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Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Which Is Better

In this ever-evolving digital world, there are a lot more gaming consoles available to elevate the leisure period. But which could be the better option? Whether it is Xbox Series or PlayStation, which would you opt for? Getting confused, right? No worries, here is a detailed comparison between the Xbox Series X and PS5

However, these gaming consoles aren’t new to the market; what features make them withstand? Is it their brand, aesthetics, or gaming options? In a word, plenty of reasons are there to opt for these consoles. 

If you’re seeking a replacement, then prioritize Xbox and PS5. Yes, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation are the current generation consoles that stand tall among other competitors. 

Now, let’s know why they are in the top position even after years in detail with an in-depth comparison of Xbox Series X vs. PS5.  

Origin Of Xbox Series X

Xbox is a home video game console, and X & S comes under the 4th generation of the series. Launched on November 10th, 2020, by Microsoft, it still secures the top position in the gaming world. You can expect higher resolutions and frame rates with impressive tech specs as a player. 

Origin Of PS5 Series 

PlayStation comes under handheld, home, and micro-console, which started its journey in 1984. As everyone knows, there are four versions of the PS series available: PS One, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

The latest version, PS5, launched on November 12th by Sony Interactive Entertainment and still being a favorite for many gamers. In this console, you get enormous features such as graphics, frame rates, and various subscription options. 

Let’s now take a look at the comparisons between these two beast gaming consoles so that you can make the right choice! Here we go…  

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Why PS5 And Xbox Series X Are Unique From Previous Version? 

Before unwinding some secrets about these two gaming consoles and the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 comparison, let’s compare it with previous versions to be aware of special highlights. 

As mentioned above, these two latest gaming consoles are not the first generation. Xbox Series X lines up after the first-generation Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S. In the overall gaming console era, the X Series takes place in the Ninth generation. 

It encloses many notable features like Audio CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, and DLNA server support with External hard drive support. It also includes the other notable features of previous versions to provide an enhanced experience. 

Many people are aware of the PlayStation series because, from the first generation to now, it has enormous features and withstands other brands. Before PS5, there were PS One, PS2, Slimline Model, PS3, Super Slim Model, PS4, Slim model, and Pro model, along with remarkable features. 

What’s special about PlayStation 5? Enormous game collections in free and premium, universal search, game presets, cross-generation multiplayer, control center, unique newly launched controller, and others. 

Some gamers might feel that both consoles are expensive, but it is worth the price. So, determine what you need accurately to get the solutions for which you must opt! 

Now, let’s initiate the comparison 

Which Is The Best? – Xbox Series X Vs PS5 

Many gamers are happy with the best features in both gaming consoles. But comparing the features assists you in choosing between two and identifying the one that you’re more comfortable with. Let’s start with the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 comparison. 

Which Gaming Console Has Terrific Performance? 

The performance of any gaming console is a significant feature to ensure. Yes! Would you like to experience unexpected delays while playing? No, right? In that instance, examining performance must be a top priority. 

Which Gaming Console Has Terrific Performance_ 

Image Source: Tom’s Guide

When it comes to Xbox Series X vs. PS5, you can witness terrific performance on both consoles. In the overall Xbox series, the Xbox X is considered a way to good console and is known for its faster performance. Also, gamers can experience resolutions up to 4K quality, ITB internal storage, and 12 teraflops processing power. 

On the other hand, PS5 is the most loved video gaming console that grants a smooth experience. It is powerful, efficient, and supports 8K graphics at 60Hz. 

Thus, Xbox and P5 have their own performance meter, but in this Xbox Series X vs. PS5 battle, PlayStation 5 takes a step ahead. Yes, its smoother experience, faster loading times, and game-focused play entice avid gamers and make them vote for PS5. 

However, Xbox Series X is also a tough competitor, so make your choices wisely. 

Xbox Series X Vs PS5 Price With Subscription

Let’s start with the price because allowance is the most significant thing to prioritize while purchasing gaming consoles. 

Sony took a step ahead and released two models in one console: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Digital. If you want to opt for a PlayStation without a disc drive, then you must prefer choosing the digital edition. It is because both the models are exactly the same, and there is no difference in the features. 

The PS5 Digital Version price starts from $399.99 and is available on E-commerce sites. 

PlayStation 5 costs start from $499.99. 

While discussing the PlayStation subscription pass, there are three tiers: Premium, Extra, and Essential. Get an Essential pass for 60 dollars per year to enjoy PS4 and PS5 games. It includes online multiplayer, cloud storage, in-game cosmetics, and gaming Sony’s share play feature. 

Enable Extra by paying $100 per year and get access to the Essential features with 400 titles and Ubisoft+ Classic. 

Last but not least, a huge Premium pass for $120 to enjoy the features in Essential and Extra plans with additional In-game trails, Cloud streaming, etc. 

Next, the Xbox Series X console starts from $499 with a disk drive. 

You can witness that both consoles start from the same price and enhance the gaming experience of passionate players. Make your decisions wisely and choose the models based on your requirements and budget. 

Apart from this, you can also enable special offers through subscription rates on a monthly or yearly basis. Microsoft offers an Xbox Gold Live Subscription at $10 per month that enables permission for online Multiplayer gaming and further discounts. You can opt for an Xbox Game Pass for a month at $10, so you can access around 400 games, and now they have extended the options.  

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List Of Gaming Options In Two Consoles 

Many players keep track of the gaming and subscription options while purchasing video game consoles. In that instance, what are the options available? Knowing how they differ from each other is crucial. Let’s start checking the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 game library and subscription. 

