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10 Drawbacks with Apple Vision Pro Make Users Want to Return

The Apple Vision Pro has emerged as a groundbreaking device, igniting considerable excitement within the tech community. However, amidst the fervor, it’s crucial to meticulously dissect the potential drawbacks accompanying this cutting-edge gadget. In this comprehensive expose, we’ll navigate through ten prominent issues associated with the Apple Vision Pro, shedding light on aspects that necessitate meticulous consideration before committing to a purchase.

Top 10 Drawbacks or Problems with Apple Vision Pro:

1. Exorbitant Price Tag:

One of the most Drawbacks with Apple Vision Pro is its exorbitant price point, which stands at a substantial $3,500. This lofty cost places it beyond the financial reach of many consumers, prompting skepticism regarding its practicality, especially for professional use cases.

2. Additional Costs:

The financial burden doesn’t conclude with the initial purchase price. Users are compelled to incur additional expenses for essential add-ons such as storage expansion and Apple Care, further inflating the overall expenditure. The significant markups on these accessories, coupled with potential repair costs, exacerbate the financial strain associated with the device, necessitating prudent budgeting strategies.

3. Limited Content Availability:

Despite its immersive capabilities, the Apple Vision Pro suffers from a notable dearth of diverse content. While the spatial videos initially captivate users, the novelty rapidly diminishes, leaving them yearning for more substantial and varied entertainment options to fully capitalize on the device’s potential for immersive experiences.

4. Subpar Keyboard Experience:

Navigating the Apple Vision Pro’s interface proves to be cumbersome, particularly concerning text input. The available methods, including a virtual keyboard and Siri voice-to-text, fall short of providing a seamless typing experience, casting doubt on the device’s suitability for productivity tasks requiring extensive text input.

Subpar Keyboard Experience
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5. Privacy Concerns with the EyeSight Feature:

Apple’s EyeSight feature, intended to capture users’ eye movements, raises significant privacy apprehensions. The prospect of constant monitoring through digital representations of one’s eyes or face evokes discomfort, underscoring the importance of robust privacy safeguards and transparent user consent mechanisms to mitigate potential privacy breaches.

6. Limitations in Display Mirroring:

While the device offers display mirroring functionality, the capped resolution of 720p undermines its utility for tasks necessitating high-definition visuals, such as video editing. This limitation compromises its potential as a productivity tool for professional users, hindering seamless workflow integration and compromising the quality of visual output.

Redditors are reporting mysterious hairline cracks near the nose bridge of their devices, with identical patterns and no apparent cause. Speculation surrounds overheating issues or a potential design flaw, as users claim they haven’t engaged in activities that would normally lead to such damage. The Reddit community is actively discussing and investigating the phenomenon.

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7. Short Battery Life:

The Apple Vision Pro’s limited battery life, offering up to 2 hours of general usage, poses a considerable inconvenience for users, necessitating frequent recharging. This constraint forces users to remain tethered to power sources, impeding mobility and compromising the device’s usability in prolonged usage scenarios, warranting strategic power management strategies.

Short Battery Life
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8. Lack of Multiple User Profiles:

The absence of multiple user profiles detracts from the device’s versatility, confining it to a single Apple ID. This limitation inhibits seamless sharing among family members or colleagues, hampering its potential as a communal device for collaborative usage scenarios and highlighting the need for robust multi-user support mechanisms.

9. Absence of Key Applications:

The device’s inability to support essential applications like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify at launch diminishes its appeal as an all-encompassing entertainment platform. While access via the built-in browser is feasible, the absence of dedicated applications restricts functionality and convenience, underscoring the importance of expanding the app ecosystem to enhance the user experience.

10. Health Concerns and Comfort Issues:

Foremost among the concerns surrounding the Apple Vision Pro are the potential health implications and discomfort associated with prolonged usage. The device’s considerable weight and ergonomic challenges may exacerbate existing health issues and induce discomfort, ranging from headaches to skin irritations, significantly detracting from the overall user experience and raising pertinent questions regarding long-term usability and user well-being


While the Apple Vision Pro boasts innovative features and immersive capabilities, a meticulous examination reveals a myriad of issues warranting thorough consideration. From pricing concerns to privacy implications and health considerations, the device presents notable drawbacks that may deter prospective buyers.

As technology continues to evolve, addressing these concerns becomes imperative for ensuring the widespread adoption and success of future iterations, underscoring the importance of user feedback and iterative refinement in shaping the trajectory of immersive technology and fostering a more inclusive and user-centric approach to innovation

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