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Poco X6 Series, Poco M6 Design Renders, Colour Options & Camera Details

Unique features and specialized tech specifications always excite the users, don’t they? Yeah! It anticipates the techies and makes them purchase one to enjoy the cool features. According to the recent announcement by Poco, the brand is planning to launch their new Poco X6 series, Poco M6 4G, and Poco X6 Pro this January.

Aren’t you excited? Surely, you would be, because Poco smartphones are typically known for their boundless performance and stunning camera features. In addition, it is one of the best models from Xiaomi since 2018 and is also known for its affordability. Guess what? This time, you got a hint about the new models. Want to know about them? If yes, then you must explore this article.

New devices, or gadgets entice people a lot these days. And why not, when they have access to a vast new array of feature-rich smartphone models. Everyone wants to use the latest and most updated mobile phones. Nowadays, people change their mobile phone more frequently compared to their clothes. Thus, the details about the launches are useful for such individuals. So, if you’re also one such person, love to update device every alternate year, then you can utilize this post and purchase the new Poco smartphone. Without further delay, let’s begin!

What Makes the Poco X Series Unique?

Around 20 Poco series mobiles are launched in the global market, but why is the Poco X series the best? Have you ever thought about it? Let’s know about them here!

Poco has series of smartphones, including M, C, F, and X. Xaimoi’s Poco X series is well-known for its long-lasting battery life, performance, and affordability. At present, there are 9 models in the Poco X series, which include Poco X2, X3, X3 GT, X4, X4 GT, X5 Pro 5G, and X5 5G. So far, these models create a lasting impression on people’s minds and made them feel like they chose the best smartphone.

Perhaps the performance, excellent battery life, and amazing features of Poco devices make them STAND OUT! The success rate of such designs makes Poco an ideal option to use. As a continuation, they decide to launch two new models, such as the Poco X6 and M6. People are waiting to know about the technical specifications, design, color, and other details.

Do you also want to know about them? If yes, then go through the upcoming sections. Here we go…

Specifications Of Poco X Series

Specification of Poco X Series Design

Digging deeper into the overall tech specifications of the Poco X series is quite tough. Surely, every model has updates to the prior series; so, let’s explore the tech specs of the Poco X5 5G model.

Specifications of the Poco X5 5G

  • Super Amoled Display, 6.67 inches, 1080 x 2400 pixels camera
  • Corning Gorilla Glass protection and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G processor
  • Side-mounted fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity, and compass sensors
  • Jaguar Black, Wildcat Blue, and Supernova Green are the available colors
  • Front camera 16 MP and primary camera 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP
  • Operating System: Android 12 and Battery: 5000mAh
  • Dual SIM slots and USB port type-C
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz and screen aspect ratio: 20:9

These are the tech specifications of the Poco X5 5G series. Users can expect updated features and specs in the upcoming models, Poco X6 5G and Poco X6 Pro 5G. Now, it’s time to learn about the exciting features of the new Poco X6 and M6 series.

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Poco X6 5G & Poco X6 Pro 5G

Poco X6 5G & Poco X6 Pro 5G are the newest releases by Poco in its X series. Indeed, these two new smartphones are all set to rest the limit of mid-range smartphones. According to reports, the Poco X6 series is the brand’s first phone with a CrystalRes display ever in the collections of Poco smartphones.

Poco X6 5G and Poco X6 pro 5G 
Poco X6 Series, Poco M6 4G

With the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra, the X6 series ensures a high-performance and premium experience in 5G smartphones. Plus, these smartphones have the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2, which is rated as the most potent Snapdragon in the 7-series. It provides enhanced performance. These are some of the exciting features that make this series unique.

Poco M6 4G Smartphones

Well, when discussing Poco M6 4G smartphones, this mobile also has many astounding features. The Poco M series also garnered many positive reviews for every variant, including the M5s, M5, M3 Pro 5G, M3, and others. So, let’s explore what unique features they have included in the Poco M6 4G.

12GB + 512GB combo available to enhance your storage and 64 MP triple camera with OIS to capture stunning visuals. 67-watt turbocharging and a big battery are available to imprison the time, and an in-screen fingerprint sensor is available to unleash your smartphone world.

Poco M6 4G design renders and colour options

Camera Specifications

The first and foremost specification to check on any new smart gadget is the camera. Thus, let’s take a glance at them.

Poco X6 5G & Poco X6 Pro 5G

The camera specifications on both mobiles are nearly the same. They come with 64 MP (wide angle), 8 MP (ultra wide), and 2 MP (macro) with autofocus.

Poco M6 4G Smartphones

The Poco M6 series comes with a triple camera setup: a 64 MP primary sensor and a 16 MP front camera.

Launch Data

According to the officials, the brand is planning to launch both the Poco X6 5G, X6 Pro 5G, and M6 4G smartphones on January 11, 2024, in India. So, stay tuned so as to get it on time!

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Design And Color

Here is the most anticipated part of the article, yes! The design and colors of the three new models are in talks because they launched three unique shades last time.

Poco X6 5G

According to the gathered details, Poco X6 5G design renders reveal that it comes in three attractive colors. It includes black, gray, and yellow. Also, the upcoming X series is tipped to offer up to 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. Moreover, it appears to resemble the K70e of Redmi that was released in November.

Poco X6 Pro 5G

Poco X6 Pro 5G mobile is all set to enter the tech market and is said to be a Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G rebranded version. The phone will be available in three different colours: black, white, and blue. The camera functions are quite the same as the Poco X6 5G, which is a Triple rear camera.

Poco M6 4G Smartphones

Poco M6 4G is to arrive in mesmerizing purple, blue, and black colours. This smartphone is expected to provide a 2000MP camera and witness growth consistently, like the previous models.

Availability And Expected Cost

As per the gathered information, these three models are available in India and are all set to launch on January 11. The expected cost of the Poco X6 5G and Poco X6 Pro 5G is 19,999 INR. And you can expect around 20,000 INR for the Poco M6 4G model. You get clarity on pricing once it enters the Indian global market, so stay calm and wait for updates! You can also visit their website for more details on pricing and specs.

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Last Few Words

So, this is all about the Poco X6 Series and Poco M6 4G. From this post, you can be aware of the upcoming Poco X series and M series launches and the worth of anticipation that creates. Since 2018, they have reserved an undeniable place in the tech world and also in the user’s heart. Wait until the product launches to know about the entire tech features of these smartphones. Upgrading to new phones also elevates your life standards, so if there is a need, opt for the new one!

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