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Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro Glass: Which One to Buy

The world is swamped with smart gadgets, enticing people wanting for more each day. We all desire to possess exceptional gadgets readily available at all times. We never miss an opportunity to purchase our dream gadgets. Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro Glass Buying a smart gadget during a festive season is a new norm! If you are planning to purchase new Smart Glasses this festive season, then you’re reading the right post.

In this post, we will talk in detail about the two most desired smart glasses: Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro Glass. Based on the differences and key features outlined here, you would be able to make an informed decision.

Let’s begin the battle between two brand new smart glasses, i.e., Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro.

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you’re going to love this read for sure! Presumably, you might know what the core of this article is. From launching date to tech specs, you get a detailed comparison between the Xreal Air 2 Pro and Apple Vision Pro Smart Glasses.
Since the announcement of the Xreal Air 2 Pro and Apple Vision Pro, the craze has been increasing and becoming a trending topic on the internet. But is the hype worth it? Obviously, new Pro glasses from two exceptional brands amaze people with their enormous features and bewitching designs.

Tech enthusiasts, buckle up, and let’s start the Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro journey! Here we go…

Apple Vision Pro Headset

Before starting the comparison between Apple Vision Pro and Xreal Air 2 Pro, let’s talk about them separately for better understanding.

Apple Vision Pro

No formal introduction is required for the brand “Apple.” They are known for offering a seamless experience to their users and launching gadgets of exceptional quality. However, this year, they announced the launch of smart glasses, i.e., the Apple Vision Pro headset. The brand plans to launch its newest smart glasses in early 2024. This means you have enough time to ponder about them and how you’re going to get entertained.

Since then, it has spread like wildfire on the internet, and many techies are digging deeper into the features. So far, they have released the model and tech specs on their official website. You can also take a look at their official website to witness their stunning visuals.
A key feature of Apple Vision Pro is that it’s a standalone headset, which means there’s no need for any extensions. Also, it is bulky in size and covers the backside of the head along with the eyes.

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Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass

Xreal, formerly known as Nreal, is well-known for launching user-friendly new technology gadgets. Moreover, Xreal Air 2 Pro is not their first invention in smart glasses; it has two previous versions, i.e., Xreal Air and Xreal Air 2. Certainly, the latest Xreal Air 2 Pro is expected to offer enhanced features compared to its predecessors.

Xreal Air 2 Pro

The brand is known to offer high-quality products to its users, and that’s the reason for its worldwide popularity. The Xreal Air 2 Pro boasts two notable features: electrochromic lenses and immersion control technology. Users can enjoy the ultimate wearable experience every time and have the ability to create their own working spaces anywhere they go.

Let’s now take a look at the comprehensive comparison between two cutting-edge brands, i.e., Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass vs. Apple Vision Pro Headset.

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Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass vs. Apple Vision Pro Headset: A Detailed Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison between the Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass and Apple Vision Pro Headset. Scroll down to read the full article…

1. Design and Weight

Designs are the first and foremost thing to attract any user. Whether it is a school student or a seasoned professional, most probably everyone falls for the mesmerizing design. In that instance, both Xreal AR glasses and Apple AR and VR headsets amaze users with their captivating designs.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is a prime example of luxury design, weighing between 453g to 680g (approximately). Yes, it is significantly larger and may be uncomfortable for users who prefer smaller, more portable devices. In addition to its lightweight design, you will also appreciate the soft buttons and comfortable cloth headband of Apple headset.

Xreal Air 2 Pro smart glass is simple, elegant, and the most convenient gadget. It resembles modern smart glass, which is lighter and easier to carry. When comparing the weight of the Xreal Air 2 Pro and Apple Vision Pro, the Xreal Air 2 Pro may come out on top as it weighs only 72 grams.

People who are looking for compact and lightweight smart glasses can opt for Xreal Air 2 Pro.

2. Display

Whether it is smart glasses or headsets, display plays a prominent role in providing a smooth user experience. In that case, a deep comparison of these two products’ displays is undeniably important. Surprisingly, both renowned brands prefer Sony displays, but in different resolutions. Choosing Sony is one of the best examples of how Xreal and Apple prioritize customer satisfaction over anything.

