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How to Lock Facebook Profile From iPhone, Android, and Desktop

There are no privacy settings on the world’s most widely-used social media platform. Photos, names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses can all be viewed by anyone around the world. As a result, some users who are concerned about their privacy are paranoid. Facebook has a feature that allows users to lock their Facebook profiles so that they can’t be accessed by others. With the profile locked, only your Facebook friends will have access to your photos, stories, and new posts on the timeline. On locked profiles, all ‘public’ posts are also only visible to friends of the sai.

A user can lock their profile from both the mobile app as well as the web browser on this social media platform. However, there is a workaround for the fact that Facebook on the web browser does not allow users to lock their profiles. The Facebook app for iOS does not offer the option to lock your profile.

1. How to lock your Facebook profile using Desktop:

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/ to lock your Facebook profile on a desktop.
  • “www” should be replaced with’m.facebook.com/yourprofilename/’ when you open the profile icon in the URL, instead of “www”
  • Your desktop browser will switch to Facebook’s mobile version when you click this link.
  • On the right side of the Edit Profile option, you’ll see a three-dot menu.
  • Click the Lock Profile option in the three-dot menu.
  • After that, the user is given the option to lock their profile at the bottom of the page. Just click on it.
  • Your profile has been secured.

2. How to lock Facebook Profile on Android Device:

  • Method 1:

You can easily protect your Facebook profile from stalkers by using the Facebook Android application. Step-by-step instructions on how to lock your Facebook profile.

  • Open the Facebook app and select “Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, next to the ‘Add to Story’ section, tap the three-dot menu.
  • “Lock Profile” is located in this menu. Touch it, and the Lock Profile page will appear.
  • Activate the ‘Lock Your Profile’ button by tapping it.

This will now lock your Facebook profile. Unlocking is possible as well if you follow similar instructions to the ones listed above.

  • Method 2:

Follow these steps on your Facebook Mobile App to lock your Facebook profile or make your timeline and tagging private.

  • Initiate your Facebook account on the Facebook App.
  • On the Facebook App, click the Main Menu icon.
  • Then, go to Settings & Privacy, and finally, Settings
  • Then select Timeline and Tagging from the Privacy section.
  • Only me, Off, and On are the available options.
  • Go back to the Public Posts menu and select it.
  • Set the Friends option in the menu.

It’ll then be private on your Facebook profile for all of your Timeline, Tagging, and Reviews on the site. Just as no one can post to your timeline or see posts you’ve tagged, you can also prevent others from sharing your posts to their stories. To control who can follow you, as well as who can share or comment on your public posts, set the option to only me and friends in the privacy settings.

  • Method 3:

Currently, this method isn’t available to all of our users. The link can be found in the help support menu.

  • Press and hold down on the menu bar.
  • From the menu, click on the Help and Support button.
  • Initiate the Help Center
  • Just search for “Profile Locked” in the search bar to find it.
  • Choose the first option. “How do I lock my Profiles?”.
  • Under How do I lock my profile, scroll down and click the Tap Here option.
  • A button on the page says “Lock Your Profile.”

As a result of the lock, all of Facebook’s features are now protected.

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3. How to lock Facebook Profile from iPhone:

This method is useful for people who live outside of a country where Facebook Profile Lock is available but whose device does not support it, such as an iPhone in India.

  • Go to the iPhone’s Safari and type in Facebook Web.
  • The login page will be displayed as the result.
  • Login with your Facebook ID, Password.
  • To get to the menu, tap on the top-right menu option after logging in
  • Press and hold the three dots
  • You’ll be taken to the Lock Profile option if it’s available in your country.
  • Continue by selecting “Secure your profile.”
  • A confirmation page will appear after clicking on it: Profile locking is complete when you tap OK/Confirm to confirm.

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Benefits of locking Facebook Profile:

According to reports, Facebook has launched a new feature that allows users to lock their profiles to protect them from snooping visitors. It was designed with women in India in mind, who want more control over their Facebook experience, in mind. Unfriends can no longer zoom in on any random Facebook profiles once the profile has been locked. This aims to prevent the content from being misused by unknown individuals. Only the profile with incomplete About Details will be visible to new visitors.

This information can only be seen by friends if you have the lock option enabled on your Facebook profile:

  • The latest posts and photos
  • Stories uploaded by you
  • Profile or cover photo in full size
  • Photos and posts on the person’s timeline
  • In the future, any posts that were previously shared with the public will be restricted to friends.
  • There will be a switch to enable timeline and tag review.
  • On the profile, only a small portion of the about information will be visible.


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