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Tizen TV vs. Google TV: Which is better?

TVs are the best way to stay entertained. In this era, we have access to feature-rich smart TVs. These TVs have taken entertainment to the next level. So, if you are planning to buy a new TV and wondering which is better, Tizen TV vs. Google TV, then this is the post for you.

Both Tizen TV and Google TV are two tech giants in the industry. They contain unique, supreme functionalities that become paramount to discuss. Both have gained huge popularity on the market. But there is a debate about which is better in usage. Yet, the Android TV doesn’t run on some platforms exclusively, like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Typically, Tizen TV has tremendously more powerful features and an operating system than Android TV. It is an open-source platform that efficiently runs on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. However, Google developed Android based on Linux.

If you are confused about which to buy, this article gives you clarity. Let’s delve into the comparison of these two TV platforms and make your choice better. Here we go…

Let’s take a look at both the TVs one by one…

Tizen TV

Tizen TV is a smart television from Samsung. Of course, Samsung is one of the most renowned brands on the market today. Samsung Tizen is a Linux-based, open-source OS that seamlessly works on multiple platforms. This is quite different from the other smart TV operating systems. This OS is compatible with many smart gadgets, including wearables, smart TVs, IoT-enabled gadgets, and smartphones.

Samsung smart televisions are built-in with Tizen OS. But what makes the Tizen smart TV differ from others? Keep exploring the upcoming sections to learn about Tizen TV vs. Google TV in detail!

Notable Features

  • Universal App Store
  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • Customizable home screen
  • Regular updates for enhancing the security
  • Fast, responsive, and intuitive interface
  • Let the users play HD games on the TV
  • Automatic source detection
  • Plenty of entertainment options

Google TV

Google extends its capabilities by introducing the latest smart TV interface featuring the Android OS! As everyone knows, Google products are well-known for their exceptional performance and enhanced features. Similarly, users can expect exciting features and functionalities in Google TV as well.

To explain it technically, it is a user interface designed for watching TV shows, web series, and movies like other smart televisions. You can even connect other smart gadgets to the television and enjoy watching shows in your living spaces.

Notable Features

  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Virtual remote control
  • Access other smart home devices
  • Kids control guidelines
  • Personalized TV screensavers
  • Chromecast’s standout feature
  • Diverse content in one place
  • Easily connects with all your subscription services

Let’s now take a closer look at a detailed comparison of both TVs. Here we go…

Tizen TV vs. Google TV

Both Tizen OS and Android OS come equipped with unique features, advantages, cons, and other specifications. Even though Tizen and Android are open-source, Samsung and Google play a pivotal role in harnessing them. These two renowned brands hugely support and utilize the operating system in their smart gadgets. Google smart TVs use Android OS, while Samsung uses Tizen OS. Let’s now see which one is a better option based on different aspects.

User Interface

The user interface is essential for any smart gadget, accessory, and others. UI is the bridge between users and technology. In that instance, designing a simple and intuitive UI is crucial for smart televisions. However, the golden rule for perfect UI is creating consistent and common visual elements on all devices. Now, let’s take a glance at the Tizen OS and Android OS on Samsung and Google smart TVs.

Tizen TV (Tizen OS)

As stated earlier, Tizen OS is a Linux-based open-source system that offers a user-friendly interface. Tizen OS distinctly focuses on intuitive and simple navigation. That means users can experience an enhanced navigation experience. And the well-designed layout and minimalistic approach highly contribute to the seamless user experience.

The smart hub is the central point of the navigation. Moreover, it makes searching content a breeze as it offers categorized content. They can enter into accessible sections like streaming apps, live TV channels, and device inputs. The user interface is quite simple and provides responsive performance. Plus, it ensures smooth transitions between applications and menus.

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Google TV (Android OS)

Android OS differs from Tizen OS. Wondering how?

Google TV is all about customization and responsiveness. The content-centric user interface revolves around the For You tab and provides personalized recommendations based on the user’s history and preferences. Google TV’s UI embraces the familiarity of search engines and offers a unified search bar for finding content on various platforms.

Google TV prioritizes content accessibility and personalization over other features. This implies users can easily pick their favorite shows as soon as they turn on the screen. Google TV offers better user interface. When comparing Tizen TV vs. Google TV user interface, you can consider Google smart television if your choice is enhanced customization. However, if you are looking for a simple and intuitive user interface, you can pick Tizen TV.

Google TV
Images Source – dtnext.in

Voice Assistance Tizen TV vs Google TV

Most of the smart devices support voice assistance. Voice assistance makes accessing your favorite programs easier. Are you wondering whether or not these two smart tvs have voice assistance? Let’s explore them in the next section of Tizen TV vs. Google TV comparison. Voice navigation features allow smart gadgets or accessories to operate seamlessly without physical contact. Therefore, voice command assistance on smart TVs enhances the overall user experience.

Tizen TV

Tizen OS comes integrated with the Bixby voice assistant from Samsung that offers search functionalities through voice control. Bixby Voice Assistant is an evolution of S Voice. It allows users to send texts, call their contacts, check the weather, launch apps, control music, and use smart televisions. You can activate Bixby just by saying Hi, Bixby, and then the icon appears at the bottom of your TV screen. On the whole, it fetches the information as per your commands and provides personalized experiences.

