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15 Essential Vlogging Accessories and Equipment for Better Vlogs

Vlogging is an extremely prevalent genre that shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, if you become a renowned vlogger in 2022, you’ll need to discover the correct gear. A video blog is what a vlog is. It’s a type of blogging in which the media used to distribute your information is video rather than text.

With today’s streaming technologies and internet connections, vlogging is more viable for content creators and more common among followers. Vlogs maybe both be amusing and instructive, but they also allow viewers to multitask. You may simply watch a vlog while eating or performing a task such as cooking.

As a result, they are preferred by some over texts, which take more attention. Vlogging, for example, is simple to consume, making it easier for your fans to keep informed. It also helps you to convey a tale and emotionally connect with your audience. Vlogging allows you to connect with your fans on a more personal level; they are more willing to listen to you and believe you since vlogs are similar to what people do on social media.

Vlogging, of course, necessitates more time and money to get started. However, after you’ve established yourself and started a vlog, the investment in vlogging gear will be well worth it. When starting your vlog, you may want to look at a few of the vlogging experts and their vlogging equipment arsenal.

Don’t be disheartened, though, because you don’t have to start with everything. Many popular vlogs began with modest gear and a phone camera. If you’re producing a vlog about food or beauty, you don’t need a drone. You should get one if your vlog is all about hiking and adventure activities.

Naturally, each specialty will have its own set of requirements. Logging or video blogging is becoming increasingly popular, with it seems that everyone wants to be the next YouTube hit. You may believe that celebrity is just around the corner if you have the correct subject matter and a winning personality.

And who knows, it may be! But if you’re going to give it a shot, you’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to get your vlogging career up and running and looking decent. Let’s face it: viewers can be harsh. Is the audio bad? Dislike! Is the video quality poor? I dislike it twice! So, before you plunge yourself into the lion’s den, let’s go through the fundamental gear you’ll need.

In recent years, there has been a surge in content creation, particularly through vlogging. If you don’t want to be labeled as second-rate or shabby, the solution is simple: invest in this crucial vlogging equipment and get started! These are professional-level instruments that are well worth the money.

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List of Vlogging Accessories:

1. RAVPower Portable Charger

Vlogging consumes a lot more energy. If you’re going to vlog throughout the day on your phone, you’ll need a portable charger. RAVPower offers a fantastic selection of battery systems with several USB connections and a total capacity of much more than 20,000 mAh. You can power up your phone well over 6 times with that amount!

2. DJI Pocket 2

The DJI Pocket 2 is a small video camera with an integrated gimbal that produces smooth, handheld footage. It includes brilliant F2.0 lenses and a larger sensor for better low-light footage than action cameras, and it can accept a variety of attachments, including an external microphone. It’s ideal for vloggers who want more than a smartphone camera but don’t want to bother with interchangeable lens versions.

3. Arkon Tripod Mount

The Arkon tripod mount is an excellent portable tripod solution that costs approximately USD 20. It not only has flexible legs, like the more costly Joby GorillaPod tripod, that you can wrap around various buildings, but it also includes the smartphone mount, which Joby sells separately.

Another fantastic feature of the Arkon tripod is that its smartphone attachment can be tilted to allow you to video in either widescreen or portrait orientation.

4. Panasonic’s HC-V770K

For most people, Panasonic’s HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder is a fantastic place to start. It’s inexpensive and provides high-quality 1080p footage at up to 60 frames per second (fps), as well as a slow-mo 120 fps option. When arranging your photographs, a 20x zoom lens provides you with a lot of framing and perspective possibilities.

For most people, Panasonic’s HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder is a fantastic place to start. It’s inexpensive and provides high-quality 1080p footage at up to 60 frames per second (fps), as well as a slow-mo 120 fps option. When arranging your photographs, a 20x zoom lens provides you with a lot of framing and perspective possibilities.

A microphone input is also provided in case you desire to upgrade to specialized audio equipment. Lavalier and shotgun mics provide significantly better audio quality than the camera’s built-in microphone. When you’re done filming, the videos are saved to SD cards in the MP4 format.

In this manner, they will be compatible with most editing software on both PC and Mac. For the sake of speed, unaltered MP4 files will function directly out of the camera with most video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

5. Sony a5100

The a5100 is well worth the $548 price tag. When compared to DSLR cameras, a mirrorless camera allows you to connect additional lenses for the better video while staying thin. This one has WiFi and an ultra-fast auto focus function so you never miss a beat. If none of this is enough to persuade you, it also has a flip-up LCD so you can see how you seem when filming movies on your own.


This microphone is one of the low-cost options. At a cost of only $26.87, you get exactly what you paid for. Generally, decent shotgun microphones are costly, and the more you play, the better the microphone. However, if you’re on a limited budget, this microphone is ideal for novices and won’t set you back an arm and a leg. It has a 3.5mm pin instead of an XLR output and is powered by a 1.5V AA battery.

