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Meta’s Verified Users will Get New Instagram Feed Features

Meta-owned Instagram Feed Features is currently testing a new Feed On Instagram feature called “Verified.” This feature will exclusively display content from users who have subscribed to Verified, which is Instagram’s paid subscription service for creators. The new feed will be easily accessible through the same section that allows you to switch between the “Following” and “Favourites” feeds. You can find it at the top of the app.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, recently announced that the company is currently testing a new feed design. This new design is similar to the existing feed layout, but it includes content from paying subscribers who are part of the Meta Verified program. This functionality would allow Instagram Features users to filter their feeds and only see content from Meta Verified accounts.

This implies that certain users will now be able to access a dedicated stream of content exclusively from Meta Verified users. It is unclear whether the feed will only include profiles from Meta Verified users or if it will also include profiles from anyone with the blue tick.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, implementing this feature will give users more control and provide businesses and creators a new avenue for gaining exposure.

Meta appears to take cues from X (previously Twitter) in order to set apart verified individuals from regular users. One such feature is adding a dedicated section in the notifications area specifically for blue-check users. The platform’s algorithm gives higher rankings to posts from verified users, which increases engagement and encourages users to subscribe.

Instagram’s introduction of a dedicated Meta Verified feed seems to be a great feature. However, it is unclear why an average user would be interested in viewing only content from brands and creators who have paid to prioritize their posts.

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Earlier this year, there were reports indicating that Meta is currently testing a new subscription service. This service would allow users of Facebook and Instagram to pay for a verified account. The subscription fee for Meta Verified is Rs 599 per month for web Facebook users and Rs 699 per month for iOS and Android devices. The Meta Verified accounts give users a new way to appear more prominently on Instagram feeds.

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