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CES 2024 Day 3 Highlights: From Smart Rings to Mind-Reading Headphones

Amidst the bustling halls of CES 2024 Day 3 unfolded with a parade of technological marvels, captivating audiences with innovations that redefine the future. Smart rings took center stage, with the AmazFit Helio Ring boasting Zepp Aura AI health services, a testament to the evolving landscape of wearable technology. Asus made waves with the world’s first foldable OLED portable monitor, promising unparalleled portability and versatility.

Sony entered the arena with a high-end XR headset, offering a compelling alternative for 3D content creators. Amazon’s Alexa showcased new AI skills, from Character.AI integration to the creative prowess of Splash for personalized song creation. The Rabbit R1, an AI-powered smartphone, hinted at the next frontier in voice assistant evolution, while neural headphones showcased mind-reading capabilities.

Here are the best Gadgets of Day 3 at CES

1. Smart Ring Revolution

On the third day of CES, the spotlight was on the burgeoning world of smart rings, signaling a notable shift in wearable technology. The prevailing trends suggest that smart rings are poised to become as ubiquitous as their wrist-worn counterparts. Notably, the AmazFit Helio Ring stole the show with its innovative features.

Smart Ring Revolution

A standout attribute is integrating the Zepp Aura AI health and wellness service, enhancing the overall user experience. This service fine-tunes customized sleep sounds based on your body’s responses and delivers comprehensive sleep reports.

Additionally, users can tap into the expertise of Zepp Wellness Coach, an AI chatbot ready to address wellness queries. This marks a significant stride in the evolution of wearable technology, making health and wellness more personalized and accessible through smart rings.

2. Asus Unveils World’s First Foldable OLED Portable Monitor – ZenScreen Fold

Asus unveiled a groundbreaking innovation at CES, introducing the “world’s first foldable OLED portable monitor” – the ZenScreen Fold. This marvel of technology boasts unparalleled portability, weighing under three pounds and compacting to a mere 12.5 inches when folded. The foldable design is facilitated by a built-in stand adaptable to both portrait and landscape modes.

Asus Unveils Worlds First Foldable OLED Portable Monitor – ZenScreen Fold

It is a versatile second screen that can perch above a laptop or tablet. Unlike its computing powerhouse counterpart, the Zenbook 17 Fold, the ZenScreen Fold focuses solely on display prowess, promising a more budget-friendly option. This pioneering device represents a leap forward in portable monitor technology, offering flexibility without compromising performance.

3. Sony’s XR Headset Emerges as a Formidable Contender to Apple Vision Pro at CES

Sony made a striking entrance at CES, introducing a top-tier XR headset poised as a formidable competitor to Apple’s Vision Pro. Unlike Apple’s consumer-centric approach, Sony’s focus is on catering to 3D content creators and engineers, elevating its device’s appeal.

Sonys XR Headset Emerges as a Formidable Contender to Apple Vision Pro at CES

Boasting cutting-edge features such as 4K OLED microdisplays, the latest Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 chipset, and a pair of innovative wearable controllers in the form of a ring and a pointer, Sony’s headset stands out in terms of both capability and design. A notable design innovation is the flip-up and down facial interface, addressing the challenge of dealing with unwieldy headsets and allowing seamless transitions

without completely removing the device.

4. Amazon Unveils Exciting AI Skills for Alexa at CES

At CES, Amazon unveiled cutting-edge AI skills for Alexa on day 3, reinforcing the event’s dominant theme of artificial intelligence. A standout feature is the integration of Character.AI, enabling users to engage in lively conversations with diverse chatbots on their Alexa-enabled devices. The possibilities are endless, from conversing with historical figures like Albert Einstein to seeking workout advice from a virtual fitness coach.

Amazon Unveils Exciting AI Skills for Alexa at CES

Another intriguing skill, Splash, leverages AI to compose personalized songs based on user input, fostering creativity. Lastly, Volley Games introduces a captivating twist to the classic 20 Questions game, with AI taking on the role of the host. These innovative skills showcase Alexa’s evolving capabilities in delivering interactive and entertaining experiences.

5. Satechi Elevates Apple Experience with Striking Upgrades to Stand & Hub

Satechi has unveiled enticing upgrades to some of its most popular devices, bringing joy to Apple enthusiasts at CES. Notably, the Stand & Hub for Mac Mini and Mac Studio has undergone a significant revamp, now featuring an NVMe SSD enclosure that supports both NVMe and M.2 SATA SSDs.