Google TV

Yes, you guessed it, right? Google TV comes equipped with Google Assistant to provide an effective voice-enabled experience. This AI-powered virtual assistance lets the users interact with their native language commands. Surely, most people know how to activate Google Assistant, say Hey, Google. Google TV users can have enhanced engagement and accessibility. Just like accessing smart home appliances, controlling smart televisions is also very easy.

Operating System Tizen TV vs. Google TV

Operating System or OS is a significant part of any device, including Smart Television. Manufacturers use different types of OS in their smart TVs. To give an example, LG TVs use webOS, while Vizio smart televisions choose Vizio SmartCast. The operating system is the brain of the screen; it lets users navigate through the world of applications, streaming services, and content. The OS of the system defines the things that a TV can do. As mentioned above, Tizen TV has Tizen OS, and Google TV relies on Android OS. Now, it’s time to learn about them in detail.

Tizen TV

Samsung Tizen TV uses Tizen OS. The Samsung Tizen smart television has its own flourishing ecosystem. Tizen OS allows developers to create and deploy applications. The ecosystem of the Samsung Smart TV enhances the overall navigation and user experience. Tizen OS is responsible for the proper functioning of many applications on the Samsung smart TV. It is the best OS for gaming and accessing a wide range of applications on larger screens.

Tizen TV
Images Source – news.samsung.com

Google TV

Google TV is powered by the Android TV operating system. Android OS is responsible for streaming from a wide range of platforms. It includes Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others. Even though Google TV uses the Android OS, it hugely differs from the Android smart TV. Google TV allows users to search through any content without dwelling on specific streaming applications. In addition, it provides an abundant variety of games and smart home accessibility.

Advantages Tizen TV vs. Google TV

Knowing the advantages of smart gadgets provides plenty of benefits to the users. In this section, you’ll learn about the highlighted pros of the Tizen TV (Tizen OS) and Google TV (Android OS).

Tizen TV

Here is the list of the top advantages of the Tizen OS-integrated smart television. Take a closer look.

  1. Seamless smart TV experience
  2. App integration and Tizen Store accessibility
  3. Voice recognition and control
  4. Discover a wide range of content in the smart hub
  5. User-centric interface and integration with the Samsung ecosystem

Google TV

Google TV also provides many advantages; check it out once!

  1. Intuitive user interface and extensive app availability on the Google Play Store
  2. Google Assistance compatibility and Google Cast integration
  3. Regular updates and improvements in the system
  4. Curated recommendations and create your own watchlist
  5. A wide range of streaming services on a single platform

Gaming And Applications Tizen TV vs. Google TV

In general, smart TV offers extended support for streaming platforms and gaming applications. Well, in this section, you’ll learn about the different applications and games that Tizen TV and Google TV provide. Let’s explore Tizen TV vs. Google TV in the aspect of application and gaming support.

Tizen TV

Tizen OS is compatible with Samsung applications, the Galaxy Apps, and other primary streaming platforms. The list includes Discovery GO, ESPN, BBC Sports, Apple TV, Netflix, HBO GO, Hotstar, Samsung’s TV+, Spotify, and many others. And the list could get updated, so check prior to purchasing. Tizen OS supports gaming in a limited selection.

Google TV

Google TV has distinctive gaming options and is compatible with Google Play services, such as apps and games overall. An impressive list of collections has separate sections for movies and shows, live TV and sports, fitness, music, and also gaming. Google smart TV includes Netflix, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, ESPN, EQX+, Gymondo, iFit, Tune In, Amazon Music, and others. It also provides wider gaming choices in various genres and different player options.

Disadvantages Tizen TV vs. Google TV

Awareness about the demerits of smart gadgets assists you in purchasing the right smart product for your home. Go through them once!

Tizen TV

  • Learning curve might be difficult for new users
  • May experience compatibility issues
  • Compared to Google TV, users could sense a limited range of applications
  • App store is not available, and notable icons are smaller

Google TV

  • Lack of Chromecast universal playback controls with Google TV
  • Variability in performance across different platforms
  • Sometimes, it may fail to provide a consistent user experience

Which is the better: Tizen TV or Google TV?

Here comes the significant part of the article: Tizen TV vs. Google TV! Both of the smart TVs have their own benefits and cons. Android OS and Tizen OS perform equally in terms of UI, compatibility with their own gadgets, like Tizen with Samsung and Android with

Google, and voice assistance.

However, it differs in terms of gaming and streaming options. Google TV integrates with many platforms, whereas Tizen TV has selected options. Some users prefer playing games on larger screens; they can choose Google TV. On the other side, some want to watch exclusive Samsung and popular streaming shows; for them, Tizen TV is the best choice. All in all, both TVs offer unique features and advantages; choose wisely! Make sure to choose the one that fits your needs.

Bottom Lines

So, this is all about Tizen TV vs. Google TV. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you and will help you make an informed decision. Know that buying a TV is completely dependent on an individual’s needs and requirements. While Tizen TV is quite easy and effortless to use with a more straightforward UI, Android TV is beneficial with personalization choices. Both platforms give access to streaming services and apps. Now, it is totally up to you to decide which features and budget suit your expectations.

Happy Shopping… 😊 😊

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