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10 Most Played Mobile Games of 2023 in the World

Step into the enchanting world of Best Mobile Games, where pixels meet emotions and fingertips hold the keys to uncharted realms. As we navigate the ever-expanding universe of digital adventures, this year promises an exquisite blend of innovation and narrative prowess.

Picture yourself immersed in captivating landscapes, solving intricate puzzles, and forging alliances—all within the grasp of your handheld companion. These games aren’t just lines of code but portals to experiences that tug at the heartstrings and fuel the imagination. In the symphony of gaming evolution, 2023 is poised to be exhilarating, inviting players to be architects of their virtual destinies.

Here are the best games for mobile

1. Pokemon Go

Debuting in 2016, the augmented reality sensation Pokemon Go has consistently captivated players, ensuring a sustained allure. The game’s meteoric ascent to stardom was remarkable, and Niantic’s commitment to perpetual relevance is commendable.

Pokemon Go

Through a constant stream of updates featuring fresh Raid Bosses and engaging Spotlight Hour events, Pokemon Go beckons you to embark on an adventure. Yet, it’s not just a game; it stands out as the quintessential mobile experience that seamlessly intertwines virtual excitement with the real world. Beyond the pixels, it has become the perfect catalyst, coaxing players outdoors, fostering physical activity, and transforming gaming into a truly immersive lifestyle.

2. Hello Kitty: Island Adventure

Within the vast gaming realm, the scarcity of commendable Animal Crossing replicas remains intriguing. Few dare to mimic Nintendo’s wholesome chore-sim magic, as the genuine charm of its iconic characters proves hard to replicate. However, Hello Kitty: Island Adventure, a delightful creation by Sanrio, emerges as a rare gem.

Hello Kitty_ Island Adventure

This game effortlessly captivates players by bringing Hello Kitty and friends together in a captivating escapade. As someone passionately sharing this insight, the amalgamation of Badtz Maru’s vibes and a penchant for the Aggretsuko series instantly kindles curiosity. This mobile marvel, while not claiming a daily ritual status like Animal Crossing, etches itself into the fabric of memorable gaming experiences with heartwarming moments and endearing interactions.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Storming onto mobile screens in 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile has seamlessly translated the franchise’s legacy into a triumphant handheld venture. Beyond its customary gameplay modes, the mobile adaptation’s Battle Royale feature elevates it to unparalleled heights. Whether craving adrenaline-pumping action or intense survival challenges, the game delivers a dynamic experience.

Call of Duty_ Mobile

Impeccable controls, iconic maps, and an array of characters armed with diverse weapons enhance the allure of Call of Duty Mobile. The fact that this thrilling FPS adventure is available as a free-to-play mobile title sweetens the deal, making it essential for enthusiasts seeking a robust and accessible gaming experience.

4. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, breaking new ground in mobile gaming, stands out not as a mere port but as a direct adaptation of Capcom’s macOS masterpiece onto iPhones. Unlike typical scaled-down versions, this mobile incarnation mirrors the console experience, offering convenience without sacrificing quality or necessitating a constant internet connection for streaming.

Resident Evil Village

Paired with a controller or grip, the mobile gameplay rivals its console counterpart, with compatibility extending to M1 or higher iPads. With the potential for broader accessibility as mobile chip technology advances, Resident Evil Village emerges as a trailblazer, laying the foundation for a transformative era in the gaming industry.

5. EA Sports FC Mobile

Stepping into the spotlight after a six-year reign of FIFA Mobile, EA FC Mobile has become the go-to haven for football enthusiasts worldwide. Transforming the love for the sport into a virtual spectacle, the game boasts authentic players and a cascade of challenges, providing a delightful experience on mobile platforms.

EA Sports FC Mobile

EA’s commitment to regular updates, aligning with real-world shifts that influence in-game dynamics, adds an extra layer of allure. For avid football fans seeking an immersive escape, EA FC Mobile emerges as the perfect pitch. Dive into the game, where the thrill of the sport meets the convenience of mobile gaming, offering a compelling blend of realism and virtual delight.

