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Exploring Day 3 at MWC 2024: Innovative Tech Unveiled

As the curtains draw on the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, day three ushered in a whirlwind of excitement and awe-inspiring technology. From humanoid robots to unbreakable screen protectors, the event showcased myriad innovations set to reshape the future of tech. Let’s delve into the day’s highlights, featuring groundbreaking products from leading companies.

Here are the Day 3 highlights

Ameca, the Intelligent Humanoid

Ameca, the humanoid unveiled by Etisalat, captivated audiences with its unparalleled intelligence and charm. Crafted by Engineered Arts, this remarkable creation boasts lifelike facial expressions and conversational prowess, courtesy of its integration with GPT-4, an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI.

Beyond its captivating demeanor, Ameca’s ability to engage in witty dialogue and even bust a move on the dance floor left spectators in awe. Equipped with cameras for eyes and microphones in its ears, Ameca demonstrates remarkable adaptability, seamlessly interacting in English and even grasping elements of Spanish. While its current capabilities are impressive, one can’t help but ponder the potential future advancements in AI, raising questions about integrating such technology into our daily lives.

The Unbreakable Screen Protector by Panzer Glass

In a demonstration that defied conventional expectations, Panzer Glass showcased its unbreakable screen protector, challenging attendees to witness the resilience of their product firsthand. With hammers and sharp objects at the ready, the Danish company left no doubt about the durability of their creation, claiming diamond-strength protection against everyday hazards.

The Unbreakable Screen Protector by Panzer Glass

While the specifics of its manufacturing process remain undisclosed, Panzer Glass’s demonstration undoubtedly solidified its reputation as a leader in screen protection technology. As smartphones evolve, the demand for robust safeguarding solutions grows, making products like Panzer Glass an indispensable accessory for tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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TECNO Pocket Go: Redefining Handheld Gaming

TECNO introduced the Pocket Go, a handheld gaming device with AR glasses, promising an immersive gaming experience like never before. Featuring a compact design and ergonomic controller, the Pocket Go boasts superior portability without compromising on performance.

TECNO Pocket Go_ Redefining Handheld Gaming

Paired with AR Pocket Vision glasses sporting micro-OLED displays, the Pocket Go transports players into a world of vivid visuals and expansive gameplay. Powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS APU, this gaming marvel ensures seamless operation and unparalleled entertainment, albeit with some users reporting discomfort after extended use, possibly due to motion sickness.

POCO F5 Pro: Where Performance Meets Elegance

The POCO F5 Pro, fueled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, exudes sophistication with its sleek design and impressive specifications. This device caters to style-conscious consumers and avid gamers alike with a stunning AMOLED display and a powerful camera setup.

POCO F5 Pro_ Where Performance Meets Elegance

Boasting generous RAM and storage options, along with a robust battery and wireless charging support, the POCO F5 Pro stands poised to make waves in the mid-range smartphone market. With its focus on performance and user experience, this device promises to elevate gaming and multimedia consumption.

HTC Vive’s Location-Based Entertainment

HTC Vive dazzled attendees with its showcase of Location-Based Entertainment, offering a glimpse into the future of immersive gaming experiences. By enabling multiple users to engage in free-roaming VR adventures, the HTC Vive redefines collaborative gaming, unleashing pure chaos and exhilaration in equal measure.

HTC Vive's Location-Based Entertainment

With boundary-defining technology and expansive play areas, the possibilities for multiplayer VR gaming are endless, promising unforgettable moments of camaraderie and competition. As HTC Vive continues to push the boundaries of virtual reality, one can only imagine the adventures that await in this captivating realm.


Day three of MWC 2024 in Barcelona delivered a captivating blend of innovation and excitement, showcasing groundbreaking technologies poised to revolutionize the tech landscape. From intelligent humanoids to unbreakable screen protectors and immersive gaming experiences, the event underscored the boundless potential of technology to shape our future. As we bid farewell to another exhilarating day, we eagerly anticipate the next wave of innovations set to emerge on the horizon.


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