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Top 10 Mac Games of 2024 for Ultimate Gaming Experience

In the dynamic world of Mac gaming, 2024 is shaping up to be a revolutionary year. With cutting-edge technological advancements and an ever-expanding gaming community, Mac users can expect an extraordinary array of immersive and captivating games. From pulse-pounding action to thought-provoking simulations and mesmerizing storytelling, these ten best Mac games offer a diverse and thrilling experience for gamers of all tastes and preferences.

Join us on a journey through the virtual landscapes of 2024, where we explore the most exceptional titles that have taken the Mac gaming scene by storm. Prepare to embark on thrilling adventures, conquer new worlds, and unleash your gaming prowess as we delve into the finest gaming masterpieces for Mac users in 2024.

How Does macOS compatibility affect Mac Gaming?

macOS compatibility plays a critical role in Mac gaming, directly influencing the availability and performance of games on the platform. When developers optimize games for macOS, it ensures smooth execution and enhanced gameplay experiences.

Conversely, limited compatibility can restrict the gaming library, causing Mac users to miss out on popular titles or receive subpar performance. Adopting newer macOS versions, like Apple Silicon support, expands gaming possibilities and improves overall gaming experiences. By prioritizing macOS compatibility, developers can tap into a broader market of Mac gamers, offering them a diverse and enjoyable gaming ecosystem that rivals other platforms.

Here are the top 10 Mac Games in 2024

1. World Of Warcraft

Welcome to the enchanting realm of World Of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard, where players can embark on epic journeys as wizards, priests, warriors, and rogues. Boasting an impressive player base of around seven million subscribers, this massively multiplayer online game continues to reign supreme in the gaming world. While the cutesy graphics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, WoW’s charm lies in its regular release of expansion packs, such as the game-changing Cataclysm in 2010.

Source: TechRaptor

This expansion introduced new zones and shook up existing landscapes, offering players exciting new territories.

Blizzard’s strategy to enthrall veterans and newcomers is evident in their Starter Edition, allowing players to experience the game for free until their character reaches level 20. This enticing offer provides a taste of the vast virtual world, encouraging new players to dive into the immersive experience before committing to the optional $12.99/£8.99 monthly subscription.

World of Warcraft’s enduring popularity is a testament to its captivating gameplay and evolving content, ensuring an engaging and magical adventure for gamers worldwide. With its blend of creativity and continuous updates, WoW remains a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving realm of massively multiplayer online games.

2. XCOM 2

Embark on a thrilling adventure with XCOM 2 on Mac, a remarkable turn-based strategy game developed by Feral Interactive. With seamless availability on Steam at an enticing price of $14.99/£8.74 and the Mac App Store at $49.99/£48.99, this game offers a captivating storyline set 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Earth now succumbs to the iron fist of the Advent coalition, a sinister alliance of alien overlords and their human allies. It’s your responsibility to lead the resistance and assemble a team to wage a guerrilla war against the aliens.

Source: WSGF

With an overhead isometric view, meticulously plan your team’s maneuvers before diving into heart-pounding close-up combat reminiscent of first-person shooters. XCOM 2 boasts five unique soldier classes, from sharpshooting experts to mind-controlling Psi Operatives, each with various skills for versatile gameplay.

The Avenger, a captured alien ship, serves as your base of operations, where you must wisely allocate resources and upgrade facilities to provide your team with cutting-edge weapons and technology. Guaranteed to keep strategy enthusiasts glued to the screen for hours, XCOM 2 is a masterpiece of strategic gaming excellence for Mac users.

3. Wildermyth

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Wildermyth, the captivating roleplaying game developed by Worldwalker Games. This visually stunning game features ‘papercraft’ graphics, setting your 2D characters in turn-based combat across hand-painted 3D environments. Assemble a party of unique characters – warriors, hunters, and mystics – each with their personalities and backgrounds.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgu

Tailor their appearances, skills, and abilities as you navigate a narrative filled with meaningful choices that shape character relationships and story arcs. Priced at $24.99/£19.49 on Steam, Wildermyth offers a flexible and procedurally generated story, ensuring a diverse and replayable gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the rich world of Wildermyth, where strategic gameplay and captivating storytelling intertwine for an unparalleled roleplaying adventure.