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6. Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail, a brainchild of Genshin Impact’s creators, elevates mobile gaming with its cosmic RPG experience. Merging anime charm seamlessly onto mobile platforms, the game surpasses gacha stereotypes, emerging as a top-tier RPG in 2023. Its space opera narrative delves into uprising, class struggles, and political intrigue, offering a richer storyline than its predecessor.

Honkai_ Star Rail

The turn-based combat system, mirroring Genshin Impact, introduces character elements that create engaging battles. With visually stunning attack animations and a respectful free-to-play model, Honkai: Star Rail stands out, proving equally captivating on mobile as on more robust gaming systems, a sentiment echoed in GameSpot’s acclaim for its time-respecting design.

7. Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO!, a mobile sensation under Scopely’s helm, has seized the gaming realm with an astounding 45 million downloads and a consistent lead in daily downloads. This free-to-play luck battle, enriched with in-app purchases, has amassed a staggering $232 million in global consumer spending. Its success is further attributed to an innovative user acquisition campaign, adding to its allure.

Monopoly GO!

In this reinvented classic, players strategically encircle the board, managing resources to upgrade monuments and explore new cities. Beyond tradition, Monopoly GO! captivates with inventive social features, fostering engagement through events and minigames, creating a vibrant community. The fusion of classic Monopoly charm with a dynamic digital experience cements its status with a broad and dedicated user base.

8. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes, featured in our exploration of top mobile game ads, offers a delightful fusion of match-3 puzzles and garden design, immersing players in a captivating journey of restoration and creativity. Unveiling its charm through engaging match-3 levels, the game empowers players to revive a neglected garden, infusing it with their unique vision.


Aside from their entertainment value, the puzzles serve as a resource generator for garden enhancement, guided by the amiable character Austin. Exploring every nook reveals secrets, from fixing broken fountains to navigating mysterious mazes. The sense of community extends as players become neighbors with Facebook friends, creating a virtual camaraderie within Gardenscapes’ enchanting narrative. It is the ideal haven for cultivating dream gardens and enjoying the virtual companionship of friends and characters alike.

9. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact transcends the RPG realm, emerging as a mesmerizing odyssey within Teyvat’s enchanting world. Players step into the shoes of mysterious travelers, embarking on a quest to reunite with their captive twin. The adventure weaves a tapestry of activities, from collecting power-boosting items and solving intricate puzzles to confronting formidable foes and epic bosses.

Genshin Impact

What elevates the experience is the array of unlockable characters, each endowed with distinctive abilities. While the game is free, its gacha system tantalizes with the prospect of acquiring mystery items and characters through in-game currency or real money. A cultural phenomenon, Genshin Impact has raked in $3 billion in mobile revenue by May 2022, offering a tapestry of immersive gameplay, character evolution, and imaginative world-building.

10. Coin Master

Coin Master, designed by Moon Active, mesmerizes a colossal player base exceeding 100 million through its unique blend of slot machine thrill and village-building mechanics. This hypercasual luck battle unfolds a riveting journey to claim the coveted title of Coin Master, reigning over the mightiest village and accumulating abundant loot. Central to the game is the pursuit of coins via slot machine mechanics, where spins yield not only coins but shields and weapons.

Coin Master

While daily spins have limitations, in-app purchases offer additional chances and items. The game’s success is undeniable, securing the 20th spot among all apps in October 2023 and standing as the 4th top-grossing game in the first semester of the same year. With visually appealing graphics, diverse time-traveling adventures, and an enchanting fusion of slot machine excitement and village creativity, Coin Master has etched itself as a beloved gem in the gaming realm.


As we bid farewell to 2023, the realm of mobile gaming bears witness to a remarkable tapestry of virtual wonders. Each game, from the cosmic odyssey of Honkai: Star Rail to the strategic brilliance of Gardenscapes, has left an indelible mark on millions of players.

The diverse lineup, including Coin Master’s luck-infused excitement and the timeless charm of Monopoly GO!, reflects a year where innovation met timeless classics. Genshin Impact and Hello Kitty: Island Adventure added narrative depth, while EA Sports FC Mobile and Resident Evil Village brought global sports and horror to the palm of our hands. These ten mobile marvels in 2023 signify a year where creativity, technology, and storytelling seamlessly converge, promising endless adventures in the ever-evolving mobile gaming world.

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