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Samsung Galaxy Ring VS Oura Ring Which One is Better?

After smartwatches, not the tech giants, including Samsung, are planning to launch wearable smart rings. Smart rings are compact wearable electronic devices. These devices seamlessly integrate mobile technology with convenient features for on-the-go use. These rings are designed to be worn on a finger like a regular ring.

They offer advanced features such as mobile payments, access control, gesture control, and activity tracking. Numerous brands are coming up with their own Smart rings. These rings are said to make users’ lives pretty much easier.

Currently, Samsung is planning to launch its first-ever wearable ring, named the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Oura, a Finnish health technology company, is also planning to launch its new-generation smart rings, Oura rings. So, which one would you like to buy? Which is your choice: Samsung Galaxy Rings or Oura Rings?

For sure, you’ll get a clear idea of which one to choose among the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring. Without further ado, let’s unveil the depth of these two smart accessories for better understanding. Here we go…

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Limitless reasons are available for users to love Samsung products and gadgets as well. In the array of new innovative inventions, a new product, the Galaxy Ring, is all set to mark its place on the tech market.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is a smart ring that users can wear on their fingers like regular rings. These rings will help people monitor their heartbeat, track their sleep schedule, and so on. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy smart ring is rumored to support ECG functionality and blood flow measurement to monitor readings, which include the wearer’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Aside from that, it is expected to feature device control via Samsung SmartThings and wireless payments via Samsung Pay.

Samsung ring (Galaxy Ring VS Oura Ring)
Images Source – sammobile.com

Samsung Galaxy Rings are expected to launch this summer. In the recent press release, the Samsung team gave a hint that the upcoming product will have many advanced features that users will love for sure. So, if you are fond of Samsung products and looking to embrace new technology, then Samsung smart ring is surely the best pick for you. This smart ring features a concave design and comes in nine different sizes, from 5 to 13.

Oura Ring

After Samsung Galaxy Ring, Oura Ring is yet another classic smart device. Oura is a Finnish health technology company providing users with smart gadgets to track their health. It is an exclusive brand for wearables, so comparing it with Samsung really makes sense. With an ultimate mission of improving their performance, Oura designed a 24/7 health monitoring smart ring.

The Oura Ring is a wearable health tracker. It comes in the form of a ring that you can wear like a regular ring. It helps track various aspects of your health, including heart rate, sleep quality, activity levels, and so on. This smart ring is specifically designed to provide insights into your overall health and well-being. It features infrared PPG to track biometric data, and the light sensors indicate health status, which are unique features.

Oura Ring (Galaxy Ring VS Oura Ring)
Images Source – pcmag.com

Oura ring stands out for its sleek design and comfortable fit, making it the best choice for people looking for a discreet way to keep track of their health metrics throughout the day. It is convex and is available in different sizes and colors. It includes silver, black, stealth (matte black), gold finishes, and rose gold. This smart ring comes in two unique models: Heritage and Horizon.

Let’s now take a look at the unique features and functions that Galaxy Rings, Oura Rings offer. Also, we will know how these two wearable smart rings are different from each other in the upcoming sections. So, let’s get started….

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring

Let’s begin the sweet faceoff between the Samsung Galaxy Ring and Oura Ring! It includes various significant features, so don’t miss out to check any information. Happy exploring!

Battery Life and Charging

The world is moving in a rush every second, so a long-lasting battery is essential for worry-free engagements. It’s an undeniably important feature in the case of smart accessories. Yes! Smart rings need to monitor the user’s health from dawn to dusk to provide valuable health insights. Now, let’s compare the battery life of these two smart accessories: the Galaxy and Oura rings.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung confirmed that, on a single charge, the Galaxy Ring lasts for five to nine days. People can conclude the smaller rings last up to 5 days, and the larger ones remain for nine days.

Oura Ring

Oura claims that battery life and longevity depend upon the usage of the smart rings. It also includes the use of health sensors such as sleep tracking, heartbeat monitoring, etc. In general, on a single charge, the rings last up to seven days.

