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Google Introduces Topic Filters to Search Results on Desktop

Just a month after announcing the launch of their new Bard product, the tech giant Google is now in the news for bringing its popular search “Topic Filters” feature on mobile to desktop.

The search engine giant is constantly working to enhance its search engine to give its users the very best experience possible. Google continually researches new and improved approaches to make its search engine more user-friendly and productive.

The ‘Topic Filters’ feature is just one of the many enhancements that Google has introduced to its search engine over the past few years. At this time, the ‘Topic Filters’ feature is only accessible to users who use English in the United States; however, it is anticipated that it will soon be made available in additional regions and languages.

Last year in December, the company added a tool called “subject filters” to the desktop search results. This function analyses the user’s search phrase and recommends topics that are pertinent to their inquiry before classifying the results of the search accordingly.

For instance, if a user searches for “Hotel Taj Mahal in Delhi” on Google, the search results will appear on the right side of the page under categories such as “website,” “direction,” and “reviews,” in addition to the typical tabs such as “maps,” “images,” and “news.”

The internet giant recently made the feature known as “topic filters” available on the desktop edition of Google Search when it had previously only been available on mobile devices.

According to Google, the suggested subjects are interactive and alter in real time depending on how users interact with their search results. This edition would enable users to search for the information they need more precisely and quickly. Also, it will help them organize that information into categories.

In addition, Google has added a new drop-down menu to its search engine that is labeled “All filters.” This menu allows users to customize the filters they use based on their tastes.

This upgrade is a useful feature because it provides consumers with increased control over the search experience they have. In the past, users had no say over which tabs appeared next because the algorithm would automatically generate those tabs.

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Google now offers appropriate phrase suggestions based on the user’s search query thanks to a tool called “subject filters.” Up until this point, the search tabs have been organized into a total of eight distinct categories, which are as follows: photos, maps, shopping, news, videos, flights, books, and finances.

Those who wish to browse through all of the search results will find the feature to be incredibly beneficial because they will no longer have control over which tabs come next in the sequence.

Those who are looking for specific information but do not want to waste time browsing through an unending list of search results will benefit enormously from this functionality. The program will display words and phrases that it believes people may be interested in viewing.

It is anticipated that Google’s “Topic Filters” will soon be made available in additional nations.

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Google recently added the capability to conduct reverse image searches. The company also disclosed its plans to add new features for users in India, including multi-search support in Hindi and support for bilingual search results. These new features will be available in the near future.

In the meantime, the Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai, recently stated in an interview with The New York Times that the business will soon roll out an upgraded version of its artificial intelligence (AI) bot called Bard.

The objective of the conversational chatbot is to compete with the ChatGPT tool, which is supported by Microsoft and is quite popular. 

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