Xbox Series X optimized games include nearly 405 games from 3 Out of 10: Season One, Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo to Zombie Watch and Z-Wrap. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly option that offers Xbox Games at affordable prices. 

PlayStation 5 includes most of the player’s favorite games like Fortnite, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, etc. And, natively, PS 5 has around 600 games, which also supports cross-play and cross-buy. Apart from this, PlayStation VR2 and Backward compatible games are also available. 

As players, you ought to decide between the two different consoles because leaving your favorite games might make you worried. Hence, make wise decisions in Xbox Series X vs. PS5. 

Backward Compatibility 

Remembering childhood might be the sweetest, isn’t it? Yes, in that instance, don’t you love to play games available in older versions? Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming consoles effectively engage such players by incorporating some of the best games in the latest version.  

Let’s take a glance at Xbox Series X vs. PS5 and how they differ in backward compatibility. First, Xbox Series X offers Xbox 360 and other original games you already own. Most importantly, it is free, and the functionality is similar to the others, such as digital or disc-based games that support multiplayer facilities. 

PlayStation 5 encloses many games from the PS4. Eventually, you can’t play every game in the 4th version. The latest PlayStation supports most of the player’s favorite games. Follow PS5 software updates regularly to enhance the gaming experience. Also, you can play the PS3 games by upgrading them to the PS Plus Premium membership. 

Hopefully, in Xbox Series X vs. PS5 backward compatibility comparison, you get an idea about the best option among the two. 

Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Controller 

In comparison with the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Controller, both are most comfortable and easy to use. Xbox series X controllers are iconic and incredible to hold for a long period. It runs on AA batteries, and Microsoft encloses a unique button layout and joysticks. 

Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Controller

Image Source: Stealth Optional

Sony launched a new version of the controller in the latest PS version. PlayStation 5 has a dual sense controller that is rechargeable and inbuilt controls to identify moments. It has a big touchpad in the middle and helps gamers in all sorts of interactions. Anyhow, compared to the Xbox Series X, it is not easy to hold for a long time due to the round edges and size. 

In the gaming world, the PlayStation 5 holds extraordinary motion control and a dual-sensor system. It is quite impressive and unique from the Xbox Series X. On the other hand, Xbox comes up with an incredible design that paves a way to play more with friends. 

When discussing the controller price, the Xbox Series X starts from $ 59.99 at Amazon and P5 at $69.95 at Amazon. Choosing between the two best choices is not easy; take time, and pick the right one according to your convenience.

Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Design  

Both Xbox Series X and PS 5 are well-designed and most comfortable for gamers. Moreover, the shades of the gaming consoles become a huge attraction in their living spaces and add elegance. 

When it comes to the design of the Xbox series X, it is particularly made to cool the internet components. An elegant black designer box with a compact front tower structure makes it the best gaming console. Apart from this, the elegant style and ultra resolutions up to 4K elevate the gaming experience. 

The PS5 design is impressive and stands out from the other versions. The simple and elegant white box adds to its aesthetic appeal. The smoothness and overall experience are greatly enhanced by faster loading times and cutting-edge graphics, taking inspiration from the five-dimensional model.  

Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Tech Specs  

You have explored some important features of the gaming consoles and Xbox Series X vs. PS5. Now, it’s time to know about tech specs. 

 Xbox Series X 



Ps5 Color 

Image Source: Reddit


Official console colors added 

Black or white available 



Digital edition – $399 

Standard edition – $499 


Xbox Live Gold pass 

Game pass ultimate subscription 

Xbox gold pass

Many premium offers 




Video support 

8K, 120Hz, and HDR 

8K, 120Hz, and HDR 


HDMI ports – 2 

USB 3.1 – 3

Ethernet – 1 

Seagate storage card 

HDMI 2.1 – 1

Ethernet – 1 

UEB 3.2 – 2 

USB 2.0 -1

USB –C – 1

NVME slot for additional storage 



825 GB 

Disc drive

4K Blu-ray 

4K Blu-ray 

Why Do Gamers Have Craze For Xbox Series X And PS5?

In the above section, you get to know about Xbox Series X vs. PS5. But why do gamers love this version of Xbox and PlayStation? Is that worth the hype? 

Surely, sometimes, this question might strike through even in the gaming enthusiasts’ minds. There are abundant reasons available. Let’s take a look at them in this section. 

● Xbox Series X and PS5 are easy to access 

● Extraordinary graphics and designs 

● Price 

● The best backward compatibility

● Exclusive range of games 

● Added features for premium membership 

● Wireless controls 

● Build a community 

● Unified, smooth gaming experience 

● Convenience

● Far better than previous consoles 

● Exclusively designed for cross platforms and allows cross-purchase 

● Disc support 

● Both gaming consoles support multiplayer options 

● Cross-play between PS5 and PS4 & in Xbox Series X with previous versions of Xbox Series S and One. 

● Higher resolution and faster loading capacity 

● Withstands at the top of the gaming consoles since 2020 even though has a tough fight, i.e., Xbox Series X vs. PS5.  

Final Verdict  

So, there you have it: the differences between Xbox Series X and PS5. In this digital world, people love to spend their time with friends online. However, plenty of opportunities are available to interact, share, and have fun with them. Still, playing games online evokes happiness, and the multiplayer feature enhances the gaming experience. 

You can witness that both gaming consoles have enormous advantages based on various factors through the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 guide. The choice is yours; make your decisions wisely. Keep your needs and comfort in mind while choosing the best game so that you can elevate your gaming experience in the world of gamers. Pick an accurate one by determining your needs and comfort. Make sure to opt for the one that help you have the best gaming experience. 

Enjoy Gaming… 😊 😊 


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