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8 Essential Smartphone Accessories You Should Have

In today’s time all of us are in the smartphone accessories, where even small kids have smartphones and not only just phones. They have all sorts of accessories which are available in the market. 

We not only need a phone to solve our daily needs, we also need to have some essential smartphone accessories that we should buy when we purchase a new phone, be it any phone android or iPhone.

What are the essential accessories that we should buy?

When you get a new smartphone these days, you receive a fantastic package. Smartphones, on the other hand, are merely a platform that may be expanded with fantastic accessories. While some attachments are intended exclusively for certain cell phones, others are compatible with nearly all devices. 

1. Screen guards / Tempers

A screen protector, also known as a screen guard, is a necessary device since, no matter what phone you have, the display will become scratched over time. As a result, it’s essential to use a screen protector on your device’s screen. It may have unattractive scratches that would not have been visible if your smartphone’s screen had not been harmed in the first place.

Screen guards  Tempers

All of this is assuming you apply the screen protector correctly; if you’re not careful, you can wind up with bubbles and cracks under your screen protector, necessitating the application of a new one. It helps to prevent your phone from directly breaking the screen as it acts as a protection layer between your phone’s screen and the ground.

2. Portable Chargers / Wireless Charger (if device supports) 

When you’re on the go, a power bank can recharge your battery-powered electronics! A power bank can be small enough to fit in your pocket or large enough to hold more power. Cell phones, tablets, and speakers are all charged by power banks. You may take your power bank with you wherever you go. It is, after all, a portable charger.

Portable Chargers Wireless Charger (if device supports) 

This device is quite compact, and it will fit easily into your pocket. For individuals who are frequently on their phones or tablets, a portable charger might be extremely useful. Many company owners require their cellphones to be in functioning shape at all times in order to do serious business. Even expert photographers require a fully charged camera to continue working.

In circumstances where your device’s battery is going to die or is dead, a power bank may always come to the rescue.

3. Headphones/earphones/earbuds 

This one is right now the most common and the most famous accessory that you should buy if you have a smartphone. Majority of the low budget phones don’t come with an earphone now and you’ve to purchase it on your own. This is quite important as it gives you privacy to listen to audio notes, voice recordings, songs etc.


If you enjoy music, the first thing you will get is a good pair of headphones. You can also settle yourself at earphones or earbuds if your budget is not as high for a pair of headphones. 

4. SmartWatch

Majority of the low end phones don’t come with inbuilt sensors to track the motion, daily activity, pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation level of the smartphone owner. In such a case you can get a decent SmartWatch for your smartphone.


If your budget for the smartwatch is high then you should definitely go for the premium flagships present in the market like Samsung Watch and the Apple Watch. They offer multiple features and are easily connected to your smartphones. Because of their versatility, smartwatches have become a must-have accessory for smartphones. You can control your alerts, answer calls, ask voice assistants questions, and more. Smartwatches may now be used as both a fitness tracker and a medical gadget. 

5. Cover

All the people whether they are android users or iPhone users are always careful about the maintenance and durability of their smartphones. So in order to increase the life of their phones and prevent them from any kind of spills or fall damage they should go for buying good covers with proper bumpers on the side so that the phone’s cover can easily take the fall damage without damaging the phone’s body or the screen.


Some people not only purchase the cover for damage protection but also for the look of the phone. You can find great covers which are even attractive and funky! 

6. Bluetooth Speakers

Are you a travel enthusiast or a frequent traveler? Or a party person who loves to vibe on great songs? Then you should definitely pair your smartphone with your Bluetooth speaker. While some smartphones have excellent speakers, some have poor sound quality. In such a situation, getting a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can easily transport to your various outings is usually a good idea.

Bluetooth Speakers

Getting a speaker can ease out your work as mostly all these portable speakers are small in size and are very light in weight. So overall a decent speaker can cost you around Rs 3000 – Rs 4000 and deliver great quality sound experience. 

7. Ring Holder

To be honest this is the most commonly used accessory that people buy especially those who are not that great at handling their devices with care or for those who have a bigger screen size.

Ring Holder

This ring holder will eventually provide you with a space where you can put your finger and it provides you with a great grip so that you can do your scrolling on the phone easily. It is placed on the backside of your smartphone, and not only it provides you with a grip but it also acts like a phone stand which you can use to keep the phone while watching any video, or streaming any movie. 

8. Selfie Stick

If you’re an influencer or you have a habit of clicking yourself and even your surroundings oftenly then doing a small investment for a selfie stick isn’t a bad idea. The selfie stick can be easily connected with the bluetooth of your phone and can be used to click selfies easily. 

Selfie Stick
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