Notable Features

Before digging deeper into the features separately, know about the notable features of the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the Oura Smart Ring. Take a closer look at it.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Here are the wonderful features of Samsung Galaxy Rings that are collected from vast sources.

  • Extensive sleep tracking can detect early signs of sleep apnea
  • AI coach assistance to deliver top-notch health and fitness advice
  • Supports ECG functionality and blood flow measurement
  • Monitors the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and breathing rate
  • Enhanced sleep and menstrual cycle routine
  • Offer insights about the health condition to keep the user informed always
  • Device control via Samsung SmartThings and wireless payments via Samsung Pay

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Oura Ring

Here are the highlighted features of Oura Ring that are sure to amaze you!

  • Offer assistance for improving overall health
  • Helps to overcome stress and depression through accurate guidance
  • Heartbeat rate and sleep monitoring
  • Readiness score, oxygen saturation, and menstruation cycle detection
  • Temperature sensors and activity tracking
  • Sleek, trendy, and classy models
  • Unique colors and affordable prices


Compatibility is the key when it comes to smart accessories and gadgets. In that case, knowing the smart accessory’s compatibility and integration with other applications is essential. It helps to make better decisions while purchasing.

To give a hint on compatibility, Oura is for iOS and Android users, whereas Samsung takes a different approach. Want to know more? Then continue reading!

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Based on the information, Samsung takes a stand to build seamless compatibility with Samsung Health Applications. This clearly shows that Galaxy rings are ideal choices for devoted Samsung fans. Galaxy smart rings aren’t compatible with iPhones and Mac devices. It is exclusively for Android users, in particular for Samsung users.

Oura Ring

Oura smart rings are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This simply implies that a diverse range of users can opt for these rings. These rings can be a great companion for people who wish to monitor and track their health through the day without carrying heavy devices.

One Swipe Payments Options

When it comes to payments, people choose easy bank transactions instead of paper money. Understanding this requirement, tech giants started including seamless payment options in every new smart device launch.

Hope so these two brands will never disappoint the user’s dream of flexible and convenient payment options. Explore it here!

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring developer’s team keeps a few things a top secret. However, the smart accessory has not yet been launched, so you need to wait. Meanwhile, there are some talks going on about the Galaxy Ring supporting Samsung Pay. Thus, wait until the ring is launched!

Oura Ring

Well, Oura smart rings don’t have any options for quick scans or swipes to pay. It is a purely health tracker device. However, there are rumors that the payment options are expected to include in the next generation of Oura Smart Rings. That means users can make contactless payments after confirming the individual’s identity with the next-generation Oura smart rings.

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Health Sensors

Eagerly waiting to know about the health sensors? Let’s begin the comparison, but is it mandatory to include health sensors in smart rings? What’s your opinion? Well, to be frank, people hardly have time to keep track of their health in this fast-paced world. Spending time taking care of one’s health has become hard nowadays.

That’s why the tech giants come up with handy, convenient solutions. Users no longer need to visit a therapist whenever they feel stressed; just a simple swipe is enough to get rid of depression. Dig deeper into the unique health sensors available in two brands.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring monitors an array of health metrics through the built-in sensors. According to the gathered information, this smart accessory gives insights into many things. It includes respiratory rate, sleep monitoring, heart rate, and others. You won’t believe, Samsung Galaxy Rings also provide insights of fertility tracking through partners’ app integration.

This smart ring offers a vitality score for showing the collected data. In addition, these rings will provide users with personalized health care tips that help them overcome depression and stress. Adding to this, the developer’s team also revealed the plan to include AI coaches in the future for better assistance. On the whole, Galaxy Ring users get improved sleep assistance and overall health monitoring.

Oura Ring

Oura Ring provides insights into the user’s sleep, activity, and readiness by collecting body signals through health sensors.

