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MWC 2024 Barcelona Event: Tech Release & What We Know So Far

Mobile World Congress (MWC), the premier global mobile-focused trade show, is set to take place from February 26 to February 29, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain. After a challenging period with cancellations and scaled-down events, MWC 2023 rebounded successfully, drawing over 80,000 attendees. Expectations are even higher for MWC 2024, projecting over 90,000 participants from diverse tech sectors.

MWC gathers industry professionals, including global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and tech enthusiasts. The event is open to the public, making it accessible for anyone interested in the future of technology.

Let’s find out the list of companies that have confirmed their presence and are going to launch their new products and latest techs in MWC 2024 Barcelona Event

How to reach the MWC 2024 Barcelona Event venue

There are several ways to reach the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona, which takes place from February 27 to March 2, 2024. Here are some options:

By plane:

The most convenient way to reach Barcelona is to fly into Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN). The airport is located approximately 10 kilometers from the Fira Gran Via venue, where the MWC is held.

Several airlines offer direct flights to Barcelona from major cities around the world. You can find the best deals on flights by using a flight search engine such as Google Flights or other flight booking websites.

By train:

You can also reach Barcelona by train from other major cities in Spain and Europe. The AVE high-speed train service is the fastest option, with travel times from Madrid as short as 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Once you arrive at Barcelona Sants station, you can take a taxi, metro, or bus to the Fira Gran Via venue.

By car:

If you are driving to Barcelona, you can take the A2 motorway from the north or the C-32 motorway from the south. There is parking available at the Fira Gran Via venue, but it can be expensive and fill up quickly.

MWC 2024 Event location

Public transportation:

Public transportation is a convenient and affordable way to get around Barcelona. The metro, bus, and tram systems are all well-developed and can take you to the Fira Gran Via venue from most parts of the city.

Attendees will receive a free public transport pass when they register for the event, which gives them unlimited access to the metro, bus, and tram during the event dates.


Taxis are readily available in Barcelona, but they can be expensive. If you are taking a taxi to the Fira Gran Via venue, be sure to agree on a fare with the driver in advance.

How To Get Event Pass For Free

To get into the event simply download the MWC app and get your Digital Access Pass. The MWC app is the easiest and most efficient way to get in. The Digital Access Pass gives you touch-free entry, plus the app hosts other benefits like networking and the conference agenda.

1. Google’s Presence

While Google typically maintains a subdued profile at MWC, its presence is significant. The focus may extend beyond Android updates and its wider ecosystem, including Android Auto, Wear OS, and even surprise appearances from Gemini, with speculations about potential announcements in the cloud computing domain. The Google Cloud cover image on its exhibitor page sparks curiosity, suggesting a strategic emphasis on cloud services.

2. HONOR’s Global Launch

HONOR's Global Launch
Images Source – iforum-sg.c.hihonor.com

HONOR’s Magic 6 series, Magic V2 RSR and Honor MagicBook Pro 16 are anticipated to steal the spotlight at MWC 2024. The global launch of these devices, which have already made waves in China, is expected to introduce groundbreaking features, further solidifying HONOR’s position in the competitive smartphone market. The Magic V2 RSR, in particular, promises advancements in foldable technology.

3. HUAWEI’s 5G Emphasis

HUAWEI's 5G Emphasis
Images Source – telecomtalk.info

HUAWEI’s strong focus on 5G technology aligns with the company’s commitment to technological advancements. MWC 2024 may witness HUAWEI showcasing innovations that underpin modern consumer needs, such as advancements in networking, cloud services, and artificial intelligence.

4. Motorola’s Mystery

Motorola's Mystery in MWC event 2024
Images Source -androidauthority.com

Motorola, known for limited MWC announcements, remains enigmatic about its plans this year. In 2023, the brand showcased the Motorola Defy 2, a rugged high-end device, and a concept device named Motorola Rizr. The anticipation for MWC 2024 revolves around whether Motorola will unveil successors to these devices or take a different approach. The company’s track record keeps enthusiasts guessing until the event unfolds.

The smartphone manufacturer introduced its Adaptive Display concept last October, offering a glimpse through press shots. Recently, at MWC, the concept moved a step closer to reality, allowing firsthand experiences.

Details about the product are limited, emphasizing its main feature of bending around the wrist. The disclosed information includes a 6.9-inch display size and the use of a plastic-based pOLED screen. The overall impression is that this concept is a visionary exploration rather than a product ready for imminent release.