Apple Vision Pro headset has a custom micro-OLED display with 23 million pixels to deliver stunning colors and resolution. In addition, it has an exclusively designed three-element lens to sense the display everywhere you look. On the other hand, the details about the FOV and IPD range remain unknown, but you can still expect them to be in the excellent range.

Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass has the latest 0.55 micro OLED panel from Sony with a 46-degree field of view and 49 PPD (pixels per degree). Brightness can go up to 500 nits, and the refreshing rate ranges from 60 Hz to 12 Hz. Air 2 Pro provides a full HD experience for users and allows them to create their theaters or workplaces anywhere.

3. Audio

Undoubtedly, audio is one of the most gratifying aspects of any technological innovation. It’s because gentle music can soothe your soul, whereas noisy beats can frustrate you in the blink of an eye. Now, let’s determine which device reigns supreme in terms of audio quality: the Xreal Air 2 Pro or the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro Headset is equipped with dual-driver audio pods positioned adjacent to each ear, providing a customized sound experience. Additionally, it offers spatial audio support. Plus, it has 6 microphones. This means users can expect to have a great experience with Apple headsets in terms of sound. They would love to immerse themselves in the world of VR using Apple headsets.

Xreal Air 2 Pro comes with two microphones that reduce sound leakage and includes a 2nd generation sound system to provide richer and more immersive audio.

It would be difficult to say which smart glass is better in terms of sound at this moment. It is difficult to make a fair judgement between these two gadgets since predicting the results without prior experience is challenging. Let’s patiently wait for the product to be launched.

4. Battery

Nobody wants to hamper his experience because of the poor battery life. We all look for gadgets that really go long to enhance our experience. Long-lasting battery power is the most important thing to compare. Apple Vision Pro has a battery in the headset, so the charge lasts up to 2 hours, and users can also plug in the charger.

Xreal Air 2 Pro doesn’t have in-built battery support that will gain power from smartphones, laptops, or any other smart devices. So, Xreal indirectly depends on another device’s battery.

In this section, Apple secures a special place as it supports a standalone battery support system. Still, Xreal Air 2 Pro is not a bad option because it has enormous features and is more comfortable for users.

5. Control and accessibility

As everyone knows, reality technologies like augmented, virtual, and mixed are emerging faster in this digital world, and many people love to experience it. Yes, whoever says no to blending the virtual elements with the real world. In that instance, devices integrating reality technologies should offer hand-free access and a better control system.

Apple Vision Pro headset’s camera and sensors track your hands, eyes, and voice, which offers better control for the user. These features impress and attract a wide range of users and create high expectations for this VR and AR headset.

While discussing the Xreal Air 2 Pro, there are no inputs similar to Apple Vision Pro. However, it also has sensors to track the actions of the users. Xreal wearables include 3 DoF head tracking, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a wear sensor, a myopia attachable frame, and others.

Such things attract many users and drive them towards the Xreal Air 2 Pro. On the other hand, in Apple Vision Pro, the pointing device is eye tracking, whereas mouse clicks are finger moments.

So, in the accessibility battle, i.e., Apple Vision Pro vs. Xreal Air 2 Pro smart glasses, you can’t conclude which product is the best without experiencing both. Hence, let’s wait until the worldwide launch of these gadgets.

6. Cameras

Typically, Apple products stand out among the others when it comes to camera and image resolution. They follow the same pattern in this gadget, too; the Apple Vision Pro has 12 cameras, each of which does the assigned work.

For instance, some cameras are meant to be used to record and capture 3D videos and pictures. While others can be used for passthrough, which allows a user to see the real world.

Xreal Air 2 Pro doesn’t have camera features that indicate a user can’t record or capture videos and images. With no cameras and no passthrough, you can still effectively watch the displays through projection and differentiate between natural and virtual surroundings.
If you are looking for a device with superior camera and image resolution features, the Apple headset is a standout choice.

7. Immersion Control

Immersion control is one of the most remarkable features to be noted in reality-based technologies. Why is it so? As everyone knows, reality technologies blend the virtual elements with the real world and allow the user to sense them within their physical boundaries.

But what if you completely immerse yourself in the digital environment? The negative effects it has on you make immersion control an undeniable factor in smart glasses and headsets. What about Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass and Apple Vision Pro? What do they do to include immersion control?

