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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is a new addition to the Microsoft Surface range. Microsoft claims to have introduced this laptop for creative artists. The features of the product make it very flexible and user-friendly for artists and professionals.

When you take a first look at the laptop it gives the Macbook Pro vibe. The round frames, the keypad, the port layouts are all influenced by the Macbook Pro. We can agree that there are some similarities but we can’t say that it is an exact replica.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is designed in such a way that it can be used in many different ways. The features have so much more to offer. The company claims this model to be “Incredibly powerful, infinitely flexible”

Curious to know more about it?

Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft surface laptop studio:

Design and Features:

The design of the laptop seems standard when first observed. The beauty of the product remains in the flexibility it provides for the user. You can bring the screen closer or lay it flat. It increases the touch interaction and you can comfortably write on it. This design allows you to use the laptop as a tablet.


  • The screen of the laptop is 14.4 in. and it has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.
  • Dimensions: 323.28 mm x 228.32 mm x 18.94 mm (12.72” x 8.98” x 0.746”)
  • It has a resolution of 2400×1600 and it is supported by Dolby Vision. You can also adjust the display from extremely dark to extremely bright and create a subtle working vision.
  • The weight of the laptop is 1.74kg / 3.83lb for Core i5 models and 1.82kg / 4lb for Core i7 models

The touch screen and screen flexibility feature are not new but Microsoft is the first one to build the sleekiest laptop with such a design. This laptop is built for the convenience of the artists to write, draw, or even take notes by pivoting the laptop flat. It gives enhanced accessibility for creating digital art without compromising the performance of the laptop.

The flexible screen is made of sturdy components which do not make the laptop unstable and loose like other 360-degree rotating laptops.


The sleek keyboard comes with the standard size, moving (mechanical) keys, separate rows for function keys, and backlight. You can also find the touchpad with haptic feedback. The laptop also comes with a multi-purpose pen.

Tech Specs:

The Microsoft Surface Laptop studio has Windows 11 but it gives you the option to use Windows 10 Pro as well. It enhances the performance with its processor of Quad-core 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35 i5-11300H and Quad-core 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35 i7-11370H.

Battery and Storage:

The Battery capacity Nominal is 58.0 and the Minimum is 56.3 (WH). You can expect the battery life of i5 up to 19 hours of typical usage and i7 up to 18 hours of typical usage. The battery life is one of the most important specs for artists and professionals and Microsoft serves it just right!

Talking about the storage capacity, the Surface Laptop Studio comes in different variants of SSD: 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB, 2TB


You can find the latest connectivity features like Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB 4.0 port x2 with the Thunderbolt 4.0 support. Microsoft has also welcomed the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and surface connection port.

Camera, Audio, and Video:

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review - Camera Audio and Video

Camera – There is a 1080p front-facing camera with Windows Hello face authentication.

Audio – There are four ‘Omnisonic” speakers for onboard audio with Dolby Atmos.

Video – There are dual far-field studio mics.

These excellent features give the best video-call experience to you.

Release Date:

USA: 5th October 2021

UK/European Union: 22nd February 2022 (available for pre-order now)

India: No particular date has been given but it is set to release in early 2022.


USA: $1600 onwards

UK/EU: starting at £1,449/€1,699 to £2,879

This laptop does not come cheaper in any country. The product is yet to be launched in India and you should not expect the prices to be drastically cheaper than the US or the UK.


New Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio comes with numerous features and elegant styles.

The screen of this laptop is the highlight if you are looking to buy a laptop that is very flexible. One drawback of the screen is that its mobility can get slightly disturbed because of the magnets that hold the screen in place.

The laptop has some unique features below the device. You have to lift it up to see them.

This makes the laptop thicker than it is supposed to be. The little lifting can also help the cooling systems to run smoothly. When it comes to the cooling systems, you will find them placed in the front half of the bottom side of the laptop. The exhaust is on each side of the laptop and when the air gets heated up, you can feel it. This happens only in case the device is running high programs so it is not an issue for most people.

The laptop has its pros and cons. But the important thing is that the cons are very few. It is a laptop which comprises the latest tech and design. The user-friendly features and design make it popular among the young generation. Hence, it is a must-buy laptop. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose the variant carefully after considering all your requirements.

Pros and Cons:


  • The design is very sleek and makes the laptop travel-friendly.
  • The screen is very flexible and made of sturdy materials.
  • The refresh rate is very high and the pen support is excellent
  • The features provide for the best video-call experience.


  • The product is very expensive compared to the other laptops providing similar features.
  • There is a slight inconvenience while changing the screen positions.
  • The laptop gets heated faster while playing games.

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Is the laptop made for digital graphics?

Yes. The design is made for the convenience of artists to create digital art. It has Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics for Intel® Core™ i5 models and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti laptop GPU with 4GB GDDR6 GPU memory for Intel® Core™ i7 models. This Graphics can help you create the best digital graphics.

The laptop comes with a touchpad and pen which are the best tools for creating digital art.

Is the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio a gaming laptop?

Yes. It is well suited for gaming. Here’s why:

  • The laptop has powerful hardware and the moving screen gives you an option to set the screen according to your gaming requirement.
  • It comes with Windows 11 which is perfect for gaming.
  • The high refresh rate enhances the gaming experience.

Can you upgrade the RAM on Surface Laptop Studio?

No. You cannot upgrade the RAM. The laptop comes in different SSD and RAM variants and you must choose carefully according to your requirement as it does not provide space for extra RAM installation.

Does the Surface Laptop Studio provide security?

Yes. It includes a Firmware TPM which can give enterprise-grade security. It also includes BitLocker support. The Windows Hello face sign-in feature takes the security to the next level. The Surface Laptop Studio also has Windows enhanced hardware security.

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