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How to Use Discord Voice Chat with Friends on Your PS5 Game

In a world where gaming has become a rich social experience, connecting with friends and sharing memorable moments is a cornerstone of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) community. While the console itself may not have native support for Discord, fear not, for there are alternative paths to forge that voice chat bond.

With human ingenuity, you can explore options like utilizing the Discord mobile app and a trusty headset or venturing into the PS5 browser to access Discord’s web app. So gather your friends, immerse yourself in gaming adventures, and let the power of voice communication weave an unforgettable tapestry of camaraderie on your PS5. In this article, you will learn how to use voice chat on your PS5 using Discord.

What are the benefits of linking Discord to PS5

Linking Discord to your PlayStation 5 (PS5) opens up a world of advantages, enhancing your gaming experience with a touch of camaraderie. Firstly, it brings seamless communication with friends, allowing you to coordinate strategies, share exciting moments, and build lasting bonds. Discord’s robust voice chat features provide crystal-clear audio, promoting efficient teamwork and a sense of immersion.

Additionally, Discord enables cross-platform communication, letting you communicate with friends across platforms. The integration fosters a vibrant community, facilitating the discovery of like-minded players, expanding your social circles, and creating memorable gaming memories that transcend the virtual realm.

Here are the steps to use voice chat with friends on your PS5 using Discord

Install the Discord mobile app

To embark on your voice chat journey

1. Start by engaging yourself in the dynamic world of Discord.
2. Embrace the human touch of connection by downloading and installing the Discord mobile app, available on the respective app stores.
3. For Android users, venture into the enchanting realm of the Google Play Store, where Discord eagerly awaits your arrival. If you’re an iOS adventurer, traverse the captivating landscapes of the App Store, where Discord beckons you with open arms.
4. Unleash the power of seamless communication, camaraderie, and shared gaming experiences as you embark on this magical quest with Discord by your side.

Connect your headset

Connect your headset

Now, it’s time to learn how to communicate effectively. Embrace the power of sound and voice by connecting a compatible headset to your mobile device. Feel the comfort of the ear cups as they envelop your ears, immersing you in a world where every whisper and battle cry resonates with clarity.

Ensure that your chosen headset boasts a built-in microphone or is accompanied by a separate microphone. With this essential gear, you can effortlessly converse with your friends on Discord, sharing laughter, strategizing, and forging unforgettable memories that will echo through the gaming realm.

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Create/join a voice channel

As you step into the realm of Discord on your mobile device, prepare to embark on a journey of connection and camaraderie. Launch the Discord app, and let its attractive interface welcome you to endless possibilities. Take the lead by creating a voice channel to craft a sanctuary for laughter and conversation with your friends.

Or, join an existing voice channel, where allies await to share thrilling tales and engage in lively banter. Together, you’ll navigate virtual landscapes, unite your voices, and weave a tapestry of friendship that transcends the boundaries of screens and distance.

Balance audio

Harmonizing the symphony of game audio and Discord voice chat is an art worth mastering. To achieve this delicate balance, consider two paths. First, adorn yourself with earbuds or headphones that connect to your mobile device, allowing you to revel in the immersive game sounds while keeping Discord conversations close to your heart.

Alternatively, embark on an audio balancing act by adjusting the levels between your PS5 and mobile device. Let the game audio resonate through the speakers of your TV or sound system while Discord’s enchanting voices serenade your ears. Embrace the best of both worlds, orchestrating an auditory masterpiece that enhances your gaming experience.

Features of Discord to enhance your audio

Sound Settings

Embark on an audio adventure, delving into the depths of sound settings to unlock a realm of customization and personalization. Within Discord’s realm, fine-tune the microphone sensitivity, finding that sweet spot where your voice resonates with clarity, capturing every nuance of emotion—journey to the heart of the PS5, where audio output and input levels await your touch.

Sculpt the audio landscape to your liking, ensuring each note, each word carries the weight it deserves. Let your voice soar, surrounded by a symphony of immersive sound, as you bask in the delight of optimal clarity and comfort tailored to your unique audio journey.

Noise Suppression

Unleash the power of pristine communication with Discord’s built-in noise suppression feature, designed to banish background noise and elevate your voice to the forefront. Within the comforting embrace of the Discord app, discover the option to enable this ingenious feature. As you engage in conversations, let the noise suppression algorithms work their magic, stripping away distractions and ensuring your voice emerges crystal-clear and prominent.

Bid farewell to the clatter of keyboards, the hum of fans, and the echoes of bustling surroundings. Embrace a world where your words take center stage, forging connections with unwavering clarity and immersing yourself in a symphony of quiet conversation.

Audio Mixing Solutions

Embark on a quest for audio perfection with audio mixing solutions, unveiling a realm of limitless control and harmony. Virtual audio cables and software like Voicemeeter act as your trusted guides, offering the power to intertwine the melodies of game audio and Discord voice chat into a symphony of seamless communication. Navigate this realm with finesse, routing both sources through a single output, where you become the conductor of audio balance.

Adjust the volume levels, sculpting the perfect blend, ensuring neither game audio nor Discord overshadows the other. Embrace the freedom to orchestrate an audio masterpiece that elevates your gaming experience to unparalleled heights.

Communication Etiquette

As you embark on this audio adventure with your friends, remember the essence of communication etiquette, a symphony of respect and consideration. Encourage clarity in speech, where each word dances with purpose and understanding. Urge them to create a serene audio environment, free from the cacophony of excessive background noise.

Embrace the art of taking turns, allowing each voice to be heard, and fostering a harmonious conversation. Together, you can cultivate an atmosphere of smoothness where every interaction becomes a delightful melody. By adhering to these principles, you’ll embark on an audio journey filled with enjoyment, understanding, and the shared joy of meaningful conversations.


In the realm of gaming, where friendships are forged and shared experiences bloom, using Discord as a voice chat solution on your PS5 adds a touch of camaraderie and immersion. While the PS5 doesn’t have native Discord integration, the options we explored offer a gateway to seamless communication. From installing the Discord mobile app to leveraging the PS5 browser, we’ve discovered ways to connect, laugh, and strategize with friends.

You can create a symphony of seamless conversations by balancing audio, customizing settings, embracing etiquette, and leveraging audio mixing solutions. Let us embark on this journey together, where Discord and the PS5 harmonize to craft unforgettable moments and everlasting bonds. We hope this blog on how to use voice chat on your PS5 using Discord is useful to the readers.

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