die once a month at the very least. It’s critical to maintain the electrons in a lithium-based battery moving on a regular basis for appropriate maintenance. Make sure you charge your phone at least once a month.

2. Putting iPhone in Airplane mode:

Your iPhone can be put into Airplane Mode if a complete shutdown isn’t possible. One of the most energy-intensive functions of the iPhone is cellular connectivity. When we aren’t utilizing Wi-Fi, our phones are always looking for the nearest cell tower. This feature was found to reduce full charge times by a few minutes. 

3. Use a Fast Charger if you have a new iPhone:

Fast charging is available on the latest iPhones. These phones can charge from zero to fifty percent in half an hour when used with the correct wall charger. However, Apple does not offer a fast charger in the box. You’ll need a fast charger as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable. There are numerous options that are reasonably priced.

4. Try turning on Low Power Mode to Charge your iPhone Faster:

Enabling Low Power Mode while charging your iPhone is one of the best strategies to ensure that it charges faster. By minimizing animations and stopping some background operations, this function lowers screen brightness and improves iPhone performance. On your iPhone, go to Settings, then Battery, and tap the slider next to Low Power Mode to enable it.

5. Avoid wireless charging:

Wireless charging is an inefficient method of charging electronics, wasting energy and generating excessive heat as a result. Apple also regulates the power transmission to avoid overheating the phone’s battery, which is a logical and consumer-friendly approach. The iPhone 8 and newer variants support wireless charging. However, these mediocre charging speeds are limited to the iPhone 12 series. 

6. Try using a wall charger:

Using iPad USB power adapters to charge an iPhone is safe, according to Apple. iPhones come with a 5-volt charger that delivers 5 watts of electricity at 1 amp. Chargers for iPads, on the other hand, are 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, and 12 watts. Wattage, which is a function of time and defines the rate of energy transfer, is the figure that matters in terms of charging speed. 

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7. Try turning off your iPhone:

While it may appear to be a simple task, turning off your iPhone is often more complex than it appears. When your phone is turned off and doesn’t have to keep up with everything it’s doing, it will charge much faster. Shut down your phone, charge it, and if possible, go into another room to work on your computer. Hopefully, you’ll be powered up before you realize it.

8. Keep your iPhone cool:

Batteries are chemical factories in miniature, and when you charge your phone, the electric current drives chemical processes deep within the device. These chemical reactions cause the battery to heat up, but they work best when the phone is cool. Keep the phone out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment if possible to help it charge faster.

9. Try turning off the Optimised Battery Charging option on your iPhone:

In order to extend the battery life of iPhones, Apple has implemented a new feature that prevents your iPhone from charging over 80% when it is attached to a charger for an extended period of time. You can disable a feature called Optimized Battery Charging if you need to charge your iPhone 100 percent faster. 

10. Remove your case:

Remove the case from your phone before plugging it in to start charging. When iPhones are kept at the proper temperature, they can charge more quickly. Charging your smartphone while it’s inside certain designs of cases may generate excessive heat, reducing battery capacity, Apple warns. If your gadget becomes hot while being charged, remove it from its case first.

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