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Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Galaxy Watch 5: Which is Better?

All new Apple generation watch is available in the market, with all new health and fitness features, new design and faces, better display, and better interface panel.

Alongside giving Apple series 8 competition, Samsung also launched the all-new updated wearable smartwatch recently. So the Apple Series 8 or Galaxy Watch 5, which makes it more impact and worth purchasing?

After Galaxy Watch 5 was released on 26th August 2022, with powerful tech and interface and a fantastic design, consumers shifted their attention towards Galaxy Watch 5. A few weeks later, Apple struck the market with Apple Watch Series 8, making it challenging for buyers to select between the two.

Considering the features and technology used in gadgets like trackers, health tracking, and fall detection. We’ll compare every spec, quality, design, and more to guide you in buying the best and fulfilling your needs according to your relevance. This blog goes through Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Vs. Apple Watch 8

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 VS Apple Watch 8

Price And Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in the market. Priced at $229 for a 40 mm Bluetooth model and $259 for a 44 mm Bluetooth model. The LTE version also has two variants, $330 mm for the 40 mm version and $360 for the 44 mm edition.

The Apple Watch 8 is available in the market. It starts at $399 for the GPS edition and $499 for the Cellular Edition. Apple watches prices also depend on the watch strap choice and size you are choosing for your watch. You have options of choosing 41 mm and 45 mm models available.

Samsung Watch is much cheaper and within the budget than Apple Watch, regardless of cellular or Bluetooth.

Design Comparison

Spotting the difference between these watches is very much visible from appearance. The Apple Watch 8 has a rectangular screen, just like they have maintained for all Apple series. It has an OLED display and is always on display to quickly check the watch in a busy schedule. Apple Watch 8 has a 1.57-inch or 1.73-inch collection (depending on the model) with a resolution of 352×430 or 396×484. Apple Watch 8 has three microphone speakers, perfectly placed on the watch to reduce noise during calls.

Meanwhile, The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a circular screen, more like a regular analog watch. Both models have an OLED display with 40 mm, a resolution of 396×396. And the 44mm model has a resolution of 450×450. The cover of the Samsung Watch 5 is made of armor aluminum.

galaxy watch

Both watches have a more challenging and hard-resistant display than previous models and offer a wide variety of straps that helps in matching the outfit. The bands are of various materials. You can find different kinds of straps according to the need; both brands have many varieties of straps, either for sports use, meetings, and many more.

Features and Performance

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers the best option for the health-conscious and active buyer and keeps track of their fitness goals, while Apple Watch 8 is an all-rounder.

Apple Watch 8 ships all the fitness features like blood oxygen, heart pulse rate monitor with sleep rate analysis, daily activity track, and YOGA app with watchOS9. Also, Apple Watch 8 brings a new feature, a skin temperature sensor, which helps track and maintain the pulse rate. Apple has also brought a special feature name Crash Detection, i.e., added motion sensors in watch 8, which can identify clashes or conflicts and directly notify emergency services if you are unable by any cause. Hopefully, this feature will not be used, but Apple has improved it.

The Samsung Watch 5 also provides these features and more advanced features which do better things and fast work—even health tracking and sleep tracking automatic run detection. The biggest feature Samsung Watch 5 is that it tracks your sleep cycle to improve your connected Smart Samsung home. SmartThing feature helps and makes your daily activities easier; when you fall asleep, it automatically dims off the light. Controlling smart home, and it works so amazingly with Samsung Watch 5. Apple Watch 8 also has this feature, but it’s not much effective in Apple as it does not react instantly

As both have tough and appropriate features and are very similar so it depends on you according to your need, The highlight feature of Apple is if you are worried about a car crash; although Apple Watch 8 is beautiful with unique features, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 gives you features in cheap rate and more helpful in day to day activities.

Battery and Sensors

apple watch 8 series

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery life depends on the model you choose. Like model 40 mm model has a 284mAh battery, which is average and does not guarantee to run for more than a day, charging in a day, keeping aside the power saving mode. While the upgraded model 44 mm has a 410mAh battery that will last more than a day before plugging into the wrist, the biggest advantage is that Samsung has a new USB-C charger that promises up to more than 50 hours of battery.

Battery mah
40mm – 284mAh
44 m – 410mAh

Regarding sensors, Galaxy Watch 5 comes with the best sensors like temperature sensors and one sensor on the watch near your skin and the other sensor just below the display to track and maintain a high level of accuracy and more efficient tracking of fitness and health. Samsung Bioactive sensors will help track more personalized workouts, including heart rate monitoring, a statistics tool for water intake, bone density sleep monitoring, and many more amazing features with Bioactive sensors.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Apple Watch 8 has improved its battery from past models because of the new low-power mode, with a 308 mAh battery. In the Apple series, battery hours are measured in hours, not cell capacity. The new low-power mode with enable can long up to 36 hours. Compared to other models, Watch Series 8 has a new low-power mode, but still, you may need to visit a charger in between days. Fast charging makes the timeless and more efficient go by.

Regarding sensors and interface, Apple has a new motion sensor that helps determine crash detection and every extreme impact with Apple Pay for contactless payment and the Apple health fit app.

Long battery backup is an essential part of smartwatches and will continue in the future, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 wins the battery backup. Galaxy Watch 5 has many different sensors with more efficient and precise marking and tracking than a temperature and crash detector.


Both watches are evolving and modified from their previous models and are much upgraded and faster. Wrap it into the wrist; that gadget can do wonders to track your health, contactless payments, calls, and time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch 8 are ruling the market and dominating the smartwatches industry. Making the decision and choosing between two is quite tricky.
However, if you can go either for iOS or Android and if it is not a problem, then Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 brings more features than Apple Watch 8.

Samsung watch with excellent battery backup, more extended features, Bioactive sensors, and a unique Smarthome feature, while the distinctive feature Apple Watch 8 has is its crash car detection tool which is not required or someone will need on a daily purpose. We hope this blog Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Vs. Apple Watch 8 is useful to readers.

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