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15 Best Useful Apple Vision Pro Apps You Should Download

Introducing the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro, a marvel of technology that promises to redefine productivity and entertainment experiences. With its unparalleled capabilities, the Apple Vision Pro opens doors to many possibilities, boasting a staggering array of apps tailored to enhance work and leisure.

Its impressive repertoire includes 600 specialized Vision Pro apps, meticulously crafted to cater to various professional needs. From boosting productivity to enriching entertainment and streaming experiences, the Apple Vision Pro is a beacon of innovation, offering users an unparalleled fusion of functionality and pleasure. Let’s delve into the realm of the finest Vision Pro apps, tailored to elevate every aspect of your digital lifestyle.

Here are the most Useful Apps For Apple Vision Pro

1. Juno for YouTube

Meet Juno for YouTube, the brainchild of Christian Selig, renowned for his previous creation, Apollo. With the demise of Apollo due to Reddit’s API restrictions, Selig embarks on a new endeavor to address a prevalent issue: the absence of a native YouTube app on Vision Pro. Enter Juno for YouTube, a seamless solution explicitly tailored for VisionOS.

Juno for YouTube Apple vision pro app
Images Source – https://gigazine.net/

This native app seamlessly integrates with your device, offering unparalleled access to the world’s largest video platform. While Google’s reluctance to develop its app remains a mystery, Juno’s excellence ensures you won’t feel its absence, delivering a flawless YouTube experience right at your fingertips.

2. Shortcut Buttons

Enter Shortcut Buttons, an ingenious creation by Finn Voorhees explicitly tailored for the remarkable object permanence feature of Vision Pro. With this innovative app, your environment becomes a canvas for productivity and convenience. Seamlessly integrate buttons throughout your space, each configured to trigger a shortcut of your choice.

Shortcut Buttons in Apple vision pro
Images Source – matthewcassinelli.com

Imagine placing one by your office doorway, effortlessly controlling smart home devices, or sending quick messages with a mere tap. Thanks to Shortcut Buttons, the boundaries between physical and digital realms blur, offering a seamless and intuitive way to interact with your surroundings and enhance your workflow.

3. Focus

In the realm of Vision Pro, maintaining focus amidst the sea of immersive experiences can be challenging. Distractions abound in the virtual landscape, potentially overwhelming users. Enter Focus is a brilliantly simple solution crafted to combat this very issue. Think of it as your virtual Pomodoro timer seamlessly integrated into your Vision Pro experience.

With Focus, you can effortlessly set timers to dedicate focused intervals to your tasks, ensuring productivity remains paramount. A dedicated tool to center your attention in a world of stimuli proves invaluable. Embrace Focus and reclaim control over your workflow in the captivating realm of Vision Pro.

4. Fantastical

For many individuals, their calendar serves as the cornerstone of their work organization, aiding in maintaining focus and productivity. Fantastical, renowned as the premier calendar application for Mac and iPhone users, now extends its excellence to the Vision Pro platform.

Fantastical in Apple Vision pro
Images Source – 9to5mac.com

Positioned as the inaugural calendar app for Vision Pro, Fantastical continues its legacy of excellence. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features seamlessly integrate into the Vision Pro ecosystem, offering users unparalleled organization and efficiency. Undoubtedly, Fantastical stands as the pinnacle of calendar applications, empowering users to manage their schedules with unparalleled ease and precision.

5. Things 3

While to-do apps may not elicit excitement, their significance in work routines cannot be overstated. Enter Things 3, long hailed as the epitome of to-do list management. Now, with its native version on Vision Pro, Things 3 brings its minimalist charm to the forefront. Its seamless integration with the Vision Pro environment is a testament to its adaptability.

Things 3 best app Apple vision pro
Image Source: culturedcode.com

Retaining all the beloved features from its Mac and iPhone counterparts, Things 3 ensures continuity in productivity across platforms. With its elegant aesthetic and comprehensive functionality, Things 3 emerges as the quintessential companion for task management in the dynamic realm of Vision Pro.

6. Microsoft 365

Regarding productivity on Vision Pro, leveraging spreadsheets, documents, and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams is inevitable. Thankfully, Microsoft is stepping up by providing native apps for Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the platform.

Microsoft 365 in Apple vision pro
Images Source – support.microsoft.com

Whether you’re crunching numbers in Excel, drafting reports in Word, or collaborating with colleagues via Teams, Microsoft 365 ensures seamless integration and productivity enhancement on Vision Pro. With these essential tools readily accessible, users can easily transition between tasks and collaborate, ensuring optimal efficiency in the dynamic landscape of Vision Pro.

