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Google Launches Brand-New Feature to Book Cheapest Flights

Google Launches Brand-New Feature no stone unturned to make users’ experiences one-of-a-kind. Now, the US-based tech giant is once again in the news for launching a brand-new feature that completely focuses on flyers (regular or occasional).

Yes, here’s some good news for fliers (who fly frequently or are thinking about planning a luxury trip to another location): owing to Google’s new function, customers will be able to book affordable flight tickets.

The tech giant introduced the new feature officially through a blog post early on Monday morning. Google wrote: “On Google Flights, you can already see whether current prices for your search are low, typical, or high compared to past averages for the same route. But the age-old question remains: Is it better to book now or wait for lower prices to come along?”

“So, this week, we’re launching upgraded insights to make that choice a bit easier. For searches with reliable trend data, you’ll now see when prices have typically been lowest to book your chosen dates and destination.”

The new option that has been added to Google Flights will help travelers who are looking to save money on airfare. The new feature will provide advice from Google regarding the time of year during which travel reservations can be made at the lowest possible cost.

The platform currently provides users with the option to select price tracking notifications, along with the ability to select a price guarantee. This new function will, however, help travelers book cheap flights. Using this feature, flyers would be able to get information regarding the “cheapest time to book.”

Here’s how Google’s New Feature Works

Here's how Google's New Feature Works

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According to Google, the best time to schedule a trip like this is two months before your travel date. Doing so will help you have better flight options so that you can make mindful decisions. The first bits of data from Google Flights will be made available this week.

Google Flights provides a variety of helpful features, including price tracking. When activated, Google will send you an alert if there is a significant cost savings on airfare. For instance, you plan to take a family trip next January, and if you’re flexible with your trip dates, you can opt for the “Any dates” option, and Google will send you price drop notifications for the next three to six months.

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It’s possible, for instance, that the latest data shows that two months before travel is typically the best time to buy plane tickets for trips like yours and that you’re currently in the position to make a buy. If you notice that prices tend to go down as the date of travel gets closer, you can choose to delay your reservation. In either case, you’ll have more information to help you decide which of the two options to go with.

The tech behemoth also said in the post that the rate you see now would not get any lower before departure if a colourful price guarantee badge is present on the flight results page. If the price of your flight drops between the day you book and the day you fly, Google will credit you the difference using Google Pay. The business claims that the price assurances are part of a pilot programme that is available to select Book on Google departures from the United States.

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According to Google, the best time to look for savings on vacations that start in the middle of December is around the beginning of October. This means you can start booking your flights for your December adventure the next month…. Hurray! 

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Enjoy your next vacation with Google Flight’s New Feature… 😊 😊

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