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4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Embark on an epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, thoughtfully brought to the Mac platform by Aspyr. A decade in the making, this long-awaited sequel adds another chapter to the rich Star Wars gaming legacy. Step into the shoes of one of the last surviving Jedi on a quest to regain lost memories, Jedi powers, and the iconic lightsaber.

Source: Steam

Throughout the journey, you’ll encounter formidable challenges and confront decisions that shape your character’s path, allowing you to master lightsaber combat or delve into mysterious Force Powers. The game’s compelling narrative is laced with political intrigue and moral dilemmas, influencing the outcome.

Although the 3D graphics may show their age, the captivating storyline and lightsaber action will captivate any Star Wars enthusiast. Priced attractively at $9.99/£9.99 on the Mac App Store, Knights of the Old Republic II offers an unforgettable journey into the Star Wars universe, presenting RPG enthusiasts with a genuine bargain for their next grand adventure.

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5. The Sims 4

Step into a world of endless possibilities with The Sims 4, developed by Maxis. This latest addition to The Sims franchise has successfully met the high expectations set by its predecessor, The Sims 3. With a deeper level of character customization, players can meticulously fine-tune their Sim’s appearance and build, allowing for a truly personal and unique gaming experience.

The Sims 4

Source: 91mobiles.com

The game’s build and design mode are a standout feature, offering an immersive and creative experience as players design homes precisely to their liking. With an array of design options and the ability to build “in the air,” The Sims 4 takes virtual architecture to new heights. Day-to-day life in the game is more enjoyable, as mundane tasks are simplified, freeing up more time for fun interactions and activities with your Sim.

For an affordable price of $4.79/£12.94 on Origin or $39.99 at Best Buy, The Sims 4 offers an engaging and fulfilling simulation experience, granting players the power to craft their virtual lives and build their desired world.

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6. Resident Evil: Village

The arrival of Resident Evil: Village on the Mac platform was a significant event for Mac gamers, given the rarity of A-List titles on the system. The game delivers a chilling experience, immersing players in a world of eerie locations and supernatural threats to combat. For Mac users new to the series, Village offers a brief recap of its predecessor, Resident Evil 7, ensuring seamless continuity.

Resident Evil_ Village

Source: Wallpaper Flare

As Ethan Winters, players embark on a gripping journey to uncover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of his daughter, Rose, who the enigmatic Chris Redfield kidnaped. The game blends atmospheric horror with intense combat, creating a captivating gameplay experience. The impressive performance was showcased during Apple’s WWDC event using the new M2 chips, but even older M1 chip-equipped devices handle the game quite well.

However, it’s worth noting that the Mac version comes at a higher cost of $39.99/£34.99 on the Mac App Store than the Windows version on Steam. Nevertheless, Resident Evil: Village remains a compelling and promising title, hinting at a bright future for A-List games on the Mac platform.

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7. World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s enduring dominance in the MMO genre is a testament to its unwavering support for Mac users, with even Apple Silicon Macs receiving compatibility updates as early as November 2020. The Dragonflight expansion, priced at $49.99/£39.99, marks a triumphant return to form for the game, breathing new life into the virtual world of Azeroth.

World Of Warcraft_ Dragonflight

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

With the expansion, players can now raise their characters to the new maximum level of 70 and explore the captivating Dragon Isles, offering four significant new zones for thrilling adventures. The addition of the Dracthyrs, a race of ‘draconic humanoids,’ adds a fresh twist to the gameplay, especially as they can embrace the new Evoker class with versatile abilities for healing or combat.