Xreal Air 2 Pro offers two electrochromic dimming levels: 0%, 35%, and 100%. Apple Vision Pro allows you to see the real world using passthrough, as mentioned in the camera and control sections. Additionally, the device features a digital crown that serves as a button for adjusting the level of the passthrough.

8. Games and Applications

Want to play non-stop games? What if every game relies on your smart headsets or glasses? Have you ever thought about it? Not yet.

Apple Vision Pro makes it possible! Yeah, you can enjoy the integrated games and new app library that ports the iPhone and iPad App Store applications. Plus, Apple also collaborates with Disney+ and gets special 3D content exclusively for this Vision Pro headset. Apart from this, users can expect to enjoy the other major streaming services, including YouTube. So, for sure, Apple Vision Pro users are going to immerse themselves in virtual reality and get a smooth experience every time.

The Xreal Air 2 Pro smart glass does not offer the same extensive range of services as the Apple Vision Pro headset. This smart glass depends on the connectivity with other smart devices. You can, however, effectively multitask and run any application or game to create a productive workspace or immersive theatre experience wherever and whenever you need it.

9. Performance

In order to thoroughly evaluate a gadget’s performance, it is important to have firsthand experience with both gadgets. However, it is important to note that currently, only the approximate launch date is known to everyone. Therefore, it would be advisable to wait until the project officially launches. However, you can compare the performance with the listed features approximately. Let’s start!

Apple Vision Pro is a standalone VR headset that doesn’t depend on any other external devices. It indirectly indicates that the Apple headset needs to perform multitasking efficiently. However, as of now, there is no clue for users; let’s wait till the launch.

Xreal Air 2 Pro is not a standalone AR smart glass, meaning it relies on other applications. This indicates the performance of the Xreal smart glasses resembles the performance of the connected devices.

Hence, the performance comparison between Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass and Apple Vision Pro urges you to wait until the gadget launches.

10. Price

When comparing the prices of the Xreal Air 2 Pro Glass vs. the Apple Vision Pro, it is evident that the Apple device would be more expensive. This is because Apple is a celebrated high-end brand.

But for people who are looking for user-friendly smart glass at an affordable price, then surely Xreal Air 2 Pro is the best bet for them.

Xreal Air 2 Pro comes at a user-friendly and affordable price of $449.00, whereas the Apple Vision Pro headset starts at $3,499 (U.S.).

Undoubtedly, Apple is quite costlier than Xreal. Let’s wait until the launch to know the exact features and performance.

11. Launch Date

Apple announced the launch of the Vision Pro headset on June 23, 2023, and it will be available in early 2024 only in the United States. Later, in 2024, the brand planned to release the gadget in other countries as well.

Xreal has already launched the Air 2 and Air 2 Pro smart glasses series. The brand will start shipping on November 30, 2023. This means that those who have already made up their mind to buy Xreal Air 2 Pro can place their order NOW! These gadgets are also available in selected markets in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Final Verdict: Which One to Buy

You have now thoroughly explored the interesting and important features of both Xreal Air 2 Pro and Apple Vision Pro. As a tech enthusiast, you may find yourself drawn to these two exceptional gadgets. However, the decision ultimately rests in your hands!

Yes, it depends on your budget and your requirements. Based on these two factors, you can make your choice. You can even choose to purchase the smart gadgets now or wait until the launch to gather more information based on the reviews and ratings. The choice of device to buy is totally up to you. All in all, both smart glasses are feature-rich and will provide you with an unforgettable user experience!

Capping Words!

So, there you have it: the comprehensive comparison between Xreal Air 2 Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro Glass—deciding which one to buy rests in your hands. But we are sure that this post has helped you gather enough information about both the two devices. Make sure to choose the right one to immerse yourself in the world of virtual and augmented reality.
If you’re looking for a cinematic experience or need to create a virtual workplace, both the Xreal Air 2 Pro and Apple Vision Pro are excellent choices. You can choose the perfect option that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating realm of virtual and augmented reality. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve by embracing new technologies and adopting the latest gadgets is a hallmark of a trendsetter. So opt for the best to stand out from others!


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