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How To Extend Battery Life of Smartphones

Many people discard their smartphones only because they run out of good battery life. Over time, phones start draining their battery like water. It is just so difficult to manage with dripping battery levels of smartphones given the fact that we have everything running on our smartphones. The only solution is left after such a state is to either get the battery replaced or get the phone replaced. 

Everybody is dependent on their phones and changing phones is a messy, a little time consuming and not so economic option. Coming to the second point which is getting the batteries changed on the smartphones. It is not an easy option either as getting original batteries again is difficult and expensive along with some environmental concerns, moreover in modern phones, there is no easy access to the batteries. The battery area is all covered up with the body of the phone and breaking the body to get the battery changed is not a good idea.

Precaution is Better Than Cure: The safest option left now is to take care of the batteries from the very start and make them long lasting. This would save us a lot of energy, time and money. Certain precautions can make our battery life last much longer as compared to not taking care. The results would be seen in the form of how many extra hours did our phone’s battery survive than it earlier used to from our previous experience. 

Let’s talk about some real facts about how the phone’s battery actually works. When we plug in our phone for charging, then the complete charge of the battery from 0 to 100% is called as one complete cycle. While when we tend to charge the phones partially, then it is a fragment of that complete cycle. Doing a number of cycles each day, depends on one’s usage of smartphones.

As soon as we complete more and more cycles over a period of time, the efficiency of the battery starts degrading. But not to worry, degradation in battery’s efficiency happens gradually and after a while only. The basic crux is, the less usage and less completion of charging cycles will give you longer battery life. Some ways of doing it are, reducing the screen brightness when not needed much, working in battery saving mode, and avoiding extreme conditions of heat and cold for smartphones as it puts a lot of stress on the battery. 

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People should be aware of all the permissions set for allotting battery usage to various applications. A user can always limit the battery usage and the background processes of apps that are not necessary. This way, a lot of battery is conserved.

Another way of extending battery life can be circumventing the fast charging routine of the battery. Everybody today needs quick work and has a shortage of time due to a bunch of things in their hands ready every time. But, this definitely harms the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery. Opt for slow charging when not in a rush and can also go for overnight charging. 

Battery level also depends on the theme of your entire smartphone, for example lighter themes absorb more of the battery as compared to darker themes. A darker theme is similar to keeping your screen brightness low. So if a person has a dark theme, then he/she should definitely go for it as it will surely contribute to saving the phone’s battery. Not only the phone’s theme but nowadays most apps also have theme settings in which a person can choose light/dark mode.

Some people also have a habit of using their smartphones until their battery level drops to 0. It damages battery life as it puts constant strain on the battery until it’s out completely. This is very unhealthy for the battery. The last battery level to wait for putting the phone back on charging should be ideally around 20%. 

Deleting unnecessary applications (as they eat a lot of battery in the background) and keeping phones in a minimalistic way can also be a way out. Phones can be sorted regularly to delete the inessential applications, data, storage is a great way of maintenance. This would also save your phone from hanging frequently.

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Screen timeouts are amazing features present in smartphones which can be adjusted and play a role in increasing/decreasing their battery levels. To save unnecessary wastage of battery one can set their screen timeouts as low as they require, so that if there is no activity on the screen then it automatically turns itself off saving a lot of battery.

Switching off radios when not in use present in the phone can also help. Not only radios but bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc everything should be turned off when not in use. 

All in all the keypoint and the major takeaway to extend our phone’s battery lives is to manage the phone in a meticulous way like switching on functionalities only when needed and turning them off after use, taking care of the charge cycle etc.

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