Embarking on the Dragon Isles opens doors to owning a ‘drake,’ enabling players to learn impressive ‘dragon riding’ skills for faster, higher, and further exploration. World of Warcraft feels more vibrant, alongside a streamlined skill tree and an improved interface. Players can test the waters with the free trial up to Level 20. At the same time, existing owners can continue their journey through WoW by opting for a monthly subscription, priced at $12.99/£9.99, with attractive discounts available for three-month or six-month subscriptions.

8. Alien: Isolation- The Collection

Immerse yourself in heart-pounding horror with Alien: Isolation-the collection, skillfully brought to the Mac platform by Feral Interactive. Unlike its disappointing predecessors, this game successfully captures the tension and atmosphere of the original Alien film, delivering an authentic and spine-chilling experience.

Alien_ Isolation- The Collection

Source: TheXboxHub

Set 15 years after the events of Alien, players assume the role of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, on a quest to recover the black-box flight recorder from the space station that discovered The Nostromo. However, finding a vicious xenomorph on the loose complicates matters, forcing players to navigate stealthily, avoiding confrontation and hiding to stay alive.

With a formidable and adaptive computer-controlled alien, Alien: Isolation crafts genuine tension, requiring players to think strategically to survive. The collection also includes bonus missions like Crew Expendable, offering a nostalgic reenactment of the original Alien film events.

Priced at $49.99/£34.99 on Steam and $39.99/£38.99 on the Mac App Store, Alien: Isolation – The Collection is a must-have for horror and Alien franchise enthusiasts, but ensure your Mac meets the game’s high system requirements for an optimal gaming experience.

9. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Venture on an extraordinary journey with Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, a classic roleplaying game meticulously crafted by Beamdog. Initially released in 1988 by Bioware, this timeless gem may sport dated 2D graphics, yet it’s compelling storytelling and expansive gameplay make it a must-have for any RPG enthusiast. The Enhanced Edition revives the adventure with high-definition versions of the original artwork, infusing a modern touch while preserving the game’s traditional fantasy allure.

Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition

Source: IGN

Assume the role of a warrior, wizard, rogue, or cleric, destined to be one of the mortal offspring of the malevolent god Bhaal. A grand quest filled with intrigue and power struggles unfolds as you compete with your siblings for Bhaal’s divine power in a 300-hour journey, brimming with hundreds of quests and unforgettable characters like the beloved barbarian Minsc and his giant space-hamster Boo.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is available on Steam for an irresistible $4.99/£3.74 and $19.99/£19.99 on the Mac App Store, making it a cherished addition to any RPG library, promising an immersive and captivating retro experience for gamers of all ages.

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10. Braid

Delve into the captivating world of Braid, a puzzle platformer developed by Hothead Games that seamlessly blends nostalgia with innovative gameplay mechanics. At first glance, the game may evoke memories of late 90s platformers, with Mario-esque jumps, monster stomping, and puzzle piece collecting—however, Braid’s true brilliance lies in its unique time manipulation feature.


Source: Steam

With the ability to turn back time, players can navigate through intricately designed levels, unraveling complex puzzles that require skillful use of this temporal power. The game’s clever mechanics and engaging retro-style gameplay earned Braid numerous awards, while its captivating soundtrack adds to the immersive experience.

Available for $10.99/£10.99 on the Mac App Store and $14.99/£10.99 on Steam, Braid delivers a masterful blend of old-school charm and innovative gameplay, making it a must-play title for puzzle enthusiasts seeking a nostalgic yet fresh gaming experience.


In 2024, the Mac gaming landscape offers an enticing array of top-notch titles catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Mac gamers have been treated to exceptional games, from action-packed adventures to immersive roleplaying epics and mind-bending puzzles.

Whether exploring the mysterious world of Wildermyth or unraveling the time-bending mysteries of Braid, each game has its unique charm and captivating gameplay. These top 10 Mac games have set a high standard for the gaming industry, proving that the platform is a force to be reckoned with and a haven for gamers seeking unforgettable experiences.

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