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How to Create Spotify Pie Chart – Latest 2024 Guide

How to Create a Spotify Pie Chart?

With the evolution of technology, Spotify is revolutionizing. Spotify is known for its captivating features. After the end-of-the-year “Wrapped”, Spotify Pie Chart feature. Most people are confused about whether this feature was introduced by Spotify itself or a third-party tool.

For clear understanding, a Spotify pie chart is a third-party tool that is developed by “Darren Huang”. He is a student at the University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

With the Spotify pie chart, users can visualize their music preferences. The pie chart is derived from the data of the most frequently listened-to music genres. In simple words “It delivers valuable insights into their listening habits”.

Why One Should Consider Using Spotify Stats Pie Chart

There are many reasons why one should consider getting their own Spotify stats pie chart. Here are some of them

➡︎ Users can learn about their music preferences.
➡︎ Users can create a music playlist when they know their preferences.
➡︎ While curing playlists, users might come across artists who align with their musical taste.
➡︎ Users can discover new music recommendations.

How Can I Create my Spotify Pie Chart?

Creating a Spotify pie chart is as easy as logging in to a site. Here is how to do it:

1. Using any device, search for “https://huangdarren1106.github.io” on a web browser.

2. On the directed page, click the “LOGIN TO SPOTIFY” button. If users want to sign in via Facebook, Google, or with Apple ID, they have to click on “Continue with Facebook”, “Continue with Google”, or “Continue with Apple” accordingly.

3. Then, start filling up the login credentials inclusive of “username” and “password”.

4. Once done with providing credentials for login, Spotify then asks users to submit their consent for accessing their activity and account data. To submit if agreed, simply click on “Agree” when prompted.

After successful login, the platform will direct users to their pie chart Spotify. The pie chart represents different color categories or genres users enjoy.

Lastly, users can share their Spotify pie chart with others on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. But, remember, there is no direct way available to share the pie chart. The only way possible is to take a screenshot and post that snippet on social media sites.

Spotify Wrapped vs Spotify Pie Chart

Spotify Pie Chart VS Spotify Wrapped
Spotify Pie ChartSpotify Wrapped
The pie chart reviews the time period users spent while listening to different artists or songs. On the contrary, Spotify Wrapped Lets users know what they listen to it all year.
Users can create pie charts on the basis of time periods such as weekly, monthly, or yearlyThis feature provides personal insights.
The pie chart demonstrates the patterns or changes in the music preferences of users. It also curates a playlist of top songs.


The music streaming industry is reaching new heights, and Spotify remains at the forefront. Spotify –  an application that is known for its extraordinary features like Spotify pie chart.

Spotify pie chart is an innovative tool that helps us to gain insights into their music preferences, most loved artists, and listening habits.

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