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13 Top Instagram Unfollow Apps 2023: Everything You Need to Know 

You must have encountered many creative procedures when peeking for methods to grow your Instagram followers. But only some articles let you understand how to delete the account you have followed, so we have listed safe unfollow Instagram apps to assist you with unfollowing Instagram profiles.

Earlier, you consumed much time on Instagram trying to increase your followers by using the F2F technique, while now you want to keep only a few of the people you had followed. Instead of doing this manually, you can try the Instagram we have listed below the top 13 Instagram unfollow apps in 2023.

We will help you maintain a balanced Instagram profile, enhancing your account’s credibility so you can focus on other areas.

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Best 10+ Safe Unfollow Apps for Instagram in 2023

1. Followers Pro+

Excellent for analyzing to know who has unfollowed you.

Followers Pro+ comes in both free and paid editions. It delivers crucial details about your followers. This includes those stalking around your profile without following you back; the app makes unfollowing them very simple.

Followers Pro+

The app has a handy feature that keeps track of new and discontinued followers, and the app has many more features in the paid version. In addition, it’s one of the best Instagram unfollow apps 2023, as it has a simple-to-use interface.

2. OnTrack

Great for finding who is unfollowing you and for unfollowing.

If you are looking for the best Instagram unfollow app, your search ends with instrack, but it is accessible only to iOS users. However, users can manage their Instagram accounts quickly because the app offers many options.

You can know how many people are not following you and even other statistics about your profile, and you can plan your post. The paid edition has a lot of attractive features.

3. IG Analyzer: Followers Analysis

Great for unfollowing many accounts and scrutinizing the Instagram accounts that fail to follow you.

IG Analyzer Followers Analysis

It’s a free unfollow Instagram app that lets you know how well your Instagram account is doing. In addition, it lets you know the total digit of subscribers and how considerable individuals have unfollowed you. The app can be used for both Android and iPhone.

It also lets you know how numerous individuals are not following you back, and you can even know if someone deletes a like or remark on any of your content. You can also scan your most active followers, thanks to the app.

4. Reports+

Great for Instagram defollowing and finding out who restricted your account.


It is one of the free Instagram unfollow apps that work on Android and IOS. The app has many features, like checking who has restricted you and even discovering accounts that have stopped following you.

You can even check the new visitors to your profile, and it is so simple to use that it is one of the best Instagram unfollow app.

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5. Unfollow users

Most beneficial for mass unfollowing.

Unfollow Users

This is a free Instagram unfollow app, as you can unfollow up to 10 people at a time and create a safelist of people you want to keep in contact with. The app is best for users who wish to avoid finding out who is following them and want to stop following many people at one time. The app is meant for Android devices solely. It is one of the safe unfollow Instagram app.

6. Followers assistant

Awesome to know about unfollowed accounts.

Followers Assistant

The handiest feature of this app includes checking who has recently unfollowed you and who has followed you and not interacted. The application is just for iOS users and is a free unfollow Instagram app. you can unfollow 200 accounts at a time using the Quick Stop Follow and View Comment feature.

7. Followers Track for Instagram

Most beneficial for unfollowing and hunting fresh followers.

It’s a handy app for you if you want to see more steady increase in your account, and it is the best Instagram unfollow app in 2023. In addition, the app provides valuable information, like your recent followers and the accounts that have blocked you or are not following you back.

Followers Track for Instagram

The app is available only for iOS users, and you can check any likes your followers removed. However, the app has many features if you want to increase your fan base while still engaging your existing audience.

8. Followers Insight for Instagram

Used for unfollowing those individuals that don’t follow you back.

It’s a free unfollow Instagram app that allows you to unfollow someone who is not following you instantly. With the help of this app, you can effortlessly notice who is not following you, and you can effortlessly unfollow them.

Followers Insight for Instagram

The app is available for Android users, and it manages your account, helps you see which are the most popular post on your account, and you can quickly check how many likes you have on your posts.

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9. SpamGaurd App

Suitable for cleaning your Instagram account.

SpamGuard is the best choice if you want a service that can protect your profile from bots and spam. It is a safe, unfollow Instagram app that saves from spam accounts that follow you.

SpamGaurd App

The website has an anti-spam monitor that protects your Instagram account from unwelcome comments and likes. The most helpful feature is that the app has a free trial period.

10. Mass unfollow app for Instagram

Suitable for unfollowing ghost followers on Instagram.

Mass unfollow app for Instagram

The app can I help you follow and unfollow accounts. They also help do keeping an eye on the ghost following. It’s a free unfollow Instagram app 2023, and all the tasks are performed in bulk, which saves much time.

11. Follow Cop

Most suitable for maintaining a trail of your Instagram unfollowers.

It’s one of the best Instagram unfollow apps to track your unfollowers, and additionally, the app claims that it offers worldwide exposure to its users for its Instagram page.

Follow Cop

It’s a free Instagram unfollow app that can help you gain more followers. Android utilizers can have the application without any cost. The app enables you to acquire supporters as it is an Instagram management tool.

12. Followers and Unfollowers

Best for unfollowing the people who are no longer following you.

Followers and Unfollowers

It is a safe unfollow Instagram app that keeps tabs on your followers and what they are up to. The app notifies you when somebody unfollows you, and the app’s main feature is that you can unfollow multiple people in one go.

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13. Unfollower

Suitable for unfollowing inactive Instagram accounts.


The app’s name suggests its work; it helps you check the people you have followed but have yet to follow you back. Unfollow is a free Instagram unfollow app that lets you unfollow individuals with just one click.


1. Does Instagram permit unfollowing applications?

Instagram does not allow the use of any third-party application on its platform. But you can use any application that works according to Instagram policies. Of course, if you do so, your account can be blocked, so always look for the right app.

2. Which is the best Instagram unfollow app?

All the apps mentioned in the above list have unique features, so you can try any suitable app to answer this question.

3. How does the Instagram unfollow app work?

All the unfollow apps store a list of people following you, and they check your Instagram the next day to compare the list. If somebody has stopped following you, the app will register it and inform you immediately.

4. How many accounts on Instagram can be unfollowed in a day?

If you want to unfollow a lot of accounts together, there is a limit of 150 per day, and if you try to unfollow more than the set limit, your account can be temporarily banned.

5. Are Instagram unfollowing apps safe?

Some apps have security issues, and it’s always advisable to check them before installing them.

6. How can I check who has unfollowed me on Instagram?

You can review it manually, but that process can be very long and time-consuming, so it’s better to use a simple app. There are numerous free and paid applications for this objective.

7. Can I unfollow everyone on Instagram?

There is no definitive method to unfollow everyone at once. However, you can be temporarily banned if you try to do it. The simple way is to download an Instagram unfollow app and select a few accounts at a time.


Everyone on Instagram likes to have massive followers, and it’s beneficial for your business, brand, product, and even the success of your organization. However, social media influencers also require many followers to reach their targets.

Your account will grow once your followers react to your post, and the best way will be to remove the inactive followers and bring in new followers who can interact with your content and let your account expand. You can use any of the above apps to reach your goal, as we have listed the top 13 Instagram unfollow apps for 2023. We hope the information we provided is helpful to you.


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