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12 New Telegram App Features 2024


Messaging apps have become our favorite mode of communication, allowing us to communicate with our pals at any time and from any location. While Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most well-known of these apps, one has lately arisen to upset the industry by claiming to be the safest. Telegram Messenger is the name of the app.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a popular internet chat app that operates similarly to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. When you’re connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can utilize it to send messages to your friends. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that claims to prioritize security and speed above other popular chat programs. Since its introduction in 2013, the service has grown to 200 million monthly active users. Telegram, which was founded by Russian Pavel Durov, who is also the founder of Russia’s largest social network VKontakte (VK), claims to combine the speed of WhatApp with the ephemerality of Snapchat. Telegram, like WhatsApp, allows users to view a friend’s status online as well as attach and share images, videos, locations, contacts, and documents. Security is a distinguishing feature of Telegram. It says that all of its actions are encrypted, including chats, groups, and media shared by individuals.


1. Animated Emojis:

Telegram’s regular emojis can be presented in an animated avatar to add to their emotional impact. These aren’t the same as the GIFs you can share using the app. Go to Settings/Chat Settings/ Large Emojis to activate animated emojis.

2. Add Different People Based On Your Location:

Telegram now allows you to add people in your immediate vicinity. You can see the name of the individual on the opposite side if he or she has made his or her profile available. To exchange contact information, simply tap on the name. The software also allows you to create location-based groups, which are small groups of coworkers, students, or neighbors that work in a specific area. Users in the area will be able to view the group on their devices and join it once they’ve created it.

3. Self-destructing Media:

Self-destructing messages aren’t new to Telegram, but they were previously exclusively available through the app’s Secret Chats. Telegram now allows you to send self-destructing messages in ordinary chats as well, thanks to a recent update. To send a timed message, go to the specific chat and open your gallery, then tap on a preview to choose an image or video. In the four selections below the media, look for the stopwatch-shaped timer symbol. You can set a timer for the media to expire when a certain amount of time has passed.

4. Group Voice chats:

Telegram’s new Group Voice Chats feature allows members of a group to start a common group voice chat. Users can, however, choose to leave and rejoin the existing group conversation at any time.

5. Slow Mode:

If you’re a group admin and the sheer volume of messages is making it difficult for you to manage the group, you can use the slow mode function. If you’ve activated “Slow Mode” and set a 1-minute interval. Each member of the group is limited to sending one message every minute. They’ll see how much longer they have to wait before sending the following message thanks to a timer. This type of functionality can help keep talks on track while also boosting the value of each message. This option can be enabled in the “Group Permissions” section.

6. Delete my account timer:

If you haven’t used Telegram for a long length of time, you can erase your account. Users can choose whether or not their account will be completely terminated once a certain amount of time has passed. You can choose from one month, three months, six months, or a year.

7. Unlimited personal cloud storage:

Each Telegram user has their own ‘Saved Messages’ folder. This can be accessed from the main screen’s left hamburger menu. Users can save essential messages here, which, like their chats, will be backed up on Telegram’s secure cloud. The Saved Messages area can then be accessible from any device where your account is logged in, including your phone, laptop, and other mobile devices.

8. Scannable QR codes for invites:

Telegram invite links may now be converted to QR codes that can be scanned and printed as needed. Admins may also see which sources are bringing in the newest users, which aids in mapping the performance and growth of channels and groups.

9. Proxy Servers:

Proxy servers are also supported by Telegram. By connecting to a custom proxy server, users can mask their IP addresses. This works similarly to a VPN connection, but it’s a function you should only use if you’re confident in your abilities. While a proxy connection is not as secure as a VPN connection, it does not degrade your internet performance.

10. Keep Alive Feature:

Android’s algorithms may stop Telegram and other apps in the background, delaying new message notifications until you manually launch the app again, depending on what Android skin your phone runs and how much RAM you usually have remaining.
If you don’t want this to happen and want Telegram to continue sending you real-time notifications, you can disable it.

11. Improved chat import feature:

If added to a Telegram chat that is fresh or has less than 1,000 messages, Telegram has made it easier for users to sort imported messages by their original date. However, only one-on-one chats, freshly created groups, and smaller existing groups can be sorted by the original date

12. Edit and replace pictures while sending:

Users can modify and even change photographs after they’ve been sent using the app. To do so, hold down the long-press button on a photo you’ve sent. Select the ‘Edit’ button at the top, just as you would after sending a text message. You’ll now have access to an in-built picture editor that allows you to apply filters, sketch, and trim images. Alternatively, you can delete the image and replace it with a new one.

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