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Nothing Phone 2 Problems: Troubleshooting and How to Fix

The arrival of the Nothing Phone 2 marks a notable stride in the realm of upper mid-range smartphones, offering a potent blend of premium capabilities at an accessible price point, complemented by its distinctive design and illuminating feature, setting it apart within its competitive bracket.

With enhancements over its predecessor and broader availability in prominent markets like the US, the Phone 2 brings promising advancements. Nonetheless, as with any emerging technology, particularly in its nascent second iteration, it confronts its share of glitches and inconsistencies. In this discourse, we delve into Nothing Phone 2 problems and solutions.

Here is a complete guide on Nothing Phone 2 problems and solutions

Problem: Enhanced Passcode Security feature malfunctioning for lock screen PIN

  • When entering a passcode, characters are briefly displayed before they switch to dots or stars.
  • Users have noticed that this brief character display persists despite enabling the Enhanced Passcode Security feature, especially when entering the PIN on the lock screen.


  • Access the Settings menu on your Nothing Phone 2.
  • Navigate to Security and Privacy settings.
  • Select Privacy options within the menu.
  • Toggle off the Show Passcodes option.


  • Despite implementing the aforementioned solution, users report that the issue persists specifically when inputting the PIN or passcode on the lock screen.


  • Go back to the Settings menu.
  • Access Security and Privacy settings again.
  • Choose Device Unlock preferences.
  • Select Screen Lock Settings, denoted by a gear icon.
  • Activate the Enhanced PIN Privacy option.

These steps effectively resolve the issue, ensuring enhanced security for your lock screen PIN on the Nothing Phone 2.

Problem: Fingerprint unlock is not functioning properly

Several users have encountered difficulties with the Phone’s fingerprint unlock feature, experiencing instances where the scanner fails multiple times before successfully recognizing a fingerprint.

Potential Solutions

  • Duplicate Fingerprint Entry: Adding the same fingerprint twice resolves the issue for some users. Navigate to Settings > Security > Fingerprint and add the same fingerprint again.
  • Screen Protector Interference: The presence of a screen protector may interfere with the in-display fingerprint scanner. Re-adding fingerprints after applying a screen protector can alleviate this issue. Additionally, consider increasing touch sensitivity to mitigate problems with screen guards—access Settings > Display and toggle on Increase Touch Sensitivity.
  • System Reset: In extreme cases where fingerprint scanner issues persist due to system malfunctions, performing a Factory Reset may be necessary. Users have reported that the fingerprint sensor starts functioning properly after a reset. However, it’s crucial to back up your Phone before initiating a reset, as this action will erase all data.

Problem: Display refresh rate inconsistencies

  • Some users have reported that the Nothing Phone 2‘s display refresh rate remains locked at 120Hz and fails to adapt despite the Phone featuring a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Conversely, others encounter issues where the refresh rate does not surpass 90Hz.

Potential Solutions

  1. Adjust Refresh Rate Setting: If the Phone fails to reach the expected 120Hz refresh rate, a simple toggle of the setting may resolve the issue. Navigate to Settings > Display > Refresh rate, change the setting to Standard, restart the Phone, and revert to High.
  2. Brightness Adjustment: In cases where the display refresh rate remains constant, it is correlated with the screen brightness setting. The adaptive refresh rate functionality may not engage if the screen brightness is too low. Users have found success by increasing the brightness level to above 55 percent.

Problem: Charging issues – Slow charging, problems with smart charging

  • Some Nothing Phone 2 owners encounter charging problems, including slower-than-expected charging speeds and issues with the Phone’s smart charging feature.

Potential Solutions

  1. Ensure Compatible Charger: The Nothing Phone 2 does not include a charger in the box, leading to slower charging if a charger that doesn’t meet the Phone’s fast-charging requirements is used. Optimal charging requires a 45W USB-PD charger. Look for third-party wall chargers that meet these standards, or consult a guide for selecting the right charger.
  2. Inspect Charging Cable: If the charging speed is still slow with the correct charger, examine the charging cable for signs of damage, such as tearing or fraying. Disable the Phone’s battery optimization settings by navigating to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery and toggling off the option.
  3. Verify Smart Charging Feature: Some users experience issues with the Phone’s smart charging feature, which ensures an optimized, steady charge when plugged in overnight. Firstly, confirm that the feature is active by going to Settings > Battery and toggling on Battery Health.
  4. Enable Battery Features: Users suggest enabling other battery features like Adaptive Battery and Sleep Standby Optimization if the smart charging feature still doesn’t work.
  5. Set Alarm as a Workaround: If the issue persists, set the alarm (between 3 AM and 10 AM), even if not used, as a workaround.

These steps help resolve charging issues and ensure efficient charging performance for your Nothing Phone 2.

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Problem: App drawer search opens the wrong app

  • Some users encounter an issue where tapping on the desired app icon in the app drawer search results opens the wrong app, often the one previously in that position in the app drawer before using the search function.

Potential Solutions

  1. Wait for Results to Load: The problem may arise due to a slight lag between the search box displaying the desired app icon and responding to the tap. Waiting a few seconds after the search box shows the results before tapping the desired app icon should resolve the issue.
  2. Adjust Animation Settings: This issue may also be related to the Phone’s animation settings, causing lag and incorrect app openings. To address this:
    • Enable Developer Options by going to Settings > About Phone and tapping on Nothing OS at the top of the menu multiple times until you see a pop-up confirming developer status.
    • Navigate to Settings > System > Developer Options.
    • Adjust the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale to 0.5x or turn them off entirely for smoother performance without animation lag.

Following these steps, you should experience improved functionality when using the app drawer search feature on your Nothing Phone 2.

Performance issues on Nothing Phone 2

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts commendable performance capabilities, yet inevitable software glitches may lead to various performance challenges that users encounter. Here are potential solutions to address these issues:

1. Home Screen Freezing

  • Nothing issued a software update in January to resolve the home screen freezing problem following the OS version 2.5.1 update.
  • If the issue persists, boot the Device into Safe Mode to identify if a recently installed or updated app is the culprit. Uninstall any such apps to see if the problem resolves.

2. Lag in Picture-in-Picture Mode

  • Clear the app cache of the app being used in picture-in-picture mode to improve performance potentially. Navigate to Settings > Apps > See all Apps > (app name) > Storage and Cache, then tap Clear Cache.
  • Consider clearing app storage, although this will reset the app entirely, so ensure to back up any crucial data beforehand.

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3. Crash Dump Mode/Random Reboots

  • Crash Dump Mode is a safety feature, but frequent reports and random reboots may indicate a problematic app.
  • Remove recently updated or installed apps, and if a specific app is suspected, clear its cache and storage.
  • If issues persist, a Factory Reset may be necessary.

4. Nothing Launcher Freezing After Boot:

  • Some users experience launcher freezing after restarts. If you encounter this issue, force the app to stop.
  • Attempt to resolve by clearing the launcher app cache and storage.

Following these steps, users can mitigate performance issues on their Nothing Phone 2 and ensure smoother operation.

In conclusion, while the Nothing Phone 2 brings remarkable performance, encountering occasional glitches is not uncommon. Addressing these “Nothing Phone 2 problems and solutions” ensures users can fully leverage the Device’s capabilities.

From tackling home screen freezes to optimizing app performance in picture-in-picture mode and managing random reboots through systematic troubleshooting, there’s a solution for every hiccup. Embracing these fixes empowers users to maximize their Nothing Phone 2 experience, ensuring smooth operation and unlocking its full potential in the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology.


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