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How to Change GPS Location on iPhone | Easy Way

In this current scenario, with rapid advancements in technology, location also has a big role to play. Sometimes, an application or a software decides to give us various privileges or information based on our locations. For example, Snapchat has different filters and frames based on the location and hence culture etc. Moreover, games like Pokemon go and Wizards Unite also require location. They get location with the help of our device, as soon as we enable them to know our location. 

As human beings, we always want more. Isn’t it? That’s why we also want to grab opportunities or information which is available only to the residents of that particular place/location which we aren’t able to access physically. But with technology, you can always be at the place you desire, virtually.

We can do it by changing our device’s location without any mess or hassle. Now, changing location is also an interesting thing to do, particularly on iPhones. Talking about the App Store, it doesn’t really have reliable or satisfactory products out there.


One hardware based solution can be using devices such as GFaker and Double Location. They work it out by changing the device’s location at the system level. This is a very dependable, usable and reliable source to apply. They are the devices which will get plugged in your iPhone through the lightning port. After this, they’ll be your device’s optional GPS module which can take your device anywhere you want, virtually. This will work all through your system without bringing in the messy scenario of jailbreaking it. 

How GFaker and Double Location devices work

They do all the work through their lightning port pluggable hardware based GPS module which helps in diverting the system level location to wherever you order it to be. As soon as we plug it in, they will register themselves as an external GPS module in our iPhone or iPad using AEAF (Apple External Accessory Framework). Furthermore, it also replaces itself with the internal GPS module of your iPhone/iPad.

Hence, whenever in use, the system reads its current location from this device plugged into your gadget (which is under your control) and not from its internal GPS module.

Location change using GFaker and Double location

Both GFaker and Double Location are GPS modules which are configured already to change their locations according to the user’s needs. They’ll depict the modified location throughout your session, when you first plug it in and then take it out. To change locations, from one to another, it’ll also require the support of a companion iOS app which would work with respective devices.

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Installation of the companion iOS apps for GFaker as well as Double Location

The procedure for the installation of the companion iOS app depends on the device used. In case of GFaker Pro and Double Location, one has to strictly follow the instruction manual (because these aren’t available on the App Store directly), without jailbreaking the iOS device.



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