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Google Chrome gets memory and energy saver modes


Google’s latest Chromium release adds new modes to boost the battery life of Chrome on Android. Also, you can now free up more memory space by clearing all history and cookies using this updated version.

The upcoming Windows 10 update may cause some issues in the browser and make it laggy. It’s been much debated how the browsers handle updates, but Chrome is here to get us out of this mess. The developer team has developed a solution that lets you pause updates and power down old tabs, thus extending battery life and stability.

The latest version of the web browser to be released offers several new features designed to increase battery life and improve performance. From reducing the number of requests made by Chrome on a computer to help save battery to returning from full-screen mode and automatically asking if you want to keep your work mid-task.

The new feature adds several handy shortcuts to set up your computer for best use. In addition, Google has made some changes to its Chrome browser that should help the app run smoother and use less memory.

The changes include a new Idle reduction mode, which shuts down unused tabs when they’re not being used, and a Prerendering mode, which makes webpages load as if there were no data connection, so you’re waiting for less lag. In addition, this article will go through the Google chrome browser gets new modes to boost battery life and free up memory.


Google Chrome has several modes that help you boost your battery life, free up memory and keep your machine running smoothly (but it’s worth the effort!). In addition, Google has introduced an updated version of its Chrome browser that includes several new features for users to improve their web browsing experience.

With Chrome’s new Battery Mode, you can switch to tab-based tabs and make them stack, which will boost your battery. Skip this step if you aren’t using Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer.

Google Chrome is on the list of the leading web browsers this year. The new features that Google has added are intended to improve your battery life and free up memory. These features have made the browser better than ever before, allowing you to open and close tabs faster, compress images and YouTube videos, save data, and more!

The new battery-saving mode promises to increase the time you can use Chrome by as much as 30%. The method is also designed to help save your phone’s battery life, but give Chrome a thorough test before diving. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the utmost famous browsers on the globe today.

But it has some minor issues, such as battery life and memory management, though these are relatively easy to solve once you know how. The new features include better efficiency when using Wi-Fi and data, more powerful devices, improved battery life, and automatic updates based on your usage.

Memory Saver delivers a faster browsing experience

Memory saver mode is designed to provide a smoother-running browser experience. This will enable you to be on top of multiple tabs and save space on your phone. With Memory Saver, the browser focuses on what’s most important to you: reading, browsing, and playing.

This is how it works: You can limit the amount of memory used by each tab and precise cache data when you leave a site.

In addition, new to the browser is a built-in battery-saver mode, which will automatically reduce network traffic and the number of applications you can use while running on battery power. You’ll also be able to conserve memory longer and access your history more easily by directly reducing the size of unused tabs.

Google Chrome has updated its browser to include new modes created to help you save battery life and free up memory. For example, with Memory Saver, you can optimize your browsing experience by clearing out tabs you’re not using and turning off features that aren’t being used.

In addition, the new Multi-Process feature lets you open multiple tabs simultaneously, which diminishes website stuttering, lag, and loading times.

Energy Saver maximizes battery life

The new Chrome Power Saver tabs will inform you of your battery life and help conserve battery power. Chrome’s latest Energy Saver mode is created to give you the finest battery life. It optimizes your browsing so you can get to your favorite sites faster and with less power. After turning on Energy Saver, your browser automatically closes inactive tabs and removes unneeded cookies and cached items once an hour.

new Chrome Power Saver tabs

Google Chrome’s new Energy Saver mode runs 30% faster and uses less memory while moving your browsing to the background. In addition, you can free up battery power by reducing network activity and not loading browser tabs until they’re needed.

Google announced three new modes for Chrome based on user feedback. The first mode will help you stay more organized and save battery life by clearing all your tabs during idle times or automatically closing them after 30 minutes of inactivity. The second mode provides a “night mode” that optimizes the back-light brightness of Chrome and cuts down on eye strain at night. And the last new addition is called custom URL bar icons, allowing users to customize the toolbar buttons on their browser.


Google has launched several new features in their Chrome browser — Timeout and Power Monitor. While the latter is intended to help you prioritize your day with basic tasks, the former allows you to keep tabs on how much time you spend on Chrome.

Google has designed a new feature to boost battery life on the Chrome browser. It’s a new way of managing tabs that uses less memory and battery power while allowing you to manage your browsing experience better. We hope this article on ‘Google Chrome browser gets new modes to boost battery life and free up memory’ is useful to the readers.


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