Satechi Elevates Apple Experience with Striking Upgrades to Stand & Hub

This enhancement enables users to effortlessly augment the high-speed storage of their already formidable Mac Mini and Mac Studio systems. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub sees a substantial 60% increase in power supply, courtesy of the new 150W GaN built-in battery. Satechi continues to elevate user experiences with these thoughtful and powerful enhancements.

6. LG C4 OLED TV Emerges Brighter and Better at CES 2024

LG steals the spotlight at CES 2024 with its latest offering, the LG C4 OLED TV. While transparent OLED TVs may be creating a buzz, the practicality and promise of the C4 make it a compelling choice for consumers. LG boldly claims increased brightness compared to its predecessor, the LG C3, using the same OLED panel.

LG C4 OLED TV Emerges Brighter and Better at CES 2024

Skepticism aside, our hands-on experience (explored further in our LG C4 review) validated the notable brightness boost. Enhanced processing, including the integration of LG’s lossless wireless Dolby Atmos sound, further elevates the TV’s appeal. Anticipation grows for comprehensive testing as the LG C4 aims to compete with the best OLED TVs.

7. Rabbit R1: A Pioneering AI-Powered Smartphone Unveiled at CES 2024

Unveiling at CES 2024, the Rabbit R1 emerges as a groundbreaking AI-powered smartphone, capturing attention amid the dominance of conventional handheld devices. Representing a significant leap in AI hardware, the Rabbit R1 stands out amidst the technological landscape, reminiscent of the transformative impact of the ChatGPT explosion over the past year.

Rabbit R1_ A Pioneering AI-Powered Smartphone Unveiled at CES 2024

In a departure from traditional app-swiping experiences, the R1 introduces ‘rabbits,’ personalized virtual assistants adept at executing tasks like flight bookings or shopping through natural voice commands. While unlikely to replace smartphones entirely, the Rabbit R1 is a compelling blueprint for the future evolution of voice assistants, offering a glimpse into the next generation of interactive AI.

8. Neural Headphones Take Center Stage at CES 2024

At CES 2024, a captivating tech trend emerged with the introduction of neural headphones, a genre revolutionizing hands-free control and relaxation. Rather than a singular product, neural headphones encompass diverse innovations. The Naqi Neural Earbuds, designed as a non-invasive alternative to brain implants, grant users seamless control over Windows or Mac computers.

Neural Headphones Take Center Stage at CES 2024

NeurGear ZenBuds take a different approach, stimulating the Vagus nerve to induce a restful response. Noteworthy entrants like the Earable Neuroscience Frenz Brainband, set to aid in sleep, underscore the significance of this evolving trend. Neural headphones promise to redefine the intersection of technology and neural interfaces, offering a glimpse into the future of immersive experiences.

9. Hisense Unveils Spectacular 110UX ULED TV at CES 2024

Hisense unveiled its grandeur at CES with the 110UX ULED TV, a colossal 110-inch display that steals the spotlight. This behemoth promises an immersive experience, boasting an impressive 40,000 local dimming zones and a dazzling 10,000 nits brightness.

Hisense Unveils Spectacular 110UX ULED TV at CES 2024

The audio complements the visual spectacle with a built-in 4.2.2-channel speaker system, enhanced by the innovative Dolby Atmos FlexConnect wireless audio technology. For those with slightly less space, Hisense offers a 100-inch regular QLED model in 2024, combining size and affordability. Hisense’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology makes the 110UX a standout choice for those seeking a cinematic viewing experience.


The symphony of technological ingenuity echoes as the curtains close on day three at CES 2024. Day 3 unfolded a panorama of innovations, from foldable monitors to mind-reading headphones, shaping the future we anticipate. Each unveiling, from Sony’s XR headset to Amazon’s AI skills, painted a vibrant canvas of possibilities.

The amalgamation of AI and hardware in the Rabbit R1 hinted at a transformative smartphone era. Satechi’s upgrades and Hisense’s colossal TV reinforced the pursuit of excellence. CES 2024 wasn’t merely a showcase; it was a glimpse into the evolving narrative of our tech-infused future, leaving us poised on the brink of unprecedented possibilities.

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