PPG sensors Infrared photoplethysmography is used to monitor heart rate and respiration. This system tracks the artery pulses and gives users insights. NTC sensor Negative temperature coefficient for body temperature monitors the nighttime skin temperature to maintain it uniformly.

A 3D accelerometer is for tracking movements; this captures the day-to-night activities of every day. During sleep, it seamlessly calculates the restlessness state and overall sleep stages. While in the morning, Oura counts the activities like exercising or any other hand movements. Plus, this smart ring allows users to import information from third-party applications.

Price and Availability

Considering price is essential for making the best decision. Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when buying any gadget or accessory. Undoubtedly, these gadgets are pricey. Some people may not even be able to buy these smart accessories if they are not affordable, so knowing the cost is undeniably important. Let’s know about the price and availability of the accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Rings haven’t launched yet, so Samsung lovers need to wait until the launch. Still, this section will give the details of the expected price and launch date. This helps you save money to purchase your dream smart ring.
The expected price of Galaxy rings ranges from $260 to $450. And this smart accessory is all set to land on the market in late summer 2024.

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Oura Ring

Oura smart ring price varies according to the finish and material of the ring.

  • Silver and Black: $299
  • Stealth: $399
  • Gold: $499

This smart ring also classifies the price according to the models, such as Heritage is available for $299 and Horizon is available for $349. Oura Smart Ring is expected to release in the summer of 2024. So, let’s wait for the launch!

Surely, you get some ideas about the two unique smart accessories. Isn’t it? Yes, here is the important part of the article: why opt for the Samsung Galaxy Ring and Oura Ring? Take a closer look at the top reasons to purchase these accessories, and then finalize your decision.

Reasons To Opt For Samsung Galaxy Ring

Being a promising brand, the Samsung Galaxy Ring offers various reasons to purchase this smart accessory. It includes a water-resistant, dust-proof, heart rate monitoring, altimeter, sleep, BP, and SpO2 monitor, as well as a long-lasting battery backup.

Plus, the wide compatibility with Android makes it an ideal choice for Samsung lovers. So, if you’re a loyal Samsung customer, then the Galaxy Ring is a much-needed accessory.

Reasons To Choose Oura Ring

Other than the features, its wearability and comfort turn it an apt choice for everyone. Sleek, compact, and lightweight design! Detailed sleep tracking, an accurate step counter, and temperature sensors for detecting illness are the notable features of the model.

Also, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices, which is an added advantage. Such significant features and a stylish design make it stand out from other smart accessories. However, some users may find Oura Ring quite expensive.

Now, it’s time to know which is the best smart accessory you can consider buying. Keep reading the upcoming section to finalize your decision.

Which One is Better?

Undeniably, the Samsung Galaxy Ring stands out with its bunch of attractive features, especially for ardent Samsung lovers. On the other hand, Oura Ring is a great choice for Apple users because it seamlessly connects with iOS devices. Both are excellent wearable devices that you can consider buying. The whole thing, however, boils down to your liking and your pocket.

So, don’t wait! Just analyze the budget, features, and other differences to sort out the one that suits your needs.

Yeah, personal preference is important to make the right decision. Thus, determine your requirements to bring the best smart accessory that uplifts your life standards. Most importantly, whether it is a Samsung Galaxy Ring or Oura Ring, consider the tech setup before bringing the item home. As the ending note, instead of focusing on the overall features, stick to the only points you need.

Final Words

So, this is all about the two smart rings that you can consider choosing to keep track of your health and stay fit both physically and emotionally. These are the perfect devices to impress others.

Whether you choose the Samsung Galaxy Ring or the Oura Ring, you need to wait until the accessories are launched. Make sure to pick the right one according to your budget and tech setup. Plus, pick the one with a stunning design and finish from various options to shine brighter every day.

More than being the stylish and trendy choice, smart rings level up your sleep cycle and ensure good health. So, without any hesitation, you can replace the ordinary rings and give yourself a new makeover. Happy Shopping!


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