5. Nokia’s Strong Presence

Nokia's Strong Presence in MWC 2024 event
Images Source – sugbo.ph

Nokia, a regular participant in MWC, has historically unveiled budget-friendly phones at the event. In the previous year, the Nokia G22, Nokia C22, and Nokia C32 were introduced. While rumors hint at potential successors, there’s a unique twist this time. HMD Global, Nokia’s parent company, might debut devices under its own name, marking a strategic shift. Leaks and speculations abound, and all eyes are on Nokia’s exclusive event scheduled for February 25 to unravel its future plans.

HMD confirmed the launch of a Barbie-branded flip feature phone in July 2024, without revealing its operating system. The HMD Fusion, also set for a July release, allows customization with interchangeable back covers, including options for cards and camera controls.

6. Nothing’s Teasers

Nothing's Teasers MWC event
Images Source – static.startuptalky.com

As a master of creating anticipation, Nothing’s teaser, “Nothing to see,” adds a touch of humor and intrigue. While concrete announcements might be scarce, the event could provide teasers or insights into the upcoming Nothing Phone 3 or details about the Nothing Phone 2a launching on March 5.

7. Xiaomi’s Multi-Faceted Showcase

Xiaomi's Multi-Faceted Showcase
Images Source – thumb.viva.co.id

Xiaomi’s multifaceted approach to MWC 2024 includes potential car reveals, a smartwatch launch, Xiaomi 14 and the global introduction of the Xiaomi SU7. The teaser related to “Human x Car x Home” suggests an exploration of interconnected experiences, possibly showcasing a holistic ecosystem.

8. ZTE’s Intelligent Future

ZTE's Intelligent Future MWC 2024 event
Images Source – telecomreviewasia.com

ZTE’s slogan, “Unfolding the intelligent future,” generates anticipation about what the company envisions for the future of technology. With a potential focus on foldable devices, ZTE might present innovative solutions that redefine user experiences.

9. Tecno’s Breakthrough Technologies

Tecno's Breakthrough Technologies MWC 2024 event
Images Source – assets.mobileworldlive.com

Tecno’s ambitious lineup for MWC 2024 includes a robot dog named Dynamic 1, an AR gaming set with AR glasses, PolarAce Imaging System and the unveiling of the Pova 6 Pro 5G. These breakthroughs showcase Tecno’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries, with the promise of futuristic concepts and advanced mobile technology.

10. Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept

Lenovo's Transparent Laptop Concept MWC 2024 Event
Images Source – news.lenovo.com

Lenovo’s rumored transparent laptop, if unveiled, could mark a significant departure from conventional laptop design. The transparent display and touch-sensitive keyboard hint at an immersive and futuristic computing experience. While details are scant, Lenovo’s innovative approach to laptop aesthetics could spark discussions about the practical applications of transparent screens.

11. New Wear Wear OS Smartwatch

MWC 2024 might witness the launch of a new Wear OS smartwatch, potentially reinvigorating the smartwatch market. With features like a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1 SoC, and a focus on energy efficiency, Xiaomi’s entry into the smartwatch arena could offer a compelling option for consumers seeking a reliable and feature-rich wearable.

12. OnePlus

OnePlus MWC Event
Image Source – forumstatic.oneplusmobile.com

The OnePlus Watch 2 is scheduled for its official launch at MWC 2024. While the device has already been partially revealed, it is widely expected to run on Wear OS. Notably, the watch is anticipated to boast an impressive 100 hours of battery life.

13. Samsung

Samsung MWC Event
Image Source – t4.ftcdn.net

Samsung offered a glimpse of its upcoming wearable, the Galaxy Ring, at the Galaxy Unpacked event in January. However, details about the ring have been scant thus far. There’s speculation that Samsung might unveil more details about the Ring, possibly allowing hands-on experiences, at the MWC event.

Samsung revealed more health features, including a partnership with the Natural Cycles app for fertility tracking on the Galaxy Ring. Addressing compatibility concerns, Samsung assured a seamless interaction between the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch, allowing users to choose between them effortlessly.

MWC 2024 promises to be a convergence of groundbreaking technologies, with each participant contributing to the unfolding narrative of the mobile industry’s future. Our coverage from the event will delve into the details, providing insights into the next wave of technological marvels. Stay tuned for comprehensive updates!


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