7. Diva Ring Light Super

A lighting kit is essential for any photographer, videographer, or vlogger, especially if you are vlogging inside. If you’re seeking to put together the greatest vlogging equipment for your YouTube channel, you won’t be able to do it without a lighting setup. This is where the Diva Ring Light Super Nova comes in.

The 5400k fluorescent light gives the face a youthful glow and makes the items sparkle. Bring the light closer to the item for a greater effect. The Diva Ring Light Super Nova has a 6′ stand and a Z bracket for putting the ring light on a tripod. There includes a flexible gooseneck for convenient light placement and rapid setup.

If you wish to dim the lighting, there is a knob on the setup that you may use. There is also a diffusion cloth available to soften the light as needed. This ring light is favored by a plethora of YouTube vloggers, producers, photographers, makeup professionals, and others.

The Diva Ring Light Super Nova comes in a travel-friendly and robust box for simple travel and storage. The Diva Ring Light Super Nova is well worth its price since it excels at generating soft lighting and attaining true-to-color brightness.

8. Rode smartLav+

The Rode smartLav+ is another high-quality microphone from Rode. The original price of this microphone is $90, but it is now available for $65.98 at the time of writing. This microphone is powered by the device to which it is attached. This microphone is designed to operate with cellphones, particularly iPhones.

It does, however, have a 3.5mm pin, yet iPhones haven’t had 3.5mm jacks since the iPhone 7. This implies that if you have a newer iPhone, you should think about purchasing an adaptor. If you want to use it with a camera or video recorder, you’ll need to purchase their SC3 adapter.

9. Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case

Mega Tiny’s anti-gravity cases will keep your iPhone or Android phone in one set place for all the flat surfaces that the Arkon tripod mount’s flexible legs can’t wrap around. These cases may adhere to glass, mirrors, metal, and other surfaces. They cost between $20 and $30.

10. Magnus VT-4000

This is your tripod if your camera was a little heavier or if you determined you needed the extra height. The VT-4000 costs $140.52, but given its specifications, it’s a good value. The VT-4000 has a height range of 70cm to 150cm. It weighs 3.6 kilos and has a capacity of 4 kg. It has ground spikes for use outside and rubber tips for use on more delicate inside flooring.

11. Blue Yeti

If you’re seeking a microphone that allows for quick and easy recording at home, the Blue Yeti is just what you’re looking for and should be included in your YouTube video equipment! Any project recorded with this microphone is incredibly clear, so you can simply utilize the recordings on YouTube. The gadget is ready to use after a simple plug-and-play connection.

Another essential advantage is that it is compatible with any PC or MAC and does not require the installation of any drivers. The use of a custom-designed condenser capsule aids in the recording of crystal-clear sounds. This microphone is suitable for recording entire bands, games, acoustic instruments, or voices.

12. Rode VideoMic Me

The microphone integrated into your phone is as sensitive to noises coming from behind the phone as it is to sounds coming from in front of the phone. When you’re attempting to vlog in selfie mode when there’s a loud concert on the opposite side, this can be an issue.

The Rode VideoMic Me is a smartphone device that can improve the sound that you capture from your phone in certain instances. This small directional shotgun mic connects directly to your phone’s headphone socket and costs roughly USD 60. In windy situations, the dead cat windscreen that comes with it performs an excellent job of reducing wind noise.

This gadget works no better than your phone’s inbuilt microphone in calm, indoor settings when you are the only one speaking. Your phone must also be in airplane mode to avoid the Rode VideoMic Me from capturing annoying clicking sounds created by background phone operations. As a result, you shouldn’t use it for live broadcasting.

13. Rode VideoMic GO

If you are planning or recording your vlogs while actively spending your time in 2022, we propose choosing one of the most popular and excellent microphones for this activity. In general, this microphone fits precisely on the top of the camera and does not interfere with the vlog’s recording.

As a consequence, you won’t have to worry about the microphone or sound quality because the microphone will always be in front of you when capturing the video. However, before purchasing this microphone, ensure that it is compatible with your current camera. This microphone is often used with point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, DSLR cameras, and other devices that have a 3.5mm input.

14. GoPro Hero5

It was originally priced at $399, making it one of the more affordable alternatives. It’s the go-to option for the more daring YouTuber since it has excellent stabilization, voice controls, and is waterproof. It’s ideal for travel and fitness vloggers, but it’s also suitable for individuals who operate a vlog from their homerooms.

It is one of the better alternatives you have, and it was originally priced at $399. It’s the go-to option for more daring vloggers since it has excellent stabilization, voice controls, and is waterproof. It’s ideal for travel and fitness vloggers, but it’s also suitable for individuals who operate a vlog from the comfort of their own homes.

15. iOgrapher Go

If you don’t restrict yourself to smartphone camera accessories, there are a plethora of other options available to you. Sound and lighting equipment designed for standalone cameras performs significantly better as well. Many of these attachments are designed to be attached to the camera’s “shoe.”

Smartphones do not come with these sneakers. So, in order to make use of these higher-quality accessories, you’ll need a camera rig for your smartphone that also includes shoes. With the iOgrapher Go, you can get this for around USD 60. This accessory includes three pairs of shoes.

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