7. Keynote

Embarking on the Vision Pro journey, one of the standout experiences awaits with the preinstalled gem, Keynote. While slide presentations might not initially evoke excitement, Keynote on Vision Pro delivers an unparalleled immersive experience. Beyond the conventional functionalities of building and editing presentations, Apple introduces a captivating twist.

Keynote apple vision pro app
Images Source – 9to5mac.com

Users can now rehearse presentations, selecting venues like the esteemed Steve Jobs Theater or a conference room, adding layers of realism to their practice sessions. As renowned YouTuber Marques Brownlee highlighted, the experience is nothing short of “incredibly immersive,” elevating Keynote to new heights as the premier presentation software for Vision Pro users.

8. Disney+

With Disney’s deep-rooted ties to Apple, it’s no surprise they’ve pulled out all the stops with their Vision Pro app. Offering a unique streaming experience, the Disney+ app on Vision Pro transports users into four mesmerizing 3D virtual environments. From the iconic Disney+ Theater inspired by Hollywood’s El Capitan to immersive settings like the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc. and Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower, the experience promises unparalleled immersion.

Disney+ best app in apple vision pro
Images Source – deadline.com

With Vision Pro’s superior resolution, these environments feel remarkably lifelike. Disney’s VisionOS app also boasts a curated selection of supported 3D films, promising a captivating cinematic journey that only deepens with time and expanding offerings.

9. Zoom

Zoom emerges as an early advocate for Vision Pro, leveraging Apple’s Personas to revolutionize virtual meetings. With the VisionOS app, Zoom users are represented by 3D avatars mirroring facial expressions and gestures, enhancing the sense of presence in remote conversations. The spatial setup can be tailored to individual preferences, fostering a cohesive meeting experience akin to being in the same room.

Zoom Apple vision pro appplications
Images Source – www.analyticsvidhya.com

A forthcoming update promises more immersive features, including 3D object sharing for collaborative design sessions and Zoom Team Chat integration. Additionally, the ability to pin meeting participants in space aims to deepen interpersonal connections, fostering a sense of closeness despite physical distance.

10. MLB and NBA

Vision Pro welcomes two of America’s most beloved sports leagues, MLB and NBA, offering immersive experiences for fans. The NBA app enables streaming up to five live games simultaneously, with real-time scores and stats for an enhanced viewing experience.

Images Source – sportspromedia.com

Meanwhile, the MLB app transports users to the ballpark, providing a panoramic view from home plate and detailed pitch statistics—anticipated updates, such as expanded MLB.TV content access promises to enrich the fan experience further. MLB Deputy Commissioner Noah Garden expressed excitement, emphasizing the league’s commitment to delivering compelling storytelling across diverse platforms to engage baseball enthusiasts.

11. Max

Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max brings its extensive library of movies, series, news, and sports to the Vision Pro platform, offering an immersive streaming experience. With select titles in stunning 4K resolution and Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, viewers can enjoy unparalleled visual and audio quality.

Max’s integration with VisionOS introduces captivating virtual environments, including the iconic Iron Throne room from Game Of Thrones and House of the Dragon. HBO / Max Content Chair Casey Bloys describes the experience as transporting fans to Westeros during the Targaryen era, promising an immersive journey through the realms of entertainment available on Max.

12. Lowe’s Style Studio

Lowe’s harnesses the power of Vision Pro to revolutionize the shopping experience, offering an innovative tool for envisioning home improvements. The Lowe’s Style Studio app allows users to immerse themselves in interactive 3D kitchen scenes, enabling exploration and experimentation like never before.

Lowe's Style Studio
Images Source – risnews.com

By stepping into virtual spaces curated by Lowe’s expert designers, customers can access hundreds of customizable materials, igniting inspiration for their renovation projects. This cutting-edge application empowers users to visualize and personalize their spaces, leveraging technology to bring their design aspirations to life in ways previously unattainable.

13. Game Room

Resolution Games introduces the Game Room app, offering a delightful array of tabletop classics playable in mixed reality or fully virtual settings. Players can enjoy diverse games from chess to solitaire, including hearts, yacht, and the engaging Sea Battle reminiscent of Battleship.

Game Room in apple vision pro
Images Source – twitter.com

The app facilitates online play for one to four players, supporting solo and multiplayer modes and enabling interactions across various Apple devices. Whether challenging AI opponents in single-player mode or engaging in spirited competitions with friends, Game Room promises immersive and entertaining experiences, bringing beloved tabletop games to life in the dynamic realm of mixed reality.

14. Adobe Firefly AI

Adobe has introduced Firefly AI, a cutting-edge AI tool akin to Dall-E or Midjourney, now making waves as one of the top 150 AI tools. Exclusively tailored for Vision Pro, Firefly enables users to seamlessly generate images within the immersive environment simply by inputting text prompts and hitting “generate.”

Adobe Firefly AI for apple vision app
Images Source – www.creativebloq.com

This purpose-built integration with Apple’s headset empowers users to create and interact with AI-generated images, seamlessly placing them onto real-world objects such as desks and walls. Notably, all content produced on Vision Pro receives automatic Content Credentials, clearly labeling it as AI-generated, ensuring transparency and authenticity in the digital realm.

15. Adobe Lightroom

The arrival of Adobe Lightroom on Vision Pro heralds a new era for photo editing, allowing users to enhance their images on an expansive canvas. Tailored for VisionOS, the app boasts a redesigned interface optimized for intuitive navigation via hand gestures, simplifying the editing process compared to its desktop counterpart.

Adobe Lightroom app for vision pro
Images Source – bgr.com

As noted by The Verge, Lightroom’s historical focus on creativity, combined with Adobe’s robust support for Apple Silicon, may justify the Vision Pro’s premium price tag of $3,500 for specific creatives. With its seamless integration and enhanced usability, Lightroom on Vision Pro emerges as a compelling tool for photographers seeking unparalleled editing capabilities on a grand scale.

Other confirmed apps and games

Here are more highlights from Vision Pro’s collection of over 600 launch apps:


1. CARROT Weather
2. Shorts or Pants
3. Mercury Weather
4. Seasons
5. Finalist Daily Planner – Reminders and weather forecast

Lifestyle, Fitness, and Cooking

6. Crouton
7. Odio – Personal sound spaces
8. Sprinkles
9. Project Alleycat
10. Resolve
11. SmartGym
12. Animant
13. Healium – Relax in nature scenes
14. Ambre
15. Elysian Fields
16. Nuits
17. PhotoShade
18. Lungy: Spaces – Breathing exercises and meditation
19. ReminderCal 3 – sync your reminders to your calendar
20. Söka – AI Bucket List Generator
21. Planny – Daily Planner
22. Focused Work – Time Management
23. Chronicling – Track Anything
24. Plant Daddy – care for your plants

Flavors of India – Explore the diverse flavors of India

Spice Up Your Life – Join renowned Indian chef Vikas Khanna

Virtual India – Cooking Class: Learn to cook authentic Indian dishes

Peruvian Cuisine – Embark on a culinary journey through Peru

Brazilian Bites – Discover the culinary delights of Brazil

Mexican Food Fiesta – Explore the vibrant flavors of Mexican.

Virtual Peking Duck – Follow an expert chef as you virtually prepare

Korean Cooking Class – Immerse yourself in a traditional Korean kitchen.

Jamie Oliver Cookalong – Join celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Italian Cooking – Learn the art of making homemade pasta.

French Cuisine – Master classic French dishes

Simply Cook – Simplify cooking with recipe kits.

ProCook – Master various cooking methods

MasterClass – Cooking: Unlock exclusive video lessons.

Knife Master – Hone your knife skills and learn.

Yummly – Find inspiration and detailed recipes.

Plated – Learn new cooking techniques.

Paprika Recipe Manager – Organize your recipes, create meal plans.

Mealime – Discover personalized meal plans and visually appealing recipe.

Virtual Cookery – Experiment with different cuisines.

Kitchen Confidential – Immerse yourself in the world of professional kitchens.

RecipeVR – Follow virtual recipes with step-by-step instructions and 3D visualizations.

Ramen – Prepare and serve ramen dishes in a fun and immersive cooking experience.


25. Fubo
26. ESPN
27. Amazon Prime Video
28. IMAX – View 2D and 3D content
29. NBA
30. PGA TOUR Vision – Immersive golf experience
31. MUBI
32. Crunchyroll
33. Play
34. FilmNoir
35. Sequel
36. Paramount Plus
37. Peacock
38. Pluto TV
39. Red Bull TV – 3D maps of races / immersive videos
40. Tubi
41. Tiktok
42. tappr. tv – Discover new music and choreography

National Geographic VR – Traveling the World: Explore different cultures

Wanderlust VR – Virtually tour famous cities and landmarks.

Communication & Video Conferencing

43. GIF Editor
44. Heypster
45. Slack
46. Webex – Immersive meetings
47. Flowriter
48. Airmail – Your Mail With You
49. Email Me

MeetinVR – Combine real-time video calls with immersive 3D environments

VIVE Sync – Immersive virtual meeting and collaboration platform

Miro – Collaborative digital whiteboard for brainstorming.

Mesh by Autodesk – Collaborative 3D design and modeling platform.

Avokid – Collaborative 3D whiteboard for Project planning.

VSpatial – Create virtual meeting rooms with 3D avatars.


50. djay – Turntables and mixing
51. Audio Vision
52. Longplay
53. Spatial Symphony
54. NowPlaying – A peek behind the music
55. Animoog Galaxy – Create music in 3D space
56. AmazeVR Concerts – Front-row virtual concerts
57. Spool – Make music videos
58. STAGE+ – Classical music performances

Art and Design

59. Da Vinci Eye
60. Planner 5D
61. LiveSurface
62. Bento Craft
63. Scenery
64. CamPlan
65. Alpenglow – Golden Hour Times & Reminders

Figma – Design collaboratively in VR

Tilt Brush – Create 3D sculptures and paintings

Kingspray Graffiti VR – Express your creativity with realistic spray paint tools

Gravity Sketch – Design and prototype 3D models

CoSpaces Edu – Create and share interactive 3D models

Brushstroke – Immersive painting experience with realistic brushes

Apollo Studio – Collaborative 3D painting


66. Sky Guide – Your planetarium
67. Complete HeartX – Anatomy, diagnoses and treatments
68. School Assistant
69. Voyager
70. Insight Heart – Learn about the human heart
71. CellWalk – Tour a bacteria cell
72. Night Sky
73. Schooly
74. Subjects
75. Exploring Mars – Explore Mars with NASA rovers
76. Pcalc – RPN mode and multi-line Calculator
77. Calc Board – Spatial and multiple complex functions Calculator


78. Pines
79. Pack, Repeat


80. Zillow
81. Lowe’s
82. J.Crew – Immersive shopping
83. Facades
84. Decathlon – Shop in 3D
85. Mytheresa: Luxury Experience – Shopping with live consultations

Obsess – view products in 3D and access live consultations with sales associates


86. Wisp World
87. Blackbox – Spatial puzzles
88. Loóna – Relaxing 3D dioramas
89. What the Golf?
90. Super Fruit Ninja – Slice and dice
91. STAK
92. Skatrix Pro – Physics-driven skateboarding
93. Stitch
94. Illustrated
95. LEGO Builder’s Journey – Build with 3D LEGO bricks
96. Synth Riders – Immersive gameplay
97. Puzzling Places
98. CrossCraft
99. Mahjong Space
100. TinyFins
101. Lion’s Eye
102. Ploppy Pairs and Where is Ploppy
103. Void-X – Retro arcade shooter
104. Apple Arcade games (more than 250 games, including NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, and TMNT Splintered Fate)


105. Navi – Real-time translation with live captions
106. CardPointers – Earn more points & cashback
107. Bills to Budget – Expense and Spending Tracker
108. SubManager – Subscriptions, bills, expenses manager
109. izipizi – NFC business card

StockViz – visualize stock market data in 3D

ReceiptScan – AR to scan physical receipts


110. Zillow Immerse – Virtual home tours, interactive floor plans
111. Fantastical – Calendar and tasks
112. solAR – Explore the solar system
113. Wayfair Decorify – Redesign your space
114. Box – Cloud file management and collaboration, including with 3D objects
115. Parcel – Delivery tracking app
116. OmniPlan 4 – Manage complicated projects
117. Runestone – writing code editor
118. Numerics – Live business widgets
119. JigSpace – interactive 3D presentation software
120. La Terminal – SFTP, Files and Server Monitor
121. Locked Notes: Access – Secure notepad for documents
122. TLDR AI – Use AI to get the TLDR

Utilities and Tools

Styly Viewer – View and interact with 3D models and scenes.

Spatializer Audio – Spatial audio creation and editing tool for immersive content.

ShapesXR – Create and share interactive 3D presentations and experiences.

LiveView VR – Remote assistance app with live video calls.

Immerse – Capture and edit 360° photos and videos for immersive experiences.

Horizon Workrooms – Collaborative virtual workspace for meetings.


123. Spark
124. MindNode – Mind Map and Brainstorm Ideas
125. Timely: Spatial Clock – Elevate your landscape
126. Visual

In conclusion, the advent of Vision Pro marks a significant leap forward in technology, revolutionizing how we interact with digital content. Vision Pro offers a gateway to endless possibilities, from immersive entertainment experiences to productivity-enhancing apps and powerful creative tools.

With its seamless integration of cutting-edge features and robust support for various applications, Vision Pro empowers users to unlock new levels of productivity, creativity, and entertainment. As we embrace this groundbreaking platform, we embark on a journey toward a future where innovation knows no bounds, fueled by the limitless potential of